No Time for Tact: 365 Days of the Wit, Words, and Wisdom of Larry Winget

No Time for Tact: 365 Days of the Wit, Words, and Wisdom of Larry Winget

by Larry Winget

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A daily kick in the pants from the Pitbull of Personal Development(r) and Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and New York Times bestseller Larry Winget.

In these uncertain times, America needs a straight-talk dose of Larry Winget reality more than ever. No Time for Tact is a boot-camp version of the "thought of the day" calendar, the ultimate wake-up call for anyone who's looking for a lifeline and true empowerment. With an eye-catching design, this book is packed with memorable gems, such as:

"Stress comes from knowing what is right and doing what is wrong."

"When people say, 'Let me be honest with you,' it means in the past, they haven't been."

"If you are unhappy, unsuccessful, broke, or sick, please just keep it to yourself. The rest of us don't want to hear it, so don't feel compelled to share!"

"Training is expensive. Books are expensive. Going to seminars is expensive. Being stupid is even more expensive."

Blending longer observations with signature Winget quips, No Time for Tact is the perfect way to jump-start each day.

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ISBN-13: 9781101138922
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/25/2009
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 257,249
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Larry Winget is one of the country’sleading business speakers anda member of the National SpeakersAssociation Hall of Fame. He isthe author of the New York Timesand Wall Street Journal bestsellersYou’re Broke Because You Wantto Be and It’s Called Work for aReason!, and the Wall Street Journaland BusinessWeek bestseller ShutUp, Stop Whining, and Get a Life.

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A Note fromLarry

This is my favorite type of book. No kidding. I owndozens of books from a variety of authors that aresimilar to this one. That’s why I am so happy that I amhaving one of my own published and I am happy thatit’s in your hands right now. I love books that have onethought per page. I also love books that cover a varietyof topics. I love books that have daily readings,sometimes giving me only one great line per day andsometimes giving me a longer observation or thought.I like good, solid content some days. Other days, Iwant something that just makes me laugh. Mostly, Ilike stuff that makes me think, that makes me want tocall a buddy and say, “Hey, you gotta hear this!”

I also like this book because I would consider it atrue “Best of Larry.” These pages are full of ideas,quotations, and passages from all of my other books.If you aren’t familiar with my other books, these littlesnippets are designed to let you get a feel for who Iam. If you like these short thoughts, observations,rants, and ideas, you can go to any of my other booksfor more information because now you know who I am, what I believe, how I write, and what I am allabout. For my seasoned readers, this is my philosophydistilled. Think back on all the advice I have givenyou in my past books. Now you have no excuse not tofollow it because I’m going to be with you for a page aday, every day, for an entire year.

What I like best about this book is that it has a littlebit of everything for everyone, regardless of whatyou are looking for.

Whether you decide to read this book a day at atime or devour it all at once, I know the first thingeach of you will do is go to your birthday and see whatI said on “your” day. That’s how people are. We alwaysrelate information to ourselves. Actually, that is exactlyhow I want you to use this book. Think aboutwhat I have to say, and then think about how what Ihave said applies to you and your life. If you thinksomething I have said will work for you, then give it atry. If what I say on a particular day doesn’t work foryou, the good news is that there are 364 more thoughtsyou might be able to use. Even if you find only onegood idea in here that you can use to change your lifein a positive way, this book will have been worth theread.


Larry Winget

(Now, go to your birthday! I hope I said somethinggood for you!)


Begin each day by running through a littlemental “I am thankful” exercise.Open your eyes in the morning and bethankful you lived through the night—many didn’t.

Be glad you have something to do thatday and people to do it with.

Wait—you don’t have anything to do orpeople to do it with? Then go find somethingto do and some people to do it with,and be thankful you found them.


A reporter asked me recently in an interview,“At the end of the day, what reallymatters?” My answer: “Not much.”

Really, not much matters. At the end ofthe day, if you smiled more than youfrowned, laughed more than you cried,told your family and friends that you lovethem, and had a pretty good time doingwhat you do for a living, then it was a goodday.

Go to bed and say thanks.


Be authentic. Don’t try to besomeone you aren’t. You will hate yourselffor it, and the effort to maintain the facadewill exhaust you. Be real.

Many won’t like the real you, but that isbetter than having people adore the personthat isn’t you at all.


Don’t worry about how many friends youhave. It is better to have a few really goodfriends you can count on than a bunch offair-weather friends who won’t be therewhen you need them.

When it comes tofriends, go for qualityinstead of quantity.


Be a good listener. The bestfriend you will ever have is one who willjust listen. By the way, the emphasis is onthe word “just.” This is why my bulldog,Ralph, is my best friend. No judgment,only a calm acceptance of what I am saying.He doesn’t understand a word I’m saying,but he loves me enough to listen. Belike Ralph.


Please don’t buy into the idea that successis hard to achieve.

Those who tell you that success is hardare trying to undermine your success byplaying to your weaker side. They aretreating you like a sucker. Don’t be asucker for them. Shun the ideathat success is hard. Itisn’t. The people who believe thatsuccess is hard want it to be hard. Theywant success to be hard so they will havea reason not to be successful. It’s theirprimary excuse.

If you are one of those people whobelieves success is hard, then that’s whyyou haven’t been successful so far.


To be a good parent and role model foryour child, you have to get beyond yourown upbringing. You have to get past yourown fears and prejudices so that you won’tpass them on to your children. They willdevelop their own fears and prejudiceswithout any help from you.

Free your kids fromyour past.

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No Time for Tact: 365 Days of the Wit, Words, and Wisdom of Larry Winget 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
remikit on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Laugh out loud wisdom and hard truths
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cool-Breeze More than 1 year ago
Larry's Brief yet insightful wit is truly appreciated. He seem to always capture the hardest concepts in the most simplistic way of saying it. It's a great book to make you look in the mirror everyday and think about your life and your career and evaluate if you're doing what makes you happy or if you could figure out what's broken and how to fix it. Thanks Larry!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SandyeCiprian More than 1 year ago
This is a Best of Larry Winget. He is the most motivational speaker/writer I have ever encountered. I appreciate this collection of daily reminders to live the best life you can live. I highly recommend this book to anyone to wants to give life their all. Happy reading.