Organisational Transformation and Scientific Change: The Impact of Institutional Restructuring on Universities and Intellectual Innovation

Organisational Transformation and Scientific Change: The Impact of Institutional Restructuring on Universities and Intellectual Innovation


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Recent changes to the funding and governance of higher education and scientific research systems are affecting both the organisation of the sciences and the nature of universities as strategic actors in many countries. Transforming the organisational contexts in which research is carried out has altered the dynamics of scientific change through shifts in the authority relations that influence the development and implementation of organisational strategies. The first part of this book deals with the transformation of universities as strategic organisational actors - in some cases creating them as such - while the second shows how governance and authority shifts are affecting the kinds of research goals being pursued by academics in different public science systems. By bringing together the analysis of organisational change in universities with that of how institutional changes are affecting intellectual innovation in different fields, this volume integrates work in the sociology of organisations, science policy, higher education studies, innovation research and the sociology of science. It is therefore of interest to a wide academic and policy development audience in many countries.

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ISBN-13: 9781783506842
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Publication date: 06/06/2014
Series: Research in the Sociology of Organizations , #42
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

List of Contributors ix

Advisory Board xi

Editors' Introduction Richard Whitley Jochen Gläser 1

Institutional Change and the Transformation of Universities as Strategic Actors

The Impact of Institutional Reforms on the Nature of Universities as Organisations Richard Whitley Jochen Gläser 19

Empowerment of French Universities By Funding and Evaluation Agencies Christine Masselin 51

Funding Individuals - Changing Organisations: The Impact of the Erc on Universities Jakob Edler Daniela Frischer Michaela Glanz Michael Stampfer 77

Where Have All the Scientists Gone? Building Research Profiles at Dutch Universities and its Consequences for Research Grit Laudel Elke Weyer 111

Merger Mania in Science: Organizational Restructuring and Patterns of Cooperation in an Academic Research Centre Julien Barrier 141

Contradictory Consequences of Institutional Changes on Intellectual Innovation in the Public Sciences

Institutional Conditions and Changing Research Practices in Switzerland Martin Benninghoff Raphaël Ramuz Adriana Gorga Dietmar Braun 175

Cold Atoms - Hot Research: High Risks, High Rewards in Five Different Authority Structures Grit Laudel Eric Lettkemann Raphaël Ramuz Linda Wedlin Richard Woolley 203

Highly Adaptable But Not Invulnerable: Necessary and Facilitating Conditions for Research in Evolutionary Developmental Biology Grit Laudel Martin Benninghoff Eric Lettkemann Elias Håkansson 235

Path Dependence and Policy Steering in the Social Sciences: The Varied Impact of International Large Scale Student Assessment on the Educational Sciences in Four European Countries Jochen Gläser Enno Aljets Adriana Gorga Tina Hedmo Elias Håkansson Grit Laudel 267

Where to Go for a Change: The Impact of Authority Structures in Universities and Public Research Institutes on Changes of Research Practices Jochen Gläser Enno Aljets Eric Lettkemann Grit Laudel 297

Computer Corpus Linguistics: An Innovation in the Humanities Lars Engwall Enno Aljets Tina Hedmo Raphael Ramuz 331

How do Institutional Changes Affect Scientific Innovations? The Effects of Shifts in Authority Relationships, Protected Space, and Flexibility Richard Whitley 367

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