Not a Prodigal

Not a Prodigal

by Sharon Edge Martin
Not a Prodigal

Not a Prodigal

by Sharon Edge Martin


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Sharon Edge Martin may call herself a doubter, but the poems

in this collection shine with faith. She faces hard truths without

flinching and without bitterness. Whether she's paying tribute

to her preacher parents, fighting with her unruly garden, or

scolding greedy politicians, she embraces life in all its messy

glory and invites us to do the same. There are no platitudes or

easy answers on these pages. But there's plenty of laughter, music, and hope.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936923281
Publisher: Village Books Press
Publication date: 02/01/2018
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents


1. Children of the Right Reverend

11. Find a Shining Moment of Truth Among the Rubble

12. To My Son, Growing Up

13. Saying Grace

14. All the Old Hippies

17. Book Burning

18. Two Would-Be Preachers

19. Prodigal Daughter

20. Observing Proprieties

21. If a Garden

22. Driving Through Migrating Monarchs

23 A Visitor’s Notes

24 Just Assertive, That’s All

25. Luck

26. Daily Bread

27 For a Writer

28 Poetreality

30. Fishing in the Creek

31. In My Mother’s House

33. These Days I Cry at the Drop of a Hanky

35. A Century After the Run Into Cherokee Lands

36. Teaching Poetry in Public Schools

37. When I Grow Up

41. Other Woman, Other Man

42. Defining Sin

44. Do-Overs

47. What Marriage Is

Not a Prodigal

48. What I Remember

52. Warrior Girl

53. Those Edge Boys

55. Respectability

56. Not God

57. Grandma Had One Book

59. At the Mall, Sixties Style

60. No Justice

61. Privilege

62. Prayer

63. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit

64. Geometry is Beautiful

65. My Devout Sister

66. For Ann On Her 70th Birthday

67. Elegy for Dolores

70. Considering Immortality

71. Church Ladies

72. American Gothic in the Age of Feminism

74. Resolve and A.D.D.

76. Eight Hours Ago

77. Just Another Day in Paradise

78. Old Folks at Night

81. I Meant to Write a Sonnet

82. Preacher’s Kids Make Good Pets

83. Theology Lessons From My Friend Debra

84. It’s All In How You Look at It

85. Lines to a Stranger Who Accused Me of Hating God’s Chosen

86. Another Lesson in Theology

87. Justified

88. American Prince

89. Woman Card. Race Card. Poverty Card.

90. Lines for Grandpa Willoughby

91. This Land

92. Learning to Speak

93. Four Poems

94. Metaphor I

95. Venn Diagram: Chickens and Humans

96. Metaphor II

97. St. Paddy’s Day

98. Haiku

99. Politics of Poetry

100. If We Understood Our True Potential

101. Manifest Destiny and Other Dangerous Ideas

102. Daddy Loved the Story of Thomas

103. Crazy John

104. White Mother

105. Coming to Terms

107. How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again

110. Acknowledgements

111. About the Author

112. About the Artist/Illustrator

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