by Marty Thornley


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ISBN-13: 9781979851206
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/18/2018
Pages: 284
Sales rank: 1,150,678
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Marty started writing short stories as a teenager, inspired as much by favorite books and movies as the environment and characters that define the South Shore of Massachusetts. The pull of the movies dragged him first to film school and finally to Los Angeles, where he poked at the outskirts of the industry with screenplays and short films.

As his interest in a film career fizzled, he rebuilt himself bit-by-bit as a programmer. He spent the next decade building websites, finally realizing that something had been lost. His stories were collecting dust in the back of his brain while he sat through conference calls and code reviews.

So he returned to the woods of New England and the calming darkness under the trees. He returned to find the things that crawl in the undergrowth and turn them into words on the page. He dusted off one of his screenplays and turned it into his first novel. In the process, a dormant storyteller was awakened and is now seeking the next blank page to fill.

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Painless 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Candice_S 1 days ago
Painless is one of those stories that sucks you right in, and you find yourself burning through, because you have GOT to find out what is going to happen next. I love a good psychological thriller, and this delivers on that with a healthy dose of horror mixed in. I was fully invested from the start as Greg sets out to participate in a clinical trial in the middle of nowhere, with very little info to go on, other than he will finally be pain free after year of suffering. You know as a reader, inevitably, that things are going to go very wrong, but you can never guess just HOW wrong. This book is terrifically tense and definitely gruesome. I was simultaneously completely engrossed in what was going on and horrified by it, which is to say, it was a perfectly crafted read. I had originally started this, thinking I would read a few chapters before I went to bed one night, and ended up staying up well into the early hours finishing it because there was no point in which I could set it down. This is a book that demands to be devoured all at once. Bookworms who like a good horror suspense, THIS is the book for you. Gripping, intense and absolutely insane, it is one that will stick with you well after you are done.
ReadersFavorite 5 months ago
Reviewed by Thomas W. Peltier for Readers' Favorite Painless by Marty Thornley was two-parts morphine, two-parts psychosis and two-parts chaotic derangement! It is a fabulous read for those seeking something with a steady build-up to an 'all hell breaking loose' finale. Join a group of chronic pain-ridden, ragtag pill-poppers as they take part in a clinical study to permanently rid them of their pain. Dr. Menta has developed a procedure to completely rid them of their pain…but at what cost? Nestled in an old live-in facility, way out of town, the doctors begin their procedures and one by one the patients begin experiencing a few side effects. They each begin spiraling out of control – mental faculties deteriorate, and then come the uncontrollable bouts of self-mutilation. And the fun really begins when they decide to go after the doctors that made them this way. The moment I finished the prologue, I was absolutely hooked. Painless is unlike anything I've ever read. This author can write a scene with an artistic, almost poetic flow that captures emotion and serious horrific intensity. While I didn’t really identify with any of the characters in particular, I thoroughly enjoyed the original story line that is so fitting for this day and age. Marty was able to capture the essence of dysfunction among chronic pain sufferers and the grip Big Pharma has on them. From the sweet clinic dog turned raging psychotic beast, to exploratory self-mutilation, get ready for blood, gore, psychosis, a little more blood and then a healthy side of chaotic revenge. Painless is a spinal tap into the macabre that left me pinching myself to make sure I still felt pain. This author has a wonderful way with the written word!
Jazzie 6 months ago
Chilling and Gruesome Note: This review contains NO spoilers Wait... Hold up! I still have chills going up my spine after reading this thriller. Marty Thornley has written a gruesomely gripping tale of horror that is worthy to give anyone nightmares. Straight from the beginning, Painless creates that eerie atmosphere that made me cringe, and not all because of the horror aspect. Pain can make me cringe, too... Ha! Anyways, Painless is a well written, chilling story filled with vivid details that would make horror fans tremble in "pain." Although Painless was a twisted and gripping read, one just needs to get past that slow beginning as it builds up to the horror that ensued throughout til the end. Other than that, Painless is a creepy and macabre tale of a clinical trial gone horribly wrong. Horror fans' imaginations will definitely go wild with each turn of the page.
224perweek More than 1 year ago
Really needs to be another book. Let down of an ending. Kept me turning the pages though. Gruesome and twisted. Awesome!!!