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Springer Netherlands
Oil and Security: A World beyond Petroleum / Edition 1

Oil and Security: A World beyond Petroleum / Edition 1

by E.G. Frankel


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ISBN-13: 9781402063817
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 01/16/2008
Series: Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality , #12
Edition description: 2007
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Abbreviations and Acronyms; World Energy Assessment Overview; PREAMBLE; PREFACE;
1.0 INTRODUCTION; 1.1 Cradle of the Petroleum Age; 1.2 Future Energy Challenges; 1.3 Assuring Energy Supply Reliability, Quality, and a Clean Environment; 1.3.1 Energy Risk Management; 1.4 How Much Oil is There?;
2.0 ENERGY SUPPLY AND POLICY ISSUES; 2.1 The State of Global Energy Supply; 2.1.1 Petroleum Demand and Supply; 2.2 New Sources of Energy and Energy Developments; 2.2.1 Fossil Fuel Futures; 2.3 Energy Policy Issues and International Impacts;
3.0 DRIVERS OF THE TRANSITION TO A CLEAN AND MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT WORLD; 3.1 Energy Saving Developments; 3.1.1 Home or Residential or Commercial Building Energy; Efficiency; Low Temperature Heat Utilization; 3.1.2 Transportation Energy Efficiency; 3.1.3 Other Energy Saving Developments; 3.2 Environmental Emissions and Reversal of the Greenhouse Effects; 3.2.1 Economic Impact of Environmental Degradation; 3.3 Developments in Electric Power Generation and Distribution; 3.4 Extending Fossil Fuel Reserves; 3.4.1 Deep Sea Oil Production; 3.4.2 Orimulsion, Tar Sand and Shale Derived Fossil Fuels; 3.4.3 Clean Petroleum Product Demand and Supply; 3.4.4 Coal Supply; 3.4.5 Natural Gas Supply; Prospects of Gas Hydrate;
4.0 DEVELOPING THE ENERGY FUTURE; 4.1 Development of Alternative Energy Sources; 4.1.1 Nuclear Power; 4.1.2 Towards a Hydrogen Economy; 4.2 Fuel Cell Technology Developments; 4.3 Hydro, Wave, and Current Energy Supply; 4.3.1 Low Head Water Turbines; 4.3.2 Wave Power; 4.3.3 Solar Energy Supply; 4.3.4 Wind Power Supply; 4.3.5 Other Natural Phenomena Energy Opportunities; 4.3.6 Bio Fuel Developments; 4.3.7 Energy Future Impacts; 4.4 Climatic and Environmental Impact Remediation or Saving the World from Self-destruction; 4.4.1 Economic Impact of Environmental Degradation; 4.4.2 Carbon Taxation; 4.4.3 Carbon Sequestration and Catalytic Reduction; Selective Catalytic Reduction; 4.4.4 Energy Balance;
5.0 POLITICAL AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF THE NEW ENERGY FUTURE; 5.1 Population Growth, Social Factors, and Fuel Impacts; 5.1.1 Population Explosion and the Growth of Hatred of the West; 5.2 Effects of the New Energy Environment; 5.3 Political Upheavals, Changes, and Impact on the Oil Markets;
6.0 ARABIA: THE CENTER OF THE PETROLEUM WORLD; 6.1 Socio-economic Political Development; 6.1.1 Islam and Democracy; 6.1.2 Development of Arab or Muslim Civilization and Confrontation with the West; 6.2 Opportunities for Arabian Development;
7.0 THE GLOBAL ENERGY FUTURE; 7.1 A New Energy Horizon; 7.2 Impact on Arabia and the Persian Gulf; 7.3 New Driving Forces of the Energy Future; 7.4 A New Energy Future; 7.4.1 Energy Consumption; 7.4.2 Renewable Energy; 7.4.3 New Fossil Fuel Sources; 7.4.5 Future Markets and Sources of Energy;
CONCLUSIONS: Big is not Synonymous with Beautiful or Much with Civilized;
FINALE; Appendix A Production, Emulsification, Transportation, and Use of Orimulsion; Appendix B The Future of the Automobile as the Major Oil Consumer; Bibliography; Index.

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