Operation Sustainable Human: A four-step scientific guide to combat climate change (high impact made simple)

Operation Sustainable Human: A four-step scientific guide to combat climate change (high impact made simple)

by Chris Macdonald


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Operation Sustainable Human has a refreshingly unique, no BS approach. No speculative theories. No time-wasting. Rather than bombarding the reader with a 100+ item to-do list, this short book offers four, deeply considered, pragmatic steps that account for the vast majority of the problem. Everything is backed by science, clearly referenced, and easy to read. High impact made simple.

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ISBN-13: 9781775252832
Publisher: Illuminate Press
Publication date: 09/09/2019
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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Operation Sustainable Human: A four-step scientific guide to combat climate change (high impact made simple) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Literary_Titan 3 months ago
Climate change is affecting every country in the world. It is a global problem. Therefore it is the responsibility of every human being in the world to help with the crisis. Operation Sustainable Human outlines three significant truths about climate change. The first being that human beings have caused the adverse climate change being experienced right now. This book is a simple guide to human action. It takes a step away from complicated and inefficient actions and focuses on simpler more manageable ways to impact climate change and the fight to save the planet. Chris Macdonald has made an important observation. You usually cannot make a meaningful contribution to save the planet unless you have lots of money to donate to the cause or lots of time to dedicate to the cause. The situation on the ground is different. Even people with full time jobs and can barely make ends meet will feel a need to save the planet. This guide is for such people. The author presents a unique point of view to a complex problem. There is a simplicity to this book that one would not expect but is very well appreciated. The author addresses the problem in simple language. The reader gets to consume material in a way that lets them understand both the message and the intensity of it. The book is also quite short making it easier to revert back to from time to time. This is ideal for a guide. You can always revisit it to see where you are on the actions suggested. The material is very well researched and has a strong basis in science. This list is supposed to be about doable things, but some of them don't feel this way. A good example of this is action item number 4. Changing the system has been on the forefront of things for a long time and is something easier said than done. For this particular action item, I felt that there was a lack of explanation on how it can be achieved. How would a regular individual stand up to the system and come out unscathed? This is definitely a conversation worth having. If the word is spread wide enough then maybe action number 4 will not seem so daunting. If enough people see how complex the problem is and what the impact could be, they will start to understand that only humans hold the solution to the problem. This is a powerful book that is relevant book and essential. The more people read this, the better.
ReadersFavorite4 4 months ago
Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers' Favorite Chris Macdonald’s book, Operation Sustainable Human, reads like a call to arms. In its pages, the message within it clearly comes across and resonates. The message is that we need to help the planet now. Humans are already suffering from pollution. And future generations will be extremely shortchanged, living difficult lives that could have been prevented had we only made a change in the way we eat, travel, and buy. Macdonald’s voice is steady and strong throughout: “We will need to remain cautious in these strange times as it is far easier to justify current choices than depart from our comfort zones.” Operation Sustainable Human by Chris Macdonald shocked me with some of the disclosures that were touched upon, some that I couldn’t and would never have even thought to anticipate. The situations that involve the fashion industry in particular, as well as the industry of farming, and the role that plastic plays even as we are being formed as babies were just a few that woke me up out of my own comfort zone. Operation Sustainable Human won’t just help you in making the world a better place by its detailed missions. It will instill inside you the desire to be the fire that gets others to join you on the journey to make the earth not just a livable place one hundred years from now, but one that will be better than it was in our own yesterday. So, tell your friends, your neighbors and whoever else will listen, Operation Sustainable Human is the cure for today and tomorrow.
ReadersFavorite3 4 months ago
Reviewed by Renee Guill for Readers' Favorite Operation Sustainable Human: A four-step scientific guide to combat climate change (high impact made simple) by Chris Macdonald is a book that helps you learn more about climate change and ways we can prevent it. He talks about the mission and gives you simple steps to change your life and help the planet’s life as well. Chris Macdonald uses facts and numbers to show you just what is needed. He also shares a list of references to help his cause. Not only does he give you facts but he also explains why things are bad and what to do about it. I thought that Operation Sustainable Human was a fascinating read. I love how Chris Macdonald even helps the cause by saying if you buy a paperback book they will plant ten trees and gives the website trees.org to check it out. I was in awe of the facts he gives, especially the one about cows; things you don’t think about when buying meat products. It made me think again about becoming a vegetarian. I also liked that he gave scientific facts but not in a way that is confusing, for those of us who are scientifically challenged. Chris Macdonald also shares an impressive list of references, in case you want to check the info yourself. If you ever thought about climate change and how you can help, this is a great place to find out. He gives you easy ways to start helping out and tells you why these actions will help. I liked that it was a fast read as well. Definitely worth looking into.
ReadersFavorite1 4 months ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite I hope all climate change deniers get a chance to read Operation Sustainable Human by Chris Macdonald. It is a great book and I hope it can spark awareness and call to action for those who don’t believe the crisis is real. They are out there. Make no mistake about it. Climate change has been pushed to the front of the Democratic Party’s Debates this year. Thanks in no small part to people like Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren. But despite a growing movement for action from leaders like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the young people of the Sunrise Movement, the Democratic party did not think that climate change deserved its own night for debate. I think this is a baby boomer mindset. I hope we can get past it one day. Operation Sustainable Human is beautifully written. It outlines that our only salvation may be the fact that young people are demanding action now. They realize that they and their children will be the ones to pay the biggest price for our excess. It lays out a four-step scientific plan that is easy to read and understand. Chris Macdonald is a scientist, and this book is fact-driven. But it is written for the common man. In fact, it is written for every man. The writing is straightforward and simple but backed up with footnotes and references from respectable journals and magazines. The only problem I see with this book is that most people who are not “woke” to the problem of climate change may not bother to read it so buy two and give a copy to a friend.
ReadersFavorite 4 months ago
Reviewed by Caitlin Lyle Farley for Readers' Favorite In Operation Sustainable Human, Chris Macdonald delivers a clear-cut series of critical changes everyone can make to help combat global warming and its negative effects. In order to provide the simplest and most effective solutions to people who want to act against the current climate crisis, Macdonald has whittled down the commonly found lists containing hundreds of points to four ‘action items’ that strike directly at the most significant causes of global warming. The food we eat, consumer psychology, political systems, and our methods of travel all play a substantial role in worsening global warming but implementing the basic changes Macdonald suggests can play a considerable role in turning the tide against global warming. Macdonald proposes a simple yet optimized strategy to combat climate change. This strategy is based around life-style changes in four key areas and is concise and basic enough that anyone can implement it. Macdonald’s presentation of facts, with clear citations throughout, and direct discussion of the problem we all face when it comes to global warming and its side effects, such as plastic pollution, is highly readable while his encouraging tone helps combat the sense of being overwhelmed and incapable of combatting this crisis. Macdonald also busts several myths as to the contributing factors of global warming, as well as addressing the negative impact of these myths on the general population. Although the discussion of political systems and their impact is centered on the USA, the core elements are applicable worldwide. This short book packs a powerful punch as Macdonald not only provides an actionable strategy to combat climate change but the encouragement that even an individual person can make a difference.