Norseman's Revenge

Norseman's Revenge

by Gianna Simone


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Getting kidnapped by a Viking raider on her wedding night might really be a blessing from the gods.

Geira Sorensdotter awaits her new husband, but she's filled with doubts about the man and the marriage. Those doubts are forgotten when the village is attacked, her husband is struck down and she is tied up and carried off amidst the raid.

Kori Thorfinnson has waited years to take revenge against the man who murdered his wife. But he soon finds the innocent young woman he's taken as his personal slave is not his enemy, despite her marriage to his foe. Her courage in defying him, her caring heart, and the fiery passion she shares stirs feelings Kori hasn't known since his wife died. Afraid to lose Geira, he binds her to him in many ways - not only with rope, but with his body, his collar and his mark.

Geira quickly learns just how despicable her husband was, and despite her difficult circumstances, grows to care deeply for Kori, her captor. Still, dreams of freedom linger. But once she finds herself with child, she must plan her escape, to save herself and her baby. However, Kori has plans of his own.

Features A Kinky Twist on History! love scenes, including bondage, spanking, multiple partners and more!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692665008
Publisher: Rosavin Publishing
Publication date: 03/18/2016
Series: Norseman's Series , #1
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

A born-and-bred Jersey Girl with Brooklyn roots, I write erotic romance with BDSM themes in all genres, though primarily historical. My books are filled with Vikings and Knights and Warriors and the women feisty enough to stand up to and beside them. A lifelong fan of all things romance, I began writing stories in grammar school, and somehow they were always a love story, whether I intended it or not. I completed my first full-length novel in my freshman year of high school (and should have taken my English teacher's advice and tried to publish it back then). I've since spent many years honing my craft and my books can be found at all major retailers.

On the rare occasions I'm not taking advantage of that valuable free time by writing, you can catch me poking around in my other favorite twisted historical worlds of Sleepy Hollow, Reign and the History Channel's Vikings. I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter, Highlander, Charmed, and DragonBall Z! Yeah, a strange fandom medley, but each one features some of the sexiest villains ever. Did I mention I love villains? And let's not forget my beloved NY Rangers.

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Norseman's Revenge 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ViperSpaulding 6 months ago
Well-researched, deeply romantic Viking love story! Trigger warning: This story does not shy away from detailing culturally-appropriate animal sacrifices and realistic treatment of women slaves. It's not overdone nor callous, but folks who are sensitive to these issues should be forewarned. I fell in love with Geira and Kori instantly. The story starts with Geira's forced marriage to a man who she feels is not as honorable as her father thinks he is, but before the night is over she's been taken by Kori, a Viking warrior from another clan whose wife was brutally murdered by Geira's new husband and whose vengeance demands that he take the villain's wife in exchange. But Kori is not a brutal man, and while he has to maintain Geira's slave status or risk having his authority challenged (and with it his ability to protect her), he seeks to win her compliance gently, through fair treatment rather than fear. There are a lot of steamy, detailed love scenes in this book, but not very much violence. The climactic HEA was triumphant and satisfying in all respects. It's clear that the author did a lot of homework, as the many details of the Viking mythology and seasonal traditions all passed my verification efforts. The writing style was captivating throughout, and the characters were vibrant and complex. It's definitely one of the best Viking romances I've ever read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Ajgray 6 months ago
Enjoyed the book. It is well written, full of action and entertaining. After a raid, Kori takes Geira as a slave and over a short period of time falls in love with her. The story tells of their sexual encounters and how their bond strengthens the longer they are together, even though her desire to escape and return home is also a part of the story. Once used to a noble lifestyle, Geira now sees the hardships that are imposed on slaves. There is HEA and that finally comes at the end of the book. It is a very good story and I would highly recommend it as a great read.
Merryj 7 months ago
This story strikes right from the beginning. Geira has a gut feeling that the man she is about to marry is a bad person. Her prediction is soon realized when he is struck down and she is taken by a man who has vowed revenge. After time in the presence of Lori she realizes just how bad her husband was but is determined not to bow down to servitude because of the transgressions of her husband. As these two get to know each other Kori's heart begins to open up to Geria. Will these two have a chance to make a go and have a happily ever after in spite of the way they came together? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok until she had sex with her captor's brother while her captor watched and waited his turn. It was mutually agreeable by all 3, but I just don't care for that in a story, but if you don't mind, it's not a terrible book.