No Time to Explain

No Time to Explain

by Kate Angell


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ISBN-13: 9781496703682
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 09/26/2017
Series: Barefoot William Beach Series , #6
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 461,984
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Kate Angell lives in Naples, Florida. She’s an animal lover, avid reader, and sports fan. Bookstores are her second home. She takes coffee breaks at Starbucks. Her philosophy: Out of chaos comes calmness. Enjoy the peace. Please visit her on Facebook or at

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Here comes the bride."

The wedding march echoed down the Barefoot William Boardwalk. The annual Southwest Florida bridal event brought both engaged and expectant women to the beach. It was a sea of sexy, sweet, and everything in between. Joe "Zoo" Zooker took it all in. The idea of marriage made him sweat. It triggered his gag reflex. He could, however, admire the ladies planning their weddings, as long as they didn't involve him. He was a bachelor. For life.

"Does Crabby Abby's General Store sell condoms?" asked his Richmond Rogues teammate Jake Packer. Better known as Pax.

Joe and Pax presently leaned against the blue metallic railing that separated the boardwalk from the beach. Joe knew where the condoms were shelved. He'd stocked up earlier in the week. "They're back by the pharmacy, bottom shelf, next to the douches and the K-Y lubes."

"You need anything, bro?" Joe shook his head. He had six Magnum XLs in his wallet to get him through the night.

"Be right back, then." Pax pushed off the railing. He walked the short distance to purchase his protection. He planned to get lucky. So did Joe.

The team was in town for spring training, with an entire weekend to kill. Booze, babes, and sex would definitely come into play. Monday, and they'd turn serious. They'd live and breathe baseball. The entire team would assemble for workouts and scrimmages. Nine Roanoke Rebels would also hit the field. Affiliate Triple-A players participating in preseason practices and an exhibition game. Showcasing their talent and hoping for the call to suit up in the majors.

Joe hated squad competition. Dean Jensen in particular got under his skin. The minor leaguer played left field. Joe's position. Joe had refused him, four years running. Under Rule 5 draft, Dean had one final year to either make the club's expanded forty-man roster or be passed over. The guy kept coming after Joe, harder and faster each season. He just wouldn't let up. But then, Joe wouldn't have, either, if the situation had been reversed.

He rolled his shoulders now. Cracked his knuckles. It was too nice of a day to dwell on the asshat. He turned and stared out over the Gulf. Clear skies. Turquoise water. White sugar sand. Sunbathers. Sand castles. Carnival rides, an amusement arcade, and a long fishing pier stretched south. Paradise. He would retire here. Years from now. Following his last bat.

Joe waited patiently on Pax — for all of five minutes, before restlessness claimed him. He wasn't good at standing still. He was in continuous motion. A few brave men mingled with the wedding-minded ladies. He tugged down the bill on his black baseball cap. His mirrored Maui Jim aviators allowed him to stare, and not be caught doing so. He stepped into the crowd. Pax would find him. Unless he found a hot babe first.

So many women. Blondes, brunettes, redheads. A chick with purple hair. The multicolored storefronts on the beachside shops were all open, welcoming the stirring breeze and the aroma of salty air. The scent of freshly popped popcorn wafted, along with the aroma of chocolate fudge, cheesy nachos, cotton candy, and women's perfume.

Ladies came on to him. He was recognized by many. Flirted with by most. Inviting glances and promising smiles. His navy T-shirt scripted with I've Broken All the Rules Today, So You'll Have to Make New Ones drew whispered suggestions. Half-naked women appealed. Kink tempted. He liked the attention. A lot.

Space was tight. Whether intentional or by accident, female bodies pressed against him. Some snugged as close as skin. He didn't mind the touching. Although a few hands got downright personal. Arousal heightened his senses. He was looking for a weekend lover, but no one fully caught his eye. So he kept on walking, sex foremost on his mind.

Long decorated tables lined both sides of the boardwalk. Signs were visible. Bridal banners arched overhead. Women clustered, checking out the area's best photographers, florists, engraved invitations, caterers, bakers, wedding and reception venues, entertainment, hairstylists, makeup artists, prenuptial consultants, and other important services. Mannequins exhibited wedding gowns. Assorted accessories, from veils, crystal tiaras, rhinestone headbands, and sashes to every type of jewelry exhibit came next. Along with the garters.

Garters. Worn on a bride's thigh. A total turn-on. He scanned the ruffled, pearled, lacy, feathered, monogrammed, brooched, and rhinestoned collections. Foreplay. He might buy one for the pure pleasure of slipping it up his next conquest's leg, then slowly sliding it down. Sexy.

"Something blue," he heard a woman say, softly and wistfully.

He glanced toward where her voice had come from. Stopped, and got an eyeful. A slender blonde stood in profile, alone at the end of the table, toying with a pale blue satin garter with a silver heart charm. He was a sucker for long hair. The sun had run its fingers through this woman's strands, leaving them streaked and shiny. The ends touched her waist. He openly stared as she bent, her shoulders curving, her ass jutting out. Sweet cheeks were outlined beneath her short skirt. Gently stretching the elastic, she worked the garter over a sandaled foot — her toenails painted silver — then up her calf and onto her thigh. She had nice legs. Freckled knees. She straightened, admired the garter. She had yet to notice him. He appreciated her further.

Her smile came slowly, on a sigh. "Perfect, don't you think, Lori?" He shifted his stance. Cast her in his shadow. Then removed his aviators for a better look. Twirled them by an arm. He wasn't Lori, but that didn't stop him from saying, "Hot, sweetheart."

She jerked up, and he took the opportunity to check her out. Wide eyes, deep and dark as midnight. A sharp contrast to her fairness. Tip-tilted nose. Full glossed lips, slightly parted. She wore a navy tank top; her denim skirt had a gold side zipper. Zippers made for a quick strip. Diamond studs sparkled at her ears. A collection of thin gold bracelets circled her wrist. A pearl ring on her forefinger. She was pretty, he mused, but not nearly as attractive as the babes in his nightly party posse. Those he chose for getting it on. Still, he'd give her five minutes.

She didn't ignore him, but neither did she invite conversation. He initiated, "Nice assortment of garters."

"See one you like? Try it on."

Was she serious or playing him? "None in my size."

"Elastic stretches."

She had him there.

"The pink garter with the red hearts and white feathers looks like you."

Looks like me? Was that how she saw him? Hearts and feathers? Her polite expression gave nothing away. He crossed his arms over his chest, hooked his thumbs in his armpits. Widened his stance. Questioned, "Having a good time?" "Not as good as you." Dry-toned.

"I don't follow."

"This is a female event."

Predominantly female, but open to the public. He'd noted five guys on the boardwalk. Seven, counting him and Pax. "Your point?" he asked.

She told him. "Men don't always attend bridal affairs for the right reasons. You shouldn't be here unless you're hearing wedding bells."

No ringing. None whatsoever.

"There are hundreds of hopeful ladies over there on the boardwalk," she added. "Vulnerable, emotional, and seeking their happily-ever-afters, while you men are opportunists." Pause. "You're not here to score, are you?" she innocently inquired.

He wasn't taking advantage of anyone. He set her straight. "I'm not hitting on you, hon."

"Talk to me, not to my garter."

Busted. She was on to him, had caught him eyeing her legs. He liked her thigh gap. "I've got integrity." On a good day.

She glanced toward the beach. "There's an amateur volleyball tournament going on near the lifeguard station. A Frisbee contest by the ice cream stand. Kite flying on the pier. Sandcastle sculpting by the shore. Yet you've chosen the bridal event."

"I'm tapping in to my feminine side."

Her gaze returned to his. "There's nothing feminine about you."

He had a hard face, or so he'd been told. Dangerous. Intimidating. He played his features to his advantage. Several scars. A twice-broken nose. A death stare. "I like to browse." Not necessarily through the bridal items for sale, but cruising for women gave him pleasure.

"Browsing often leads to buying." She tilted her head, thoughtful. Observed, "You'd need to shave before trying on any bridal veils, otherwise your whiskers will catch on the delicate lace. And you'd have to tie back your hair for both the Swarovski two-tiered circlet and the vintage chandelier birdcage."

Birdcage? That blew his mind.

A few more thoughts emerged. "When it comes to wedding gowns, large men should stay away from ruffles and layers. I can picture you in plain silk. Ivory, maybe. Or blush. Go full-length, to cover the roll at your waist. Flabby thighs. Better choose low heels. You're plenty tall."

Lastly, "You might also consider a manicure. Your nails look rough. Manscaping would clean you up."

Shave his chest and his pubic hair? Not happening. Lady was a fusion of sarcasm and sweet smiles. He didn't know how to take her. Her suggestions sucked. Along with her attitude. She confused the hell out of him.

No female had ever described him in a dress before. He had no words. She saw him as fat, when he was actually fit. He'd nearly killed himself off-season with endurance and weight training. He had single-digit body fat.

She rose up on tiptoe, looked over his shoulder. "I need to locate my friend Lori." She strained to look over the crowd. "I don't see her."

"It's just you, me, and the garters."

She flat-footed. "Lori wouldn't walk off and leave me."

"You have a fear of being alone?" Rather disturbing.

"I prefer alone," she informed him. "My car's with the mechanic, in need of repairs. Lori's my ride."

Made sense. His day was open. He had free time. He foolishly found himself saying, "I could drive you."

"Drive me where?"

"Wherever you need to go."

"California." She was testing him.

Farther than anticipated. He wasn't crossing state lines or changing time zones for her. "Anywhere local?"

"I don't get into cars with strangers."

Stranger danger? Him? She had to be joking. He introduced himself, "I'm Joe." His teammates and bar squad all called him Zoo. "You?"

She scanned his T-shirt. "Not sure we need a name exchange. I play by the rules. You break them. I'd rather take a taxi."

A cab over him? He had a classic Jaguar XKE convertible in the parking lot. Mint condition. A chick magnet. Leather seats that molded to his body like a lover. A phallic long bonnet. Big engine. Top speed. Ground-hugging. Raring to go.

Somehow she'd failed to recognize him. That bothered him. A little. He was high-profile. Rogues fans filled the stadium during spring training. The players were a significant part of the community. Available for interviews, charitable appearances, and bachelor auctions. He usually couldn't cross the street without someone requesting an autograph. Without a woman asking him out.

"Do you know who I am?" He needed his ego stroked.

"I don't watch cartoons." Smile or smirk, he couldn't tell.

Harsh. He'd yet to figure her out. Women had numerous ways of catching his attention. Most were sweet, sexy, and feisty. But never this sarcastic. He racked his brain. They hadn't met, as far as he could remember. She didn't look the bar type. The Lusty Oyster and the Blue Coconut were his second homes.

He'd tried to be nice, friendly, appear to have no ulterior motive. She was challenging, though, for no apparent reason. Their conversation was going nowhere. He gave her one last shot. "What's with you?" he asked.

"Ask yourself the same question."

Question himself? He was his own answer.

She wrapped up with, "Leaving now." Dismissing him.

He had her blocked between the table and his body, and before he could step back, she squeezed by him sideways. Her foot ground down on his booted toe. Her raised knee came close to his boys. He sucked in air, inhaled her scent — light and as warm as sunshine. He smelled citrus, and he had the questionable urge to sniff her hair. Dumb-ass. Not cool.

He tried to take in what had just happened. He honestly didn't get it. She'd showed no interest in him. Not even a hint. "That's it?" he called after her.

"You expected more?" she tossed over her shoulder. "No time."

He had no idea what he'd expected. What he wanted. The fact that she'd left him standing there irritated the hell out of him. He'd complimented her garter in passing. She'd cut him off permanently. Her aversion to him was unsettling. Her tight smile disconcerting.

He held back, refusing to go after her. Her loss. He needed to move on. He had a line of women waiting to date him. Less snark, more seduction. He was ready for a willing woman to have her way with him. To take him slowly and sinfully. All night long.

"Shoplifter!" an older woman monitoring the accessories table shouted. She rounded the table, elbowing him and others aside, as she stormed after the person who'd just ripped her off. He'd been standing at the table, yet somehow he'd missed the five-finger discount. Boardwalk security joined the chase. Two men in khaki uniforms. Chaos ensued.

Gutsy thief, Joe thought. Stealing in broad daylight, then fading into the foot traffic. He followed the charge at a distance. Curious. He stood a wide-shouldered six-foot-four, and his height gave him an advantage. He could easily track the action. He glimpsed the unfriendly blonde a few yards ahead. She was alone one second, then surrounded by security the next. Trapped. The taller guard gripped her upper arm. Detaining her. Nasty accusations flew. Loudly.

Attentive, he took it all in. He hadn't seen her lift anything. But then, he'd been staring at her legs. He might've missed something. Perhaps she'd taken an item prior to his arrival. Stuck it in her purse. He'd blocked her from the proprietor's view. Until she could slip into the throng.

He watched as the shorter of the guards drew a notepad from the pocket of his slacks. He flipped it open, went on to request the shop owner's name. Joe had hearing loss in his left ear, thanks to his old man cuffing him as a kid. He strained to hear. Apparently Giselle was the accuser. Stewie was the blonde, from what he could detect. Odd name. She didn't look like a Stewie. More like a Summer, Shayla, or Sienna. Skylar.

Giselle pointed to the blonde's thigh. Her hand shook, all righteous indignation. "She stole the garter. It's under her skirt."

Stewie paled. She placed her hand over her heart, then said, "Not on purpose, I swear."

Giselle huffed. "Customers look, but they don't touch. You not only handled the merchandise, you tried on the garter, and then you snuck off. Outright theft."

"She didn't get far." The taller guard appeared proud of his takedown. "I'll radio for a squad car."

Stewie's eyes widened in panic. She scanned the crowd, searching for someone she might know. Someone to vouch for her character. To save her. Apparently her friend Lori was nowhere in sight. Her gaze glanced off him. Swung back. Relief, uncertainty, doom, all flickered over her features. She frowned. All hope faded. She expected him to turn on her. To walk away. As well she should. He could be a dick on occasion. Far more badass than good guy. That's who he was. No shame. No remorse. His own man.

She'd flipped him off without any thought of further consequence. That consequence was now. Karma had returned her to him. She was in trouble, and he could help. He smiled to himself. She would owe him for saving her. Owe him big-time.

Game face on, he stiff-armed his way through the crowd. Glared people back. They gave him space. He eyed Stewie. Her lips parted. Her breath caught. She had no idea what he would do, what he might say, but then, neither did he. He went with the obvious. Women came and went in his life. He seldom went on a date with the same girl twice. But he made Stewie his date-for-the-day. Despite her sucky attitude.

Once he reached her, he draped his arm about her shoulders and drew her to his side. Tucked her in tight. She fit nicely. Her shuddered resistance appeared to be shivery compliance to those looking on. They gave the impression of a couple. He dipped his head, nuzzled her cheek, then spoke low near her ear, "Time for me now, babe?" She blushed. Deeply. Perhaps embarrassed by her previous snub or merely at the fact that their bodies were touching so intimately. "No need for an arrest, Roy," Joe read the security guard's name stitched over the pocket on his khaki shirt. "I can explain the garter heist."


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No Time to Explain 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
The first book by this author, loved it . Great book, fun, romantic , and an great overall read . I have bought more of her books.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Any book that includes baseball, romance, & a dog I'm going to read. And I love this series by Kate Angell so No Time to Explain was a no brainer to pick up. Loved the story & the dialogue the author creates. Another home run for Kate Angell I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!!!
belllla More than 1 year ago
No time to explain is one funny awesome sports love story. OMG, I loved it. It is written just the way I like with a lot of humor, great developed characters, both easy to fall in love and guess what it has a dog too. I love when a story has a dog in it. The way Zoo and Stevie meet hilarious, their dialogue and their teasing great great great. Although full of himself I loved Zoo he turned out to be a great guy, I just loved that although he was rejected so many times from Stevie he keeps it easy, was always teasing her and was not unfriendlier. Stevie was also the heroine that I love strong, independent had a strong backbone and didn't give a damn a bout Zoos flirting techniques. The chemistry between them of the hook hot. I loved how the story was so unpredictable toward the end and that all had their HEA. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
This is a fun, sweet, sassy, funny, sexy romance! Throw in those dogs with personality-plus and I really enjoyed this story. Joe is cocky, sexy and arrogant but also generous and genuinely a nice guy. I love him!! Stevie is sassy and funny and not even the least bit interested in a player like Joe, that is until she sees what he is really like. I love her too! She is a very generous and caring person too so that is a side of Joe she really likes. And Super Zooker is Awesome! Joe the bad boy and Stevie the good girl may not have been looking for each other but their chemistry could not be denied and what they find together ends up being so amazing and real! Kate Angell pitches another no-hitter with this amazing series! Love those Rogues!
1638095 More than 1 year ago
Another great Barefoot William book from Kate Angell. I love returning to Barefoot William and getting to catchup with old friends and enjoy a new love story. Angell Skillfully intertwines baseball, love and dogs. You can't beat a story with all that going for it! Zoo and Stevie were wonderful, heartwarming, and hot! And who doesn't like to see a bad boy tamed? I can't wait for the next release in the series. I did receive a free copy for and unbiased review. Grab a copy or download for some great reading!
westgirlds More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the story of Zooker and Stevie! I have enjoyed all of Kate Angell's books I have read. I love the community feel of Barefoot William. The characters are well developed. The story is filled with old and new friends. I love a book that makes me laugh and this story definitely did that! Add to that there were bonus love stories Twyla & George, Dean & Lori and how can I forget Turbo and Etta! I look forward to the next book in this series! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I loved, loved, loved Stevie and Joe in No Time to Explain by Kate Angell. This is a wonderful book that brings the reader once again back to Barefoot William. Stevie is in Barefoot William to help her injured aunt run her doggy day care. Joe, “Zoo”, Zooker, left fielder for the Richmond Rogues, is ready for spring training but has to deal with a minor leaguer vying for Joe’s spot. From their first meeting at a bridal event, which is hysterical, until the end, Stevie is unsure how to react to Joe’s comments and attention. Zoo actually is no longer into his womanizing and partying ways once he meets Stevie. There’s a secret that could affect the outcome of the relationship between Stevie and Zoo. I also loved the appearances of some of my favorite Rogues, those still single and those married. The family the Rogue players create is amazing and tight. Also the appearance of front office and first generation Rogues, Risk Kincaid, Psycho McMillan and Kason Rhode who play a part in the outcome of the left fielder rivalry and revealing Stevie’s secret. There is a secondary romance between Zoo’s dog Turbo and his rival’s dog Etta, which just adds to the fun and games within the story. I totally loved reading this book and really had trouble putting this book down. Kate Angell is a wonderful story teller and it was very difficult to put this book down. She wrote a fun and entertaining story that drew me in and not letting go until I turned the last page. I really want to retire in Barefoot William or at least winter there. This book should definitely be on everyone’s reading list. I highly recommend this book to other readers and cannot wait for the next Barefoot William/ Rogue story by Kate Angell. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
What's better to read than, romance, baseball and puppies, then this is the perfect read for you! Loved, loved this story of Stevie and Joe, with a few other sideline romances. Richmond Rougues are back for spring training. Joe is all in for the baseball and not interested into a long term relationship until he meets Stevie and things will now change. Stevie is new to town and is helping her aunt's doggie daycare. The attraction and chemistry is there but she does not want her heart broken. Loved the banter between Stevie and Joe. Both dog lovers!! Loved Turbo and Etta too, puppy love!! This is a fun, fast paced story that you can not put down. I highly recommend this story. This is part of series but can be read as a stand alone. 1 like
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
The Rogues are back in Barefoot William for another spring training and the players are as wild as ever! Joe “Zoo” Zooker likes having his own kind of fun before training begins with as many willing ladies as he can find. After that it's all baseball all the time. That is until a certain sassy woman catches his eye. Stevie knows Joe Zooker's type all too well and she is immune to his charm! Besides she's way too busy for the likes of him. He's not giving up that easy though!! I love these Barefoot William books and this is one of my favorites! Great characters and a nice easy story make this a perfect lazy day read. I highly recommend it.
deeeee More than 1 year ago
Honest review for ARC Heat, tension, chemistry, humor! It’s all here in Kate’s latest book. Joe Zooker is a wild Rogue! His love life mirrors his ball playing life, unconventional and 100% presence. Joe and his posse of 12 gorgeous women are well-known around Barefoot William. Joe runs into Stevie Reynolds at the bridal fair on the boardwalk of Barefoot William. Stevie has just tried on a gorgeous garter. Joe compliments her on her legs and how lovely the garter looks. Stevie serves Joe back with sass and snark. As the discussion heats up, Stevie gets exasperated and walks off, still wearing the garter. The owner accuses Stevie of shoplifting, and Joe steps in to “save the day”. As the day continues, it seems everywhere Stevie looks, Joe is there. And spring season is just beginning. How often can their paths cross and how can Stevie avoid Joe in the process? This has to be one of my favorite books by Kate Angell. I really think it’s the best she’s written.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Fun, funny and filled with charm – what a treat this book and series truly is! Joe “Zoo” Zooker is a hound….self-proclaimed player who enjoys women and even has his own groupies known as his posse. He never promises women more than pleasure and a good time should they take his offer to join him in bed and he is perfectly content with his life just as it is. When he’s scouting out his next night’s woman while walking on the boardwalk he notices Stevie Reynolds trying on something being sold at a bridal fair and makes a comment on the boardwalk during a bridal fair he makes a comment about something she has just tried on. Her response is not what he expected…not at all. One thing leads to another…sort of. Stevie is drawn but does not succumb easily – for more than one reason. Joe is trying to figure out why his charm doesn’t seem to work on Stevie and why he is drawn to her in spite of her stand-offish prickly behavior. Joe is more than the “hound” he seems to be and Stevie is less prickly than she first appears. Add in some great baseball, a variety of friendships and romances (human and canine), superheroes, doggy daycare, a bridal shoot…and more… and you end up with this very entertaining delightful addition to the Barefoot William Beach series. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC – This is my honest review.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Fun, funny and filled with charm – what a treat this book and series truly is! Joe “Zoo” Zooker is a hound….self-proclaimed player who enjoys women and even has his own groupies known as his posse. He never promises women more than pleasure and a good time should they take his offer to join him in bed and he is perfectly content with his life just as it is. When he’s scouting out his next night’s woman while walking on the boardwalk he notices Stevie Reynolds trying on something being sold at a bridal fair and makes a comment on the boardwalk during a bridal fair he makes a comment about something she has just tried on. Her response is not what he expected…not at all. One thing leads to another…sort of. Stevie is drawn but does not succumb easily – for more than one reason. Joe is trying to figure out why his charm doesn’t seem to work on Stevie and why he is drawn to her in spite of her stand-offish prickly behavior. Joe is more than the “hound” he seems to be and Stevie is less prickly than she first appears. Add in some great baseball, a variety of friendships and romances (human and canine), superheroes, doggy daycare, a bridal shoot…and more… and you end up with this very entertaining delightful addition to the Barefoot William Beach series. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC – This is my honest review.