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Numerical Methods and Applications: 7th International Conference, NMA 2010, Borovets, Bulgaria, August 20-24, 2010, Revised Papers / Edition 1

Numerical Methods and Applications: 7th International Conference, NMA 2010, Borovets, Bulgaria, August 20-24, 2010, Revised Papers / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783642184659
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/14/2011
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6046
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 512
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Table of Contents

Invited Papers

Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems and Compressible Flow Miloslav Feistauer Jan Cesenek 1

Stochastic Algorithms in Linear Algebra - beyond the Markov Chains and von Neumann - Ulam Scheme Karl Sabelfeld 14

SM Stability for Time-Dependent Problems Petr N. Vabishchevich 29

Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Advanced Monte Carlo Techniques in the Simulation of CMOS Devices and Circuits Asen Asenov 41

Monte Carlo Method for Numerical Integration Based on Sobol's Sequences Ivan Dimov Rayna Georgieva 50

Using Monte-Carlo Simulation for Risk Assessment: Application to Occupational Exposure during Remediation Works M.L. Dinis A. Fiúza 60

The b-adic Diaphony as a Tool to Study Pseudo-randomness of Nets Ivan Lirkov Stanislava Stoilova 68

Scatter Estimation for PET Reconstruction Milan Magdics Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos Balazs Tóth ádam Csendesi Anton Penzov 77

Modeling of the Set and Reset Process in Bipolar Resistive Oxide-Based Memory Using Monte Carlo Simulations Alexander Makarov Viktor Sverdlov Siegfried Selberherr 87

Stochastic Algorithm for Solving the Wigner-Boltzmann Correction Equation M. Nedjalkov S. Selberherr I. Dimov 95

Modeling Thermal Effects in Fully-Depleted SOI Devices with Arbitrary Crystallographic Orientation K. Raleva D. Vasileska S.M. Goodnick 103

Particle Monte Carlo Algorithms with Small Number of Particles in Grid Cells Stefan K. Stefanov 110

Is Self-Heaving Important in Nanowire FETs? D. Vasileska A. Hossain K. Raleva S.M. Goodnick 118

Environmental Modeling

Mixed-Hybrid Formulation of Multidimensional Fracture Flow Jan Brezina Milan Hokr 125

WRF-Fire Applied in Bulgaria Nina Dobrinkova Georgi Jordanov Jan Mandel 133

Bulgarian Operative System for Chemical Weather Forecast Iglika Etropolska Maria Prodanova Dimiter Syrakov Kostadih Ganev Nikolai Miloshev Kiril Slavov 141

Atmospheric Composition Studies for the Balkan Region Georgi Gadzhev Georgi Jordanov Kostadin Ganev Maria Prodanova Dimiter Syrakov Nikolai Miloshev 150

Specialized Sparse Matrices Solver in the Chemical Part of an Environmental Model Krassir Georgiev Zahari Zlatev 158

A Numerical Investigation for the Optimal Contaminant Inlet Positions in Horizontal Subsurface Flow Wetlands Konstantinos Liolios Vassilios Tsihrintzis Stefan Radev 167

Using Satellite Observations for Air Quality Assessment with an Inverse Model System Achim Strunk Hendrik Elbern Adolf Ebel 174

Distributed Software System for Data Evaluation and Numerical Simulations of Atmospheric Processes Atanas Terziyski Nikolay T. Kochev 182

Advanced Numerical Tools Applied to Geo-environmental Engineering - Soils Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons, a Case Study Maria Cristina Vila J.M. Soeiro de Carvalho António Fiúza 190

Richardson Extrapolated Numerical Methods for Treatment of One-Dimensional Advection Equations Zahari Zlatev Ivan Dimov István Faragó Krassimir Georgiev ágnes Havasi Tzvetan Ostromsky 198

Grid Computing and Applications

Programming Problems with a Large Number of Objective Functions Cornel Resteanu Romica Trandafir 207

First Results of SEE-GRID-SCI Application CCIAQ Dimiter Syrakov Valery Spiridonov Kostadin Ganev Maria Prodanova Andrey Bogachev Nikolai Miloshev Kiril Slavov 215

Metaheuristics for Optimization Problems

Genetic Algorithms Based Parameter Identification of Yeast Fed-Batch Cultivation Maria Angelova Stoyan Tzonkov Tania Pencheva 224

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interpretations of Conway's Game of Life Lilija Atanassova Krassimir Atanassov 232

Ant Colony Optimization Approach to Tokens' Movement within Generalized Nets Vassia Atanassova Krassimir Atanassov 240

Start Strategies of ACO Applied on Subset Problems Stefka Fidanova Krassimir Atanassov Pencho Marinov 248

Sensitivity Analysis of ACO Start Strategies for Subset Problems Stefka Fidanova Pencho Marinov Krassimir Atanassov 256

A Highly-Parallel TSP Solver for a GPU Computing Platform Noriyuki Fujimoto Shigeyoshi Tsutsui 264

Metaheuristics for the Asymmetric Hamiltonian Path Problem João Pedro Pedroso 272

Adaptive Intelligence Applied to Numerical Optimisation Kalin Penev Anton Ruzhekov 280

Fed-Batch Cultivation Control Based on Genetic Algorithm PID Controller Tuning Olympia Roeva Tsonyo Slavov 289

Perspectives of Selfish Behaviour in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Marcin Seredynski Pascal Bouvry 297

A Comparison of Metaheurisitics for the Problem of Solving Parametric Interval Linear Systems Iwona Skalna Jerzy Duda 305

Parametric Approximation of Functions Using Genetic Algorithms: An Example with a Logistic Curve Fernando Torrecilla-Pinero Jesús A. Torrecilla-Pinero Juan A. Gómez-Pulido Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez Juan M. Sánchez-Pérez 313

Population-Based Metaheuristics for Tasks Scheduling in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Flavin Zamfirache Marc Frîncu Daniela Zaharie 321

Modeling and Simulation of Electrochemical Processes

Modeling of Species and Charge Transport in Li-Ion Batteries Based on Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics Arnulf Satz Jochen Zausch Oleg Iliev 329

Finite Volume Discretization of Equations Describing Nonlinear Diffusion Li-Ion Batteries P. Popov Y. Vutov S. Margenov O. Iliev 338

Contributed Papers

Numerical Study of Magnetic Flux in the LJJ Model with Double Sine-Gordon Equation P.Kh. Atanasova T.L. Boyadjiev E.V. Zemlyanaya Yu.M. Shukrinov 347

A Simple Preconditioner for the SIPG Discretization of Linear Elasticity Equations B. Ayuso I. Georgiev J. Kraus L. Zikatanov 353

Merger Bound States in 0 - π Josephson Structures Todor L. Boyadjiev Hristo T. Melemov 361

Some Error Estimates for the Discretization of Parabolic Equations on General Multidimensional Nonconforming Spatial Meshes Abadallah Bradji Jürgen Fuhrmann 369

Finite-Volume Difference Scheme for the Black-Scholes Equation in Stochastic Volatility Models Tatiana Chernogorova Radoslav Valkov 377

On the Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Solutions for the 2D Boussinesq Paradigm Equation Christo I. Christov Natalia Kolkovska Daniela Vasileva 386

Numerical Investigation of Spiral Structure Solutions of a Nonlinear Elliptic Problem Milena Dimova Stefka Dimova 395

Bidirectional Beam Propagation Method Applied for Lasers with Multilayer Active Medium N.N. Elkin A.P. Napartovich D.V. Vysotsky 404

Analysis of the CBS Constant for Quadratic Finite Elements Ivan Georgiev Maria Lymbery Svetozar Margenov 412

Sensitivity of Results of the Water Flow Problem in a Discrete Fracture Network with Large Coefficient Differences Milan Hokr Jirí Kopal Jan Brezina Petr Rálek 420

Fluxon Dynamics in Stacked Josephson Junctions Ivan Hristov Stefka Dimova 428

Global Convergence Properties of the SOR-Weierstrass Method Vladimir Hristov Nikolay Kyurkchiev Anton Iliev 437

Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Evolution Equation for the Risk Preference Naoyuki Ishimura Miglena N. Koleva Lubin G. Vulkov 445

A Numerical Approach for the American Call Option Pricing Model Juri D. Kandilarov Radoslav L. Vaslkov 453

A Numerical Study of a Parabolic Monge-Ampère Equation in Mathematical Finance Miglena N. Koleva Lubin G. Vulkov 461

Convergence of Finite Difference Schemes for a Multidimensional Boussinesq Equation Natalia T. Kolkovska 469

A Numerical Approach for Obtaining Fragility Curves in Seismic Structural Mechanics: A Bridge Case of Egnatia Motorway in Northern Greece Asterios Liolios Panagiotis Panetsos Angelos Liolios George Hatzigeorgiou Stefan Radev 477

An Efficient Numerical Method for a System of Singularly Perturbed Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion Equations S. Chandra Sekhara Rao Sunil Kumar 486

A Comparison of Methods for Solving Parametric Interval Linear Systems with General Dependencies Iwona Skalna 494

Numerical Investigation of the Upper Bounds on the Convective Heat Transport in a Heated from below Rotating Fluid Layer Nikolay Vitanov 502

Author Index 511

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