Pasta Mortem

Pasta Mortem

by Ellery Adams, Rosemary Stevens


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A brand-new book in the harrowing and heartwarming Supper Club Mystery series by New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams and Agatha Award–winning author Rosemary Stevens!

Librarian James Henry and his supper club sleuths will take a trip down memory lane searching for clues that will help catch a killer . . .

When the cast of the old Hearth and Home TV show gather for a twenty-fifth reunion at a local bed-and-breakfast where the show was filmed, the townsfolk are thrilled to meet the actors and relive their memories of a simpler time. Their nostalgic mood is broken, though, by an ambitious real estate developer who has also come to Quincy's Gap with an eye toward turning the quiet town into the South's hottest new tourist destination. Tensions are boiling over, and when the developer gets a little too sauced one night at the B&B and turns up dead the next morning, James and the supper club will have to put aside their distaste for the victim to help nab the culprit.

It looks like an open-and-shut case, but James and his friends are convinced the main suspect is innocent and promise to help get her out of hot water. Dividing their time between the investigation and the reunion festivities, they're shocked to discover that members of the cast are guarding some very unsavory secrets. With time running out before the actors leave town and the trail of clues goes stale, the supper club will have to turn up the heat on a suspicious character before the killer serves up another murder.

Includes mouthwatering recipes!

Praise for the Supper Club Mystery Series:

"Heavy on fun, light on gore, this savory mystery comes complete with yummy recipes." ―Publishers Weekly

"Foodies will love the recipes and fans the new adventures of the five friends." ―Kirkus Reviews

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946069733
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2019
Series: Supper Club Mysteries , #7
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 148,468
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams grew up on a beach near the Long Island Sound. Having spent her adult life in a series of landlocked towns, she cherishes her memories of open water, violent storms, and the smell of the sea. Her series include the Supper Club Mysteries, the Antiques & Collectibles Mysteries, and the Book Retreat Mysteries, among others.

Agatha Award winner Rosemary Stevens is the author of the Murder-A-Go-Go Retro Mysteries, the Beau Brummell Mysteries, and four sweet Regency romances. She lives in Central Virginia with her family, including two Siamese cats whose wishes she caters to day and night. She loves British detective shows, anything vintage, chocolate, pizza, and Southern food, especially biscuits and gravy, and is perpetually on a diet.

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Pasta Mortem 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book and recommend it highly. I'll be buying more by this author .
Marshathereader More than 1 year ago
In Pasta Mortem by Ellery Adams and Rosemary Stevens, we return to Quincy Gap, Va. and the Supper Club. A former TV show, Hearth and Home, was taped in a house that has now been made into a B&B. The cast returns to celebrate a 25 year reunion. Also coming to town is a real estate developer, who is involved with Murphy, that wants to buy up the area farm land and put in housing developments that will bring hordes of people to the quaint town. The residents are not happy with the thought of the little town being changed. When the developer turns up murdered in bed with Murphy the only suspect is Murphy, it looks like the end for her. James has his doubts and recuits the members to investigate themselves. Of course, Lucy being on the force, is skeptical. Not only is James trying to find the murderer, he is dealing with his old Bronco, Jane ready to give birth, a wacky weatherman that keeps predicting the “Storm of the Century”, his employees, the twins, and his diet. The characters are real and relatable. The plot flows and and keeps you guessing until the end. Not only is there mystery, but romance and humor. There are also some yummy sounding recipes included. This is a great cozy mystery. I was given a copy from NetGalley for an honest opinion/review.
CozyOnUp More than 1 year ago
This was my first introduction to a Ellery Adams heard this series and I can sum it up in one word, YUMMMM! The characters, the town, the Supper Club members all made this a delightful read. As with live in a smaller town, every one seems to know each other and while not everyone is a fan of each other, people will stick up for those they believe are innocent. Great writing, dynamic characters, and a solid plot. A great read for your beach bag this Summer!
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Pasta Mortem by Ellery Adams and Rosemary Stevens is the seventh tale in A Supper Club Mystery series. James Henry and his wife, Jane are awaiting the birth of their second child. The Supper Club has decided to start a new Mediterranean diet, but thanks to Murphy Alistair the group gets off to a poor start. They believed she was taking their picture for the Shenandoah Star Ledger. Unfortunately, she used their photos in Southern Style magazine to advertise her upcoming book and Quincy’s Gap as one of five undiscovered small towns in America (there goes their small town). Murphy has teamed up with real estate developer, Ray Edwards to build condos, apartments and shops on a local farm. In nearby Cardinal’s Rest is the twenty-fifth reunion of the cast of Hearth and Home. The Supper Club members are attending a special VIP event at Red Bird B&B. Murphy is on the arm of Ray Edwards and the two have overindulged in the liquid refreshment. The next day, James hears that Edwards is dead and Murphy is accused of the crime. Despite the groups dislike of Murphy, they know she is not a killer. When a second person turns up dead at the Red Bird B&B with Murphy present once again, James knows they need to narrow down their suspect list. If they do not identify the killer soon, Murphy will end up wearing an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life. Pasta Mortem is an enjoyable cozy mystery. It is nice to visit Quincy’s Gap and catch up with James Henry and the rest of The Supper Club. I like how the members of the group continue to develop. In each book we learn a little more about a different character. I like to see them change (personal growth which helps enrich their lives). The mystery was compelling. It had some unexpected developments that will surprise readers. However, with the aid of a few pointed clues, I was able to peg the killer before I was halfway through the novel. I thought Pasta Mortem was well-written and it had a steady pace. While it can be read alone, you will miss out on the characters back stories. I do recommend reading the books in order or at least reading Carbs & Cadavers first (that way you get the basics). There are many delightful cozy moments in Pasta Mortem that will having you smiling and chuckling. In Pasta Mortem the group is learning new recipes, going to events for Hearth and Home reunion, preparing for Valentine’s Day, Jane is expecting and having difficulties, Eliot is loving school, Lucy is having relationship issues, Luis’ mama has yet to leave town, and so much more. I am giving Pasta Mortem 4 out of 5 stars. I was left with unanswered questions at the end of the book. While the murder was wrapped up neatly, another issue was left unresolved. I just love the name James and Jane picked for their new baby. I hope we get to revisit Quincy’s Gap again soon in another A Supper Club Mystery.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Pasta Mortem is the seventh book in The Supper Club Mystery series. I was so excited to hear that this wonderful series was continuing and an excellent story it is. James and Jane are expecting the birth of their girl any day, Gillian and Bennett are doing fine, Luis and Lindy have gotten married, but Lindy is hopeful that Alma, her mother-in-law will soon return home. And Lucy and Sullie, will in this book, have some ups and downs. Even though the Flab Five are still upset with Murphy Alistair for “fictional” book about life in a small rural Virginia town, they agree to have their pictures taken for a story, she says, will be published in the town’s newspaper. In reality, their pictures appear in Southern Style article on the Five Best Undiscovered Small Towns You Should Be Living In. At the same time, the cast of Hearth And Home, a show that was on tv in the 80’s will be returning to Cardinal’s Rest and the place where the show was originally filmed. The private home is now the B&B where the cast is staying. Also staying at there are Murphy and Ray Edwards, a real estate developers from Louisville. The Supper Club soon learn that Murphy, Edward and Joel Foster, a cast member, have formed a development company and will develop the Lydell Honey Farm into a massive planned community. Most residents of Quincy Gap are against the development as they like their quaint community and that the needed services to support the new development would be impossible to secure. On the evening that all the cast members arrived there was a “welcome home” for the cast member and invited guests. A good time was had by most everyone, but Murphy and Ray seemed to have to much to drink and it appears that they have been having an argument about something. As the evening was beginning to wind down, Murphy and Edwards went to their room on the third floor. The next morning a blood-curdling scream is heard from Murphy. She has awakened to find Edwards dead beside her. Since their room was locked, Lucy and Sheriff Huckabee feel they have an open and shut case and Murphy is arrested for the murder of Edwards. Even though Murphy is far from being embraced by the Supper Club, James, Gillian, Lindy, and Bennett don’t feel that Murphy is capable of murder and set off to prove her innocent of the murder. But then when Kitty Walters arrives at the B&B and also claiming to be engaged to Edwards like Murphy is, is also found dead, Murphy is once again jailed. The Supper Club members, less Lucy, still feel that Murphy is innocent and decide to focus on the members of the cast of Hearth and Home and hoping there will be no other deaths. This was very exciting and well-told story. It is well-plotted with most all of the characters from previous books involved with backing up and supporting the Supper Club members. Delicious recipes are also included with the book. I’m looking forward to more books in this entertaining series.
RobynKFLNJ More than 1 year ago
I love this series! James Henry and his friends are back to help solve another murder. The twists and turns in this book grabbed my attention from beginning to end, and I couldn't put it down. Murphy, the resident author who loves to stir the pot, is once again in the thick of things. The "Flab Five" are a close knit group of friends, who also consider each other family. I wish I had a group of friends like them. The writing is phenomenal, and I highly recommend this book!
PPriest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed everything about this 7th book in the Supper Club series. The members struggle with their weight, so I can personally relate to them. I like watching all of the characters in the series progress, grow, and change. This book is a great continuation of the series, you don't really know whodunit until near the end, and yet it is full of happy events, too. I sure do hope this series continues!
TarynLee More than 1 year ago
In this seventh book of the series things are going great for the members of the supper club. They may not be losing the weight like they want but everything else is looking good. James and his wife are expecting their second child, Lucy is dating another deputy, Bennett and Gillian are going strong and Lindy has married the love of her life. When Murphy, from the local paper, asks to take everyone's photo for a town inspiring column they all agree. When the group learns that Murphy lied and had their photos put into a magazine article no one is happy. You see the article is about the best undiscovered towns to live in and Quincy Gap is among them. Later they find out that Murphy has brought in an investor and bought a local farm to start building housing for the influx of people they hope will move to the tiny town after the article. No one wants the town to change so extremely but it doesn't look like they will have much of a choice, people are already visiting from all over looking to buy into the small town life Quincy Gap offers. When Murphy's boyfriend and fellow investor Ray is found dead Lucy thinks that Murphy is the killer. Follow along as James tries to persuade her otherwise and brings the group into investigate to figure out just who did such a horrible thing. Will James be able to change Lucy's mind? James can think of several other people who wished the man dead but are any of them killers? I've been reading this whole series recently trying to catch up so that I could get this one on the day that it came out and let me say that it didn't disappoint. This is a fun series that is filled with a treasure trove of characters who you'll fall in love with. The scenic town is definitely a place that you'll want to visit over and over again. I'm already looking forward to the next book, the new diet they'll try, and what mystery will be laid before them to solve.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fun summer read with good twists that will keep you guessing until the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
CozyMarie More than 1 year ago
Heartwarming, engaging, and entertaining, Pasta Mortem will keep you entertained until the final page. Sub-Themes food, culinary cozy, libraries, close friends, small town Can You Start this Series in the Middle? This was the first book I read in the Supper Club Mystery Series. And although I did sense the characters had past histories, I did not feel left behind at all and felt very comfortable starting the series with this book. If You Like… Miranda James’ Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series, you’ll enjoy this book. In past cozy mysteries I’ve read, I’ve always enjoyed the change of pace and voice a male protagonist brings to the table, and this book was no exception. James is an excellent protagonist and you can’t help but invest in him and his journey throughout the book. The plot engages you and keeps you guessing until the very end. A great book – I would recommend it to any cozy mystery lover!