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Olive and Snowflake

Olive and Snowflake

by Tammie Lyon

Olive and her dog, Snowflake, are always getting into trouble—so they both go to obedience school!


Olive and her dog, Snowflake, are always getting into trouble—so they both go to obedience school!

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Heidi Hauser Green
You have heard that a dog is "man's best friend." Well, Snowflake the dog is a girl's best friend. She and Olive are inseparable. Together, they play, sleep, eat, and even—uh oh!—get into trouble. After a series of accidents, mom and dad decide it is time for obedience school. "But what if Snowflake can't learn to behave?" Olive asks. She blanches at mom's response that he might have to be sent away to live with another family. Olive is afraid of losing Snowflake—and Snowflake is afraid she might be sent away, too. The pressure builds until Olive voices her fear at the first obedience school lesson. Reassurance from mom puts her back on even footing, and Olive vows that she and Snowflake will "try to do [their] best!" Before long, they have learned lots of new tricks and all about good canine behavior. It is a happy ending indeed when we learn that Snowflake will stay with his beloved girl. Sure to be a hit with dog lovers of all ages, this story with its endearing illustrations will have readers cheering for this darling duo. Reviewer: Heidi Hauser Green
Kirkus Reviews

Is there obedience school for children?

Olive and her dog Snowflake spend their time together in various household adventures, but they always seem to get into trouble. Colorful, cartoonlike illustrations show a charming, active girl and her perky canine at play, accidentally making mess after mess. When Mom's favorite lamp breaks, it's the last straw, and Olive's parents decide it's time to send Snowflake to obedience school. If it doesn't work, Snowflake may even have to go to some other family! Round-faced and wide-eyed, Olive worries that if she herself doesn't shape up, she may be sent away too. It all comes to a head when obedience school begins, and Olive realizes that while Snowflake will be able to master the tips and tricks, she may not. Once Mom learns of the misconception, it's cleared up ("We would never send you away," she tells her daughter). Olive and Snowflake practice, practice, practice, until Snowflake learns to behave and help Olive clean up—and gets to stay. While this selection may have limited appeal, it does a good job of explaining obedience school while highlighting the love of a girl and her dog. The satisfying ending will have readers cheering for Olive and Snowflake and admiring their perseverance.

A nice choice to help dogs—and children—learn how to behave.(Picture book. 3-6)

School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1—Olive and her dog are two peas in a pod. This inseparable pair does everything together, including getting into trouble. After a series of unfortunate events, Olive's parents threaten to send Snowflake away if he does not go to obedience school. With childlike innocence, Olive worries that she, too, will be sent away if she does not learn to sit, stay, and roll over. Happily, both Olive and Snowflake learn a lesson or two about obedience. Bold text and vibrant cartoon-style illustrations make this a great read-aloud or lap read. Children will delight in the happy ending and will appreciate this simple tale of love, responsibility, and growing up.—Jasmine L. Precopio, Fox Chapel Area School District, Pittsburgh, PA

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Amazon Childrens Publishing
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9.10(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.50(d)
AD600L (what's this?)
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4 - 8 Years

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