Own Your Money: Practical Strategies to Budget Better, Earn More, and Reach Your 6-Figure Savings Goals

Own Your Money: Practical Strategies to Budget Better, Earn More, and Reach Your 6-Figure Savings Goals

by Michela Allocca
Own Your Money: Practical Strategies to Budget Better, Earn More, and Reach Your 6-Figure Savings Goals

Own Your Money: Practical Strategies to Budget Better, Earn More, and Reach Your 6-Figure Savings Goals

by Michela Allocca


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Join TikTok star Michela Allocca (@BreakYourBudget) for a crash course in everything personal finance.

In Own Your Money, Michela shares all the tools you need to manage, save, invest, and set a routine to improve your financial life. You’ll find chapters for:
  • Budgeting: Don’t make it a dreaded B-word! Learn about various strategies including 50/30/20, zero-based, and 3-bucket budgets.
  • How to save: It’s all about being SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).
  • How to spend money: That’s right, a plan for spending is important too! With a quick analysis of values and priorities, you can spend without feeling guilt—yes, even on fancy coffee.
  • Investing: Learn the difference between 401ks and IRAs, investment types from index funds to target date funds, and relate it all back to core concepts in investing (like diversification).
  • Jobs and careers: If your dream job doesn’t exist, join the club! Learn how to find satisfaction through the tasks you want to do, networking, and career pivots.
  • Increase your earning potential: Set yourself up for a raise/promotion, negotiate a job offer, and figure out if a side hustle is right for you.

With illustrations, helpful charts and graphics, and templates to help you plan, this is a book that’s meant to partner with you to achieve your financial goals.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780760381120
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication date: 06/20/2023
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 315,399
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Michela Allocca is a Financial Analyst and entrepreneur specializing in Gen Z and Millennial money management. She focuses on instilling sustainable and intentional spending, saving, and budgeting practices into your life so you can reach your 6-figure savings goals. With hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok and her own set of signature online courses, Michela has successfully built a platform that speaks directly to the growing number of young people who are ready to take their financial power back. Notable brand partners include Refinery29, Truebill, H&R Block, Fundrise, Credit Sesame, and Stash. Find her as @breakyourbudget on social media and at breakyourbudget.com.

Table of Contents

The Hardest Years of My Life Were the Best Thing
That Happened to Me 
Lesson #1: Once the Bills Start, They Never Stop 
Lesson #2: If You’re Serious About Saving, You Must
Prioritize and Make Sacrifices 
Lesson #3: Your Life is a Result of Your Choices 
Lesson #4: You Can Find Happiness Working a 9 to 5 Job 
Chapter 1: Get Organized, Get Started
Pull the Blinds Back: What is Your Financial
Situation Right Now? 
Your Financial Snapshot 
Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork 
Phase 2: Assess Your Cash Flow
Phase 3: Your Monthly Output
Phase 4: The Details 
Financial Framework for Success
Net Worth: The Most Important Measure of Your Finances 
What is Net Worth?
Ways to Increase Your Net Worth 
The Bottom Line 
Chapter 2: Budget Is Not a Bad Word 
Budget Myth-busting 
Building a Foolproof Budget 
Step 1: Zero-based Budgeting
Step 2: The Three-bucket Budget
Step 3: 50/30/20 Budgeting 
Budgeting Tools 
Budgeting Spreadsheets 
Budgeting Apps 
Chapter 3: How to Set and Reach Your Financial Goals
Setting Financial Goals the Right Way 
SMART Goal-setting Method 
Specific Goals
Measurable Goals
Achievable Goals
Relevant Goals
Timely Goals 
Incorporate Your Goals into Your Plan
Prioritize Your Goals
Order of Operations 
Saving Beyond the Order of Operations 
Financial Goals Examples 
Chapter 4: Spend Your Money on Things That Matter 
Stop Spending Money on Sh*t You Don’t Care About
1. Overspending
2. Treating Your Credit Card Like Free Money
3. Emotional Shopping
4. Lifestyle Inflation
5. Avoidance
The Benefits of Conscious Spending
1. You Don’t Have to Focus on Spending Less Money 
2. You Can Buy Things You Actually Want 
3. You Will Have Money to Fund Your Goals 
4. You Will Feel More Financially Confident 
Chapter 5: Investing? Never Heard of Her
Saving Isn’t Enough 
Compound Interest: The Eighth Wonder of the World
Set Yourself Up to Invest 
Layer 1: Employer 401(k) + Match 
Layer 2: Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 
Layer 3: Taxable Investment Account 
Optimize Your Strategy with Automation 
Investment Types
Stocks: An Individual Flower
Mutual Fund: A Fancy Floral Arrangement
ETF (Exchange Traded Fund): A Bouquet 
Bonds: A Gift Card to the Flower Shop
Do You Need a Financial Advisor?
Chapter 6: Success is Hidden in Your Routines 
So You Want to Change Your Life?
Whip Your Assets Into Shape
Financial Routines
Weekly Money Review 
Payday Routine 
Monthly Money Review
Signature Money Management System
Money Mapping
Money Flow 
Accountability Plan 
Financial Self-care 
Chapter 7: Career Conundrum
Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist
What is Your Definition of Success? 
Task-tracking at Work
Track Your Daily and Weekly Responsibilities and the
Value-add for Each
Implement Monthly Career Reflections 
Identify and Evaluate Your Accomplishments
on a Set Cadence 
Learning vs. Earning 
Navigating Career Pivots
Phase 1: Determine What You’re Looking For 
Phase 2: Change With Confidence 
Chapter 8: Increase Your Earning Potential 
Asking for a Raise or Promotion 
Preparation for a Promotion
Timing is Everything: Performance Conversations 
But Wait! What Not to Do 
Changing Jobs 
Side Hustles
Find Your Side Hustle
Balancing a Side Hustle with a 9 to 5 Job 
Closing Thoughts
Live Life Outside the Spreadsheet 
Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money to Make Money 
Say Yes to Life (Thanks to a Financial Plan) 
What is Financial Success to You?
About the Author
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