Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism

Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism


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ISBN-13: 9781402015069
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 09/30/2003
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Editors' Preface.
1. General Papers: introductory remarks. 2. Methodologies: introductory remarks. 3. Applications introductory remarks. Biographies of editors.
1: General Papers. How to Find New and Fresh Ideas; T. Jokinen. Mimicking Nature: How Nature Inspires Methodologies in Computational Electromagnetics; A. Savini. Comparing Stochastic Methods on SMES Optimization; O. Hajji, et al.
2: Methodology. Using Quasi Random Sequences in Genetic Algorithms; H. Maaranen, et al. Symbolic Treatment on Equation Based Models to Prepare Code Generation for Optimization Process; L. Allain, et al. Multiobjective Shape Design in Electromechanics: A Contribution to Benchmarking; P. Di Barba. A New Method for Optimizing the Designing of Grounding Grids; G. Delvecchio, et al. Solving ODE for Optimization: Specific Use of the Matrix Approach; V. Fischer, L. Gerbaud. Use of Discretization for Solution History in Stochastic Optimization; L. Lähteenmäki. A Genetic Algorithm Method for Determining the Maximum Touch Voltage Generated by a Grounding System; M. Sylos Labini, et al. Optimization Techniques Benefits for Magnetic Component Design; D. Magot, et al. Numerical Optimization Methods in Magnet Design; M. Rudnicki, et al. The Use of Quasi-red and Quasi-yellow Nonobtuse Refinements in the Solution of 2-D Electromagnetic PDEs; J. Stando, et al. 2-D Inverse Problem: Ideal Current Distribution Generating a Magnetic Force Field with Given Constraints on Homogeneity; L. Quettier, A. Mailfert. S.M.E.S. Optimization Using the Experimental Design Method; S. Vivier, et al. Optimal Design of Axial Field Silicon Micromotor by Use of Field/Circuit Models; S. Wiak. Exponential Family and Inverse Problems. OnMetamorphoses of Probability Theory; A. Gottwald. Topological Evolution and Inverse Problems. On Probability between Discrete and Continuous; A. Gottwald. Identification of Industrial Electromagnetic Field Sources; A. Canova, et al.
3: Applications. Capitalisation and Treatment of Models for the Optimization of Electric Drives; L. Allain, et al. Application of Screening Analysis to the Optimization of an Electromagnetic Induction Heating Device; S. Alfonzetti, et al. Identification of Conductivity Distribution in a Au-Al Junction for Application to Integrated Circuits; A. Bramanti, et al. Inverse Problem of Voltage over Electrostatic Shield Gap in Helical Transformer Windings; P. Bodlovic, et al. Mixing of FEM and Analytical Modeling: Preliminary Design of a Transformer; B. Delinchant, et al. An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Optimal Design of a Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Machine; Ö. Göl, et al. Optimization of the Force Characteristic of a Solenoid Electromagnet with Ferromagnetic Disc in the Coil; V. Gueorgiev, et al. Optimization of Permanent-Magnet DC Motors Using Orthogonal Arrays; K. Hot, P. Bodlovic. Identification of Field Model's Parameters in the Turbine Generator End Zone Using Measured Data; I. Iatcheva, R. Stancheva. Permanent Magnet Machine Optimization by Using FEM and Sensitivity Analysis Techniques; G.D. Kalokiris, et al. Optimization under Constraints of Static Converters. Application to a Flyback Structure in PFC Mode; C. Larouci, et al. Nondescriptive Quality Testing of High Temperature Superconducting Bulk Material Used in Electrical Machines and Magnetic Bearings; R. Palka, et al. Increasing of Output Power Capability in a Flux-Weakened Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a Third Harmonic Current Injection; B. Štumberger, et

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