On the Precipice

On the Precipice

by Brianna MacMahon
On the Precipice

On the Precipice

by Brianna MacMahon


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Imperium, one of the most powerful societies in the universe, is on the brink of a generation-defining electoral cycle. Will Imperials continue to support the Expansionist Party, which favors annihilating their chief rival, the Core, through military measures, or will Imperials vote for the Affiliate Party, which favors weakening the Core through political pressure?

Though Imperium is progressive in many regards, its political system is steeped in sexism. There are seven Lord Regents, each of whom oversees a particular sphere of influence. Currently, only one of those Lord Regents, however—Farzah Taymor—is a woman. Moreover, each Lord Regent has their own Prophate, who acts as their religious adviser. The Prophates work for the Numentis Church, which is undergoing massive changes. Viscardia and Kosabeus, for example, argue that Numites should be more political, while Avitus, a hardened war veteran, argues that Numites must be apolitical. Notably, some Prophates are content with their place in Imperial society, while others have ambitions that perhaps exceed their office . . .

Through strange circumstances, Raelynn Mabry, a recent graduate of the Keeper system, begins working for Levin Liston, the Lord Regent of Diplomacy and the leader of the Affiliate Party. Raelynn becomes embroiled in the political rivalry between Liston and Cyno Banner, the Lord Regent of War and Defense, the leader of the Expansionist Party, and the current Head of the Assembly. Liston is trying to negotiate an alliance with the Civitan, a power that has recently seceded from the Core, but this alliance is not exactly popular. Indeed, most Expansionists oppose it, as they question whether the Civitan, which had fought against Imperium during the decades-long Glass War, can be trusted. As Liston's protégé, Raelynn helps him work with the Civitan, all while trying to navigate her new place in the world.

The Expansionist Party and the Affiliate Party have disparate views of what kind of power Imperium should be in the universe, and the upcoming election will determine which party gets to control the Cooperative, Imperium's primary legislative body. If the Expansionists win, then the status quo remains intact, but if the Affiliates win, then this signals a seismic shift in Imperial politics, as the Affiliates have not controlled the Cooperative in decades. As Imperium nears Election Day, choices are made, and alliances are drawn—or destroyed. The future of Imperium hangs in the balance, and the stakes have never been higher.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798855649512
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/28/2023
Series: New Caelus , #1
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Brianna MacMahon hails from Corning, NY. A lifelong writer, she began to hone her skills at Hartwick College, where she took many creative writing classes. As a history and political science major, Brianna learned about different political systems and became interested in creating her own universe—with its own unique political system. She furthered her knowledge by attaining an M.A. in political science from Syracuse University, which she finished in the momentous year 2020. When she is not writing, Brianna enjoys reading, hanging out with her family, playing RPGs, and watching her favorite comfort shows on repeat.
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