Orbits Of Symphony

Orbits Of Symphony

by Angelyn Spignesi Kopylec Arden


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Orbits of Symphony explores the relation of the unconscious and Christianity: how God speaks through forms in a circuit exerting a force upon humans that generates affect and the choice of how to relate to such. When we are identified with those forms coming through unresolved, destructive patterns, generationally passed down, we are not participating in Christ's Body. This is a study of negotiating such forms, exploring the intention and from what they are attempting to escape, which is to experience the vulnerability of the soul having carried the disfiguring, unclean burdens passing through the family. Here is what results in a sonorous circuit participation in Christ's Body. Dr. Arden uses the Bible and writings of St. Augustine, Pope Emeritus Benedict, Georges Bernanos, Charlotte Bronte, Dante, Emily Dickinson, St. Faustina, Sigmund Freud, St. John Paul II, C.G. Jung, Michael Kenny, C.S. Lewis, Alessandro Manzoni, Blessed Cardinal Newman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Rudolf Otto, Walker Percy, Josef Pieper, St. Padre Pio, Plato, Morton Prince, James Schall, William Shakespeare, and Heinrich Zimmer to support and illustrate the theory in her work.

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