No-Problem ParentingTM: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection

No-Problem ParentingTM: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection

by Jaci Finneman
No-Problem ParentingTM: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection

No-Problem ParentingTM: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection

by Jaci Finneman


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Empower Your Parenting Journey with Confidence and Connection!

Are you yearning for a more confident approach to parenting? Do you seek meaningful connections with your children but often feel overwhelmed by the uncertainties and fears? It's time to transform your parenting experience!

Introducing "No-Problem Parenting™: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection." In this collaborative exploration, 20 esteemed parenting and mental health experts provide you with practical resources, empowering stories, and transformative insights to help you foster confidence and connections with your child(ren).

Inside You'll Discover:

  • A pathway to becoming the confident parent your children need.
  • Inspirational stories from parents and adult children who have triumphed over challenges.
  • Methods to stand up for your children, advocating for their unique needs, and finding the right resources.
  • Tips and tools to create intentional yet imperfect parenting, focusing on advocacy, connection, and resilience.
  • From handling divorce to establishing trust with your daughters, the wisdom within these pages caters to every aspect of modern parenting. It's about nurturing the belief in your capabilities, eliminating hesitations, and building trustworthy relationships.

    Embrace "No-Problem Parenting™" and be a part of a community that supports parents worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to equip you with the essential tools you need to enhance your family's life.

    Remember, your love and efforts are not mere reflections of your child's success or failure. You are not alone on this journey. Just do your best and create confidence and connection.

    Buy "No-Problem Parenting™: Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection" today, and embark on a fulfilling parenting adventure filled with hope, joy, and love!


    Chapter 1: You are the Expert of Your Child: I Believe in You by Jaci Finneman

    Chapter 2: Creating Connection, Confidence, and Health Out of Chaos: For Our Kids AND Ourselves by Dr. Christy Matusiak

    Chapter 3: The Power of Play: How Sports Can Build a Child's Confidence by Denise Policano Schwendeman and Victoria Schwendeman

    Chapter 4: Three Keys to Connecting with Your Daughters to Create That Bond of Deep, Lasting Trust by Elvira DiBrigit

    Chapter 5: Be In It by Helen Harwood Snell

    Chapter 6: Tips from a Punk Rock Doc by J.J. Kelly, Psy.D.

    Chapter 7: Creating Vulnerable Conversations Through Divorce by Joy Bartholomew

    Chapter 8: Five Be-Attitudes of Hope for Parents by Julie Kenzler

    Chapter 9: Cultivating Your Child's Strengths Within Her Own Unique Context by Kate K. Lund, Psy.D.

    Chapter 10: Creating a Safe Container for Growth by Kay Chorna

    Chapter 11: The Gift of Dishes by Kelly Flood

    Chapter 12: From Uncertainty to Clarity: Breaking the Mold of Traditional Education by Kimberly Gawne

    Chapter 13: No Problem Rebounding Your Kids from Lockdown Learning Loss by Kohila Sivas

    Chapter 14: Five Steps to Lower Conflict in Family Communication by Mardi Winder-Adams

    Chapter 15: No More Angry Dads ... by Dr. Mort Orman, M.D.

    Chapter 16: No Problem Co-Parenting: Child Centered Success Strategies During & Long After Divorce! by Rosalind Sedacca

    Chapter 17: Matters of Life and Death by Ruthanne Warnick

    Chapter 18: No-Problem Parenting - Advocacy by Teresa Dawn Johnson

    Chapter 19: First, Look in the Mirror, and Make a Change by Tiffiny Roper

    Chapter 20: The Parent I Choose to Be by Vera Thomas

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    ISBN-13: 9798218266806
    Publisher: Hello World LLC
    Publication date: 08/16/2023
    Pages: 200
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    About the Author

    Jaci Finneman is a Parent Coach & Strategist, Podcast Host, Speaker and Author. With over 50,000 hours of experience, her success with parents and children affected by trauma and mental health diagnosis' inspired her to broaden her reach and share her 30+ years of experience with parents facing ANY level of resistance and behavior issues in their home, diagnosis or not!No-Problem Parenting™ teaches parents to.1) Seek First to Understand - why is my child behaving the way they are and why am I responding (or reacting) the way I am2) Prepare for the Worst - Preparing for the "worst" behavior helps parents respond vs react 3) Change the Conversation - Lead with empathy and give your kids conditional praise they can believe in before pouring on unconditional praise.Become the Confident Leader Your Kids Crave You To Be!Jaci's down-to-earth, authentic and relatable personality adds light, hope, and clarity to her clients. She is 1 of 100 first cousins and enjoys all things baseball, hockey - and dirt. Jaci believes dirt matters! Whether she's getting full of dirt on a muddy 4-wheeling trail or helping you to clean up the "dirt" in your relationships - Jaci believes the outcome and experiences are worth the mess!
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