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Pandemic: Tracking Contagions, from Cholera to Coronaviruses and Beyond

Pandemic: Tracking Contagions, from Cholera to Coronaviruses and Beyond

by Sonia Shah


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Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize | A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice

“[A] grounded, bracingly intelligent study.” —Nature

Prizewinning science journalist Sonia Shah presents a startling examination of the pandemics that have ravaged humanity—and how history prepares us to confront the most serious acute global health emergency of our time. Now with a new preface written in response to COVID-19.

Over the past fifty years, more than three hundred infectious diseases have either emerged or reemerged, appearing in places where they’ve never before been seen. Years before the sudden arrival of COVID-19, ninety percent of epidemiologists predicted that one of them would cause a deadly pandemic sometime in the next two generations. It might be Ebola, avian flu, a drug-resistant superbug, or something completely new, like the novel virus the world is confronting today. While it was impossible to predict the emergence of SARS-CoV-2—and it remains impossible to predict which pathogen will cause the next global outbreak—by unraveling the stories of pandemics past we can begin to better understand our own future, and to prepare for what it holds in store.

In Pandemic: Tracking Contagions, from Cholera to Coronaviruses and Beyond, Sonia Shah interweaves history, original reportage, and personal narrative to explore the origins of epidemics, drawing parallels between cholera—one of history’s most deadly and disruptive pandemic-causing pathogens—and the new diseases that stalk humankind today. She tracks each stage of cholera’s dramatic journey, from its emergence in the South Asian hinterlands as a harmless microbe to its rapid dispersal across the nineteenth-century world, all the way to its latest beachhead in Haiti. Along the way she reports on the pathogens now following in cholera’s footsteps, from the MRSA bacterium that besieges her own family to the never-before-seen killers coming out of China’s wet markets, the surgical wards of New Delhi, and the suburban backyards of the East Coast.

Delving into the convoluted science, strange politics, and checkered history of one of the world’s deadliest diseases, Pandemic is a work of epidemiological history like no other, with urgent lessons for our own time.

“Shah proves a disquieting Virgil, guiding us through the hells ruled by [infectious diseases] . . . The power of Shah's account lies in her ability to track simultaneously the multiple dimensions of the public-health crises we are facing.” —Chicago Tribune

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ISBN-13: 9781250793249
Publisher: Picador
Publication date: 08/18/2020
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 446,487
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About the Author

Sonia Shah is a science journalist and prizewinning author. Her writing on science, politics, and human rights has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, Scientific American, and elsewhere, and she has been featured on Radiolab, Fresh Air, and, where her talk “Three Reasons We Still Haven’t Gotten Rid of Malaria” has been viewed by more than a million people around the world. Her book The Fever was long-listed for the Royal Society’s Winton Prize for Science Books, and Pandemic was named a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and a New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice.

Table of Contents

Preface to the 2020 Paperback Edition ix

Introduction: Cholera's Child 3

The microbes' comeback

1 The Jump 15

Crossing the species barrier at wet markets, pig farms, and South Asian wetlands

2 Locomotion 37

The global dissemination of pathogens through canals, steamships, and jet airplanes

3 Filth 57

The rising tide of feculence, from nineteenth-century New York City to the slums of Port-au-Prince and the factory farms of south China

4 Crowds 77

The amplification of epidemics in the global metropolis

5 Corruption 97

Private interests versus public health, or, how Aaron Burr and the Manhattan Company poisoned New York City with cholera

6 Blame 121

Cholera riots, AIDS denialism, and vaccine resistance

7 The Cure 141

The suppression of John Snow and the limits of biomedicine

8 The Revenge of the Sea 165

The Cholera Paradigm

9 The Logic of Pandemics 179

The lost history of ancient pandemics

10 Tracking the Next Contagion 201

Reimagining our place in a microbial world

Glossary 219

Notes 221

Acknowledgments 255

Index 257

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