Number Woman: You will Never Look at Numbers in the Same Way Again

Number Woman: You will Never Look at Numbers in the Same Way Again

by Hilary H. Carter


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ISBN-13: 9781782797739
Publisher: Axis Mundi Books
Publication date: 03/27/2015
Pages: 239
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Hilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She is currently involved in setting up a Yoga Retreat centre in an ancient convent in the Dordogne region of France, and lives between her homes in Devon and the Dordogne.

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Number Woman

By Hilary H. Carter

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2014 Hilary H. Carter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78279-773-9


Hari and Bari

I lay down flat on my back on the bedroom floor and stared up at the dark wooden beams on the ceiling. I could hear the wind whipping through the crack in the single glazed window. The rising tide was lashing against the harbour wall and the masts of the yachts were clinking noisily. The storm was growing in intensity and the heavy rain thundered on the old slate roof. I breathed in the musty smell of damp that permeated the house. Another ceiling, another floor, another house. How many places had I lived in during the last decade? I worked out that I had moved house more than 10 times in 10 years. My lifestyle was not for the faint hearted, that's for sure.

The way that I live my life is unusual and quite possibly it's unique. That's because I use numbers to guide me on my path through life. Some people assume that I am mad to do that but I really don't mind what they think of me. I know that it takes courage to step out of the box of conditioning and to live an authentic life. It requires strength to walk my path but fortunately I have been blessed with a certain gritty determination to follow my truth regardless of what other people might think or say. I have always been brave. It has been running like a thread through my many lives on earth. I am the number woman and my role is to reveal the secrets of the world of numbers and number patterns to those that wish to hear.

Numbers began to make themselves known to me quite early on in my life. The first number to appear was the number 23, followed by the 11:11 time prompt. I searched for answers to explain why this was happening but I couldn't find any, at least no answers that made sense to me. That's when I decided to set out on my own personal quest for answers, offering up my everyday life in practical research. As I progressed on my number journey, my intuition became finely tuned and I found the signs often led me to troubled places, in which I had a strong sense of a personal role.

I had just moved into the old house overlooking the harbour. It hadn't been an easy move. The house was somewhat neglected and run down and in my opinion it was barely habitable. However, on the path of number personal opinions don't count. Nor do likes and dislikes. All that counts are the number signs and they had guided me to the house overlooking the harbour so that's where I was.

However, the story I am about to tell you starts on the floor of a different house. Just one year earlier I had been lying staring up at a brand new ceiling because I had just moved into a partly built house in the English seaside resort of Torquay. I often spend time lying on my back observing my breath, just being in the moment and trying not to attach to any thoughts or feelings that might arise. I call it 'chilling' but these days that practice is called mindfulness. As I lay there gazing upwards a thought arose in my mind. It was the thought of my spiritual name, Hari. This name had been given to me by the late Yogi Bhajan, the yogi who brought kundalini yoga to the West. I tried to let the thought go but it persisted. Hari. What was the meaning of that name? I realised that I didn't actually know so I googled it on my phone and was very surprised when the following appeared:

'Bari is the capital city of the province of Bari and of the Apulia region, on the Adriatic Sea, in Italy'.

I had accidentally typed 'Bari' instead of 'Hari' as H and B are next to each other on the keypad. I corrected my 'mistake' and learned that Hari means 'he who unties the knot of material desire in the hearts of the living entities'.

About an hour later I was reading the newspaper and an advert for a tour of southern Italy leaped out of the page. It was flying directly to the Italian airport of Bari. I thought it was rather strange that Bari had made another appearance within an hour, especially as it is a fairly obscure city. When I looked at the price of flights to Bari, 9 out of 10 of them were priced at £111. Out of the 30 numbers on the website page there were 28 number 1s. Some people wouldn't have even noticed that. Others might have noticed but would not have attached any meaning to it. But to me, as number woman, I saw all those number 1s as a number repetition so I knew they were speaking to me. The line-up of 1s was so impressive that I took a photo of the screen and posted it on Facebook. Then I looked up Bari on Google maps to find out exactly whereabouts in southern Italy it was situated. As I did so I glanced down at the time in the corner of my computer screen. 11:02. The date was 21.01.2012. That is 21012012 @1102.

Most people wouldn't give those numbers a second thought but to me this was a number sign. 0, 1 and 2 in a neat little pattern is a clear example of number-talk so I knew I was being guided. The numbers were trying to get my attention and I was ready to listen to what they had to say.

As soon as my friend Kate saw my Facebook post she messaged me. She was impressed with the photo of the numbers. When I pointed out to her that she had messaged me at exactly 11:11 she was stunned. So was I. The 11:11 time prompt carries so much power that I rate it very highly as a number sign. All those 111s in conjunction with the date and time of this happening were too synchronistic to ignore. The numbers were appearing around Bari. I wasn't going to mess around or even think about it. I decided there and then that I would surrender to the number signs and commit to a trip to Italy. That's how the path of number works – instant surrender followed by action. If the number signs decide to guide me to Mexico or India or anywhere else in the world, I go. Even if it doesn't make any sense I go. The path of number cannot allow any interference from the mind. In fact the mind has to be kept out of the decision-making process altogether. Only intuition is involved in conjunction with the numbers as any actions needed to feel okay. I emailed Kate again to ask her whether she would like to join me in Italy. She acknowledged that she could see the signs but she needed to think about it first. Oh no. I could see what had happened. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, she had fallen straight into the mind trap.

"Don't think!" I wanted to shout because I knew that the thoughts of the mind were nearly always the block that prevented direct action. "Just act!" But I didn't interfere and I didn't say anything. Kate's life was Kate's life and the way she lived it was up to her. I am not in a position to tell anyone how to live his or her life. I would never do that. In this book I am simply describing how I use the language of numbers to guide me and you can make of it what you will.

Kate emailed me the following day with a photo of her cuckoo clock. It had stopped that very morning at 11:11. I was delighted because I could clearly see that it was yet another extremely strong number sign for Kate, confirming that she was needed in Italy. Yet still she felt that she couldn't commit. I was puzzled. The language of number synchronicity had spoken to her clearly and powerfully. I didn't know what else the numbers could possibly do to get her attention.

I had committed to the Italy trip as soon as I saw the signs. I didn't hesitate or question. I didn't consider the weather, my own personal comfort, the cost, the availability of accommodation or the details and endless possibilities of the itinerary and final destination. All those thoughts belong to the mind and the path of number is the path of no-mind. I need to stress this fact: mind interference is the block to action. I just took a leap of faith based on the appearance of the numbers and trusted that all would unfold perfectly. That's all. That's what I do. That's how I live my life. There had been enough number prompts to convince me that the trip was happening. End of story.

I had a strong feeling that Kate was part of the Italian journey because the number 2 was appearing along with the 1s and I know that Kate's favourite number is 22. She is also on a rare number 22 life path (see Numerology Made Easy by Hilary H Carter).

"Are you in or not?" I finally asked. "I need a decision from you. Whatever you decide is fine. I just need to know because I want to get there soon."

I knew I had to get to Italy as soon as possible. This made no sense. I was still involved in a building project in England, building a new house in order to raise enough money to continue my number journey. The house was almost finished and if I went to Italy I would not be around for the completion of the project. However, I recognised that although it didn't make sense to leave at this critical time, I trusted the signs and didn't buy into the fear or worry thought forms of the mind. I had lived as the number woman long enough to know that any actions I took based on number synchronicity always proved to be beneficial in the long run even though they almost invariably contained difficulties.

Following a spectacular display of even more number signs, all 1s and 2s, Kate decided she would join me. We were eventually guided to Lamezia Terme as our Italian destination, situated a few hours' drive south of Naples. I soon discovered that Lamezia was famous for 2 things: a very rare black crucifix and the statue of the dark-skinned Madonna of Romania. This was no coincidence. When I read about the crucifix I knew that I would eventually be led into a very dark place on this particular journey. I wasn't afraid. I have enough faith in the language of numbers to know that I will never be given more than I can handle. Nor would I be led into any situations that would harm me in any way. It was simply a case of surrendering to the signs and trusting the process. I was actually quite excited to see where the road ahead would lead me. One thing I can say with certainty is that my life as the number woman is very, very interesting. Since setting out on my quest for answers to the appearance of repeated digits and number patterns, I find myself living in a real life adventure filled with wonder and pure magic, as you will soon discover when you hear the rest of my story.



The night that Kate made the decision to join me, she had a dream.

Kate:In my dream last night I was clearly given 333 to watch for – it was very significant – scarily so. Ah yes – remembering now – page 333 in a very large book with a map on it – don't know what part of the world – I had opened a book and saw the page number was 333 and that the number was on the bottom of the right hand ... Let's see what unfolds.

Shortly after she had the dream, the number 333 began to appear to both of us. It was astounding. 333 was everywhere. I sent Kate an email at 3.33 (I hadn't intentionally chosen that time) and the next day I received one from her sent at 3.33.33. Even the seconds were taking part in this spectacular display of numbers. We each had to send 400 euros to pay for accommodation and the exchange rate in February 2012 meant that the apartment cost us exactly £333 each. Then the email confirming our booking was sent to us at 3.33.33. It was incredible, and way beyond our conscious control.

The agency requested payment with the date and time displayed as: 0220122320100000. They then confirmed receipt of the money in another email. Kate forwarded it to me with a note saying, 'Can you believe it?' Yes I could believe it. The confirmation email had been sent at exactly 11:11pm on 13.02.2012 (add them up ... 1+3+0+2+2+0+1+2). The 11:11 sign is a worldwide wake-up call on the spiritual path and it can take still my breath away. Somebody I know calls it 'a wink from God'. I like that.

I had taken a courageous step in deciding to follow the path of number. I had literally stepped off the edge of the known and into the unknown because I wanted to explore the 11:11 phenomenon and to discover whether numbers and number patterns had any meaning. It is true to say that I had lost a lot by choosing to undertake this experiment but I have gained so much more than I have lost. Sure, my life has changed beyond recognition and I now have nothing familiar to cling on to. In fact there is nothing in the outer world of form that I can attach to for security. The security that I once sought from the external world is now to be found within me.

The emails were flying back and forth between Kate and me. I was in middle of writing my book No Name No Number, Exploring the 11:11 phenomenon. This tells the story of my ownership of an ancient French convent that I had been led to buy by the number 11. The convent was the nearest thing to a home that I had. It was rather basic and not suitable for winter living. As part of my research for the book I was looking at the website of the healer Andrew Kemp. Andrew channels messages from other dimensions through the use of automatic writing. Once he had emailed me with a channelling that concerned that French convent. The channelling had proved to be stunningly accurate. He had initially introduced himself to me as a '33 man'. I remembered that well. I have a photographic memory when it comes to numbers. He emailed me to say,

Hi Hilary, I really enjoyed your '11:11' book. I'm a 33 man myself. I work as a therapist that may explain why it dominates my life. My treatment fee is £33. Andrew.

Andrew offers a free download of healing codes. I looked at the various numbers for the different forms of healing that were listed on his website. For example, the code for Divine protection is 954.258.347.777. But the one for Higher Self connection was 333.222 333.333. It's possible that this was a clue to show Kate and I why the 222 and the 333 were appearing instead of just the usual 11:11. I forwarded the information to Kate.

Kate: Gulp ... Higher Self connection ... It is why I want to go to Italy ... nothing else ...

Kate, like many awakening souls on the planet right now, understands that we have a self with a small 's' and a Self with a capital 'S'. The small self is the ego, which is concerned with itself and all its wants, needs and desires. The Higher Self is our Divine Self. That's the part of us that is all wise, all knowing and all Love. Once we have surrendered our ego self to our Divine Self then we enter a new way of being. We begin to live for the good of all beings rather than for the good of the ego self. Giving up the ego sounds like quite a simple thing to do, but I was discovering that putting it into practice wasn't quite so easy. I was thankful that I had numbers to help, guide and support me as I travelled this path.


Thomas Becket

By the time of the Italian journey I had been following number signs for years so I was quite at ease with spectacular synchronicities. Kate was gradually getting the hang of it and was opening up to the magic of being a number woman. She was reading a book called The Way of Mastery by Jayem, and just dipping in and out of it at random. One night she couldn't sleep so she read a few pages, put her bookmark in the book, closed it and then settled down to sleep. The next morning she brought the book downstairs to look up something and then she saw where the bookmark was ... page 333. Not only that but the number 333 appeared at the bottom right of the page just like in her dream. The title on page 333 is FREEDOM IS LOVE UNDER ALL CONDITIONS. I asked her to send me a copy of the whole page as I thought it would be relevant. In the meantime, because of all the 333s appearing around the Italian trip, I knew that I needed to make contact with my 33 man, Andrew. I didn't really know what to say to him so I just sounded him out.

Hi Andrew, I am being inundated with the number 333 and I just know I need to contact you. It's phenomenal. It's everywhere. It only started once I decided to commit to a trip to Italy with a friend of mine. I don't know why I need to involve you and I'm not even going to try and guess. I'm simply following my intuition. The 333 is definitely linked to Italy and to you. So ... what to say ... should I just wait for you to respond and take it from there?

Love, Hilary

Hi Hilary, So, the big question, 333 ... I think it is about the power of 3s as triangles. I think each point represents a particular energy centre and if you make triangles out of 4 centres you end up with 4 triangles in a kite like shape. So the question for me is what are the 4 centres?

I have just moved into a Farmhouse, which – wait for it – sits upon the original site of a mediaeval Augustinian priory near Weston Super Mare. There is a new priory nearby but the original one – built by a knight racked with guilt for killing Thomas Becket – is on the land where we live and sleep. The energy is very strong.


Excerpted from Number Woman by Hilary H. Carter. Copyright © 2014 Hilary H. Carter. Excerpted by permission of John Hunt Publishing Ltd..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Hari and Bari 3

2 333 9

3 Thomas Becket 12

4 Canterbury Cathedral 16

5 Lamezia Terme 23

6 Guilt 29

7 Healing Codes 33

8 The Day of Blood 38

9 The Vatican 41

10 The Obelisk 46

11 Sicily 49

12 Woodspring Priory 54

13 The Reliquary 59

14 The Passage of Venus 61

15 Dracula's Castle 65

16 The Gates of Hell 68

17 The Egyptian Temple 72

18 Jendra 78

19 The Relics 81

20 France 86

21 Deva Daan 92

22 The Carer 97

23 Fibonacci Numbers 101

24 White Horse 105

25 The Convent of Mercy 108

26 The Shrine 114

27 The Tanit Cave 119

28 Stanton Drew Stone Circles 123

29 Tesla 128

30 The 11th Gate 134

31 Franz Ferdinand 144

32 The Cove 151

33 Quantum Healing Hypnosis 159

34 The Ascension 163

35 Becket's Birthday 167

36 Olympus and Pegasus 171

37 Holy Cross Chapel 174

38 Wreaths of Success 179

39 The Royal Palace 183

40 The New Pope 188

41 Monreale 191

42 Marsala 194

43 Glastonbury 199

44 The Wesak Moon 204

45 Cannington Priory 209

46 The New Octave 215

47 Drunvalo 221

48 The Watcher of Watchet 228

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