Oh, La La!: Homegrown Stories, Helpful Tips, and Garden Wisdom

Oh, La La!: Homegrown Stories, Helpful Tips, and Garden Wisdom

by Ciscoe Morris


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The most beloved and respected gardening expert of the Pacific Northwest, Ciscoe Morris, entertains us with gardening stories and shares advice, information, and wisdom from a career that has spanned 45 years and is still going strong.

With heart and humor, Ciscoe Morris regales us with stories from the gardens he has tended, the wildlife he has encountered—deer, moles, rats, birds, and more—the dogs who have joined him on his travels, the secret lives of insects, and his endeavors as head gardener at Seattle University. Each story will make you smile but will also contain a nugget of gardening wisdom or a practical, helpful tip that home gardeners will be able to put to use in their own gardens.

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ISBN-13: 9781632172792
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Publication date: 01/21/2020
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 404,491
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ciscoe Morris loves gardening and storytelling. He is a horticulturist and popular TV and radio host. He wrote a weekly newspaper column for 17 years, first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer followed by the Seattle Times. His first book, Ask Ciscoe, was among the top-selling garden books nationwide. Ciscoe spent the majority of his long gardening career as director of grounds care at Seattle University where he developed a nationally recognized organic gardening program. Additionally, he has been a longtime Master Gardener, an ISA-certified arborist and a WSNLA-certified horticulturist. When he isn't speaking at events throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, you'll find him working in his northeast Seattle garden which has been featured in several publications. Besides gardening, he is passionate about traveling. Despite his busy schedule, he manages to find time to host garden tours all over the world.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Part 1 Pruning and Haircuts 1

The Rule of Pruning and Haircuts: Know When to Stop 3

The Zen of Pruning 7

Wisteria: Prune, Prune, Prune, and Prune Some More 9

The Fourth D of Pruning Should Be Decaf 14

Take On the Tangled Mess of Forsythia 20

Pray for Your Rhododendron 24

Part 2 Wildlife: Domestic and Uninvited 29

Every Campus Needs a Pooch 31

Dogs: The Lovable Garden Pests 34

If You Can't Beat Them, Eat Them 39

Keep Bambi Out of the Garden 44

Scarecrows Are Scary 48

Mole Control: Myths and Facts 50

Feed Birds, Not Rats 56

Don't Invite Unexpected Guests into Your Compost Pile 59

Learn from Your Elders 61

Part 3 The Secret Life of Insects 65

The Epic Story of IPM at Seattle University 67

Don't Lose Your Head Over Crane Flies 76

Stick It to Flea Beetles 81

The Tempting Fruit 83

Gentle Bees, Great Fruit 89

The Bald-Faced Truth 94

Part 4 Seattle University, Never a Dull Moment 105

Don't Make a Political Statement with Horse Manure 107

Oak Tree Saga 111

Oak Tree Saga … Continued 114

Colorado Blue Spruce Belongs in Colorado 117

Hitchhike a Ride with a Tow Truck 122

I Never 'Fessed Up … and Never Will 125

Part 5 Gardening on the Home Front 131

Separate Beds 133

Money Well Spent? 136

Living Ornaments on the Christmas Tree 138

Water, Water Everywhere 140

Scoring a Petrified Stump at a Bargain Price 146

Oops: Be Careful When Placing Stone 148

Part 6 Plant Potpourri 155

Brussels Sprouts: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em 157

Grow Spuds in a Container 162

Don't Count Your Giant Pumpkins Before They're Harvested 166

Life of a Garden Writer 170

Make Your Paperwhites Tipsy 172

I Humbly Admit That I'm the Champ 174

Plant a Real Stinker 177

Part 7 Tidbits 183

A Thorny Diltmma 185

Everything, Especially Wood Chips, in Moderation 188

Alfalfa Meal: A "Swell" Fertilizer 192

Eau de Vinegar 195

Mollusk Marauders 198

Fences Make for Good Neighbors 203

Scientific Inquiry Has Its Limitations 206

Part 8 Travel Adventures 211

The Origin of Oh, La La 213

Himalayan Poppies Will Give You the Blues 216

Mystery in the Garden 220

The Naughty Norwegian Princess 224

Garden Shows Are Full of Surprises 228

The Adventures Continue 232

Index 237

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