Oceanic and Anthropogenic Controls of Life in the Pacific Ocean: Proceedings of the 2nd Pacific Symposium on Marine Sciences, Nadhodka, Russia, August 11-19, 1988

Oceanic and Anthropogenic Controls of Life in the Pacific Ocean: Proceedings of the 2nd Pacific Symposium on Marine Sciences, Nadhodka, Russia, August 11-19, 1988

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992)

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This volume presents a collection of original, multidisciplinary papers written by leading scientists from the various countries of the Pacific rim. The major topics covered are the origins of life in the marine environment; the changing distribution of biological parameters; hydrophysical and hydrochemical processes; and the exploitation of ocean resources and the ensuing consequences.
The material is divided into five parts. The Introduction (Part I) gives a comprehensive overview of the research activities of the IOC and related organisations. The following four parts of the book comprise a number of survey papers which deal with specific aspects of marine science in the Pacific Ocean.
For researchers and decision makers interested in marine and environmental science with an emphasis on the Pacific Ocean.

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ISBN-13: 9789401052313
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 02/08/2013
Series: GeoJournal Library , #21
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction; S.M. Haq. Part II: Changeability of Natural Fields and Fluxes of Matter and Energy. 1. Generation Mechanism of Thermohaline Front in Shelf Sea; T. Yanagi, A. Isobe. 2. Stability and Fine Structure of Water Masses in the Kuroshio Frontal Zone; V.P. Belonozhko, L.P. Muratow, V.A. Sosnin. 3. Mineral Aerosol Over and Deposition to the Pacific Ocean; M. Uematsu. 4. Statistical Structure of Oceanic Fields in the Subarctic Frontal Zone; V.V. Anikiev, T.H. Zadonkaya, V.I. Ilyichev, E.N. Shumilin, V.V. Yarosh. 5. Some Results of Study of Currents on the Southern Shelf of Vietnam; N.T. Dung, L.P. Trinh. 6. On Vertical Mixing in Shelf and Frontal Zone of the Ocean; V.V. Navrotsky, A. Yu. Lazaryuk, S.V. Simonenko. 7. A Numerical Model of the Formation of Cold Front and its Derived Circulation on the Shelf; T. Qu, D. Hu. 8. Hydrological Fronts in the Northeast Pacific Ocean in Autumn Season; G.I. Yurasov. Part III: Formation and Distribution of Life. 9. A Unique Nitrogen Balance at the Anaerobic Floor of the Brackish Lake Nakanoumi; T. Kimoto, H. Hashitani, T. Fujinaga. 10. Thermodynamically Nonequilibrium Nature of the Ocean/Atmosphere Interface and the Origin of Life; V.A. Tverdislov, G.G. Khundzhua, L.V. Yakovenko, V.V. Anikiev. 11. Migration Mechanism of the AYU; K. Tsukamoto, K. Uchida. 12. Spatial Distribution of Mesoplankton in Kuroshio Frontal Zone During 'Megapolygon' Experiment; T.A. Zadonskaya. 13. Spawning Habit, Continental Shelf Area and Herring Production in the North Pacific Ocean; D.E.Hay. 14. The Influence of Ocean Surface Temperature Variability on Saucy Shoal Displacement; R.S. Goldman, V.I. Ilyichev, S.P. Smirnykh. Part IV: Exploitation of Oceanic Resources and Estimation of Anthropogenic Influence on Marine Ecosystems. 15. Two Theories in the Exploitation of Chemical Resources of Sea Water; Z. Zehngbin, L. Liansheng. 16. Possible Ecological Consequences of Ferromanganese Nodule Mining from the Pacific Ocean Floor; A.V. Tkalin. 17. The Exploitation and Utilization of Marine Living Resources; W. Baoling. 18. Physical, Chemical and Bacterial Destruction of Oil on the Shelf of Okhotsk and Japan Seas; V.V. Anikiev, M.N. Mansurov, G.N. Moiseyevksy. 19. Oil and Gas Development and Associated Environmental Impact Studies on the Pacific Coast of the United States; J.C. Kelly. 20. The Effect of Environmental Pollution, Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals on Reproduction of Sea Urchins and Bivalves; P.M. Zhadan, M.A. Vashchechko, V.V. Malakhov, L.A. Medvedeva, R.V. Gareyeva. 21. Effect of Temperature and Cadmium on Accumulation of Copper by Mussel Tissues; V.P. Chelomin, O.N. Lukjanova, E.A. Bobkova. Part V: Methods of Observations and Calculations. 22. Laser Analytical Photoionization Spectroscopy — a Novel Potential in Ocean Research; G.I. Bekov, A.S. Egorov. 23. High-Resolution Measurements of pH, Fluorescence and Turbidity in Sea Water; D.J. Mackey, E.C.V. Butler, P.D. Nichols, H.W. Higgins. 24. Estimation of Plankton Role in Migration of Trace Elements in Marine Estuaries; V.V. Anikiev, E.N. Shumilin, E.G. Starodubtsev, A.P. Kassatkina, A.A. Lobanov, N.A. Gorbachev.

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