On the Margins of Crusading: The Military Orders, the Papacy and the Christian World

On the Margins of Crusading: The Military Orders, the Papacy and the Christian World

by Helen J Nicholson, Christoph Maier

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Founded to support Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land and most famous for their support for crusading, the Military Religious Orders' activities and interests stretched far beyond the frontiers of Christendom. Representing some of the most recent advances in research, in this volume eleven scholars from Europe and North America explore important and hitherto under-researched aspects of the Orders' history, scrutinising their relations with the papacy, their organisational structure, their devotional practices, their fortresses and their presence in the localities of Western Europe. Particular attention is given to the Templars' trial of 1307-12 and the question of how the surviving Orders reorganised themselves after the loss of the kingdom of Jerusalem in 1291. The majority of the papers consider the leading Military Orders, the Hospitallers and Templars, but there are also studies of the Orders of Mountjoy and of St Lazarus, showing how they adapted their activities to local requirements. These studies reflect the vitality of current scholarship on the Military Religious Orders.

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ISBN-13: 9781409482727
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Publication date: 07/28/2013
Series: Crusades - Subsidia
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About the Author

Helen Nicholson is Professor of Medieval History at Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

Helen J. Nicholson, Anthony Luttrell, Elena Bellomo, Sebastián Salvadó, Peter Edbury, David Morrow Bryson, Anne Gilmour-Bryson, Jean-Marc Roger, Michael Heslop, Christer Carlsson, Rafaël Hyacinthe.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface; Introduction, Helen J. Nicholson; A Jerusalem indulgence, 1100/3, Anthony Luttrell; Fulfilling a Mediterranean vocation: the Domus Sancte Maria Montis Gaudii de Jerusalem in North-west Italy, Elena Bellomo; Templar liturgy and devotion in the crown of Aragon, Sebastián Salvadó; Gerard of Ridefort and the Battle of Le Cresson (1 May 1187): the developing narrative tradition, Peter Edbury; Clement V and the road to Avignon, 1304–1309, David Morrow Bryson; 'Vox in excelso' deconstructed. Exactly what did Clement V say?, Anne Gilmour-Bryson; Myths and reality: the Crusades and the Latin East as presented during the trial of the Templars in the British Isles, Helen J. Nicholson; La reforme de l'Hôpital par Jean XXII: le démembrement des prieurés de Saint-Gilles et de France (21 juillet 1317), Jean-Marc Roger; The search for the defensive system of the knights in the Dodecanese (part I: Chalki, Symi, Nisyros and Tilos), Michael Heslop; Kronobäck Commandery: a field study, Christer Carlsson; Crisis? What crisis? The 'waning' of the Order of St Lazarus after the Crusades, Rafaël Hyacinthe; Select bibliography; Index.

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