Penny for Your Secrets

Penny for Your Secrets

by Anna Lee Huber


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England, 1919. In Anna Lee Huber’s latest mystery, former Secret Service agent Verity Kent is finding that life after wartime offers its own share of danger . . .
The Great War may be over, but for many, there are still obstacles on the home front. Reconciling with her estranged husband makes Verity sympathetic to her friend Ada’s marital difficulties. Bourgeois-bred Ada, recently married to the Marquess of Rockham, is overwhelmed trying to navigate the ways of the aristocracy. And when Lord Rockham is discovered shot through the heart with a bullet from Ada’s revolver, Verity fears her friend has made a fatal blunder.
While striving to prove Ada’s innocence, Verity is called upon for another favor. The sister of a former Secret Service colleague has been killed in what authorities believe was a home invasion gone wrong. The victim’s war work—censoring letters sent by soldiers from the front—exposed her to sensitive, disturbing material. Verity begins to suspect these two unlikely cases may be linked. But as the connections deepen, the consequences—not just for Verity, but for Britain—grow more menacing than she could have imagined.
Praise for Anna Lee Huber’s Treacherous Is the Night
“A thrilling mystery that supplies its gutsy heroine with plenty of angst-ridden romance.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“A splendid sequel. . . . Huber combines intricate puzzles with affecting human drama.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Masterful. . . . Just when you think the plot will zig, it zags. . . . Deeply enjoyable.”
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ISBN-13: 9781496713193
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: Verity Kent Series , #3
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 26,382
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Anna Lee Huber is the Daphne award-winning author of the national bestselling Lady Darby Mysteries and the Verity Kent Mysteries. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she majored in music and minored in psychology. She currently resides in Indiana with her family and is hard at work on her next novel. Visit her online at

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Penny for Your Secrets 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
NJ_Reader19 3 days ago
My first time reading a book by Anna Lee Huber, and I'm happy that I received a digital arc fróm NetGalley. A good addition to the between the wars mystery genre..
Dollycas 4 days ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Verity Kent and husband Sidney attend a party at the home of the Marquess of Rockham. There is clearly tension between Lord Rockham and his wife, Ada but when she pulls out a gun at the dinner table and makes a joke about killing her husband Verity knows there could be trouble ahead. When she receives a frantic call from Ada saying the Lord was dead, Verity fears her friend followed through on her statement. Verity is also called on by a woman she met working with the Secret Service to investigate the death of her sister. Verity can’t say no, but as both investigations continue she sees her two cases may be connected and may have more deadly consequences. ___ What I really enjoy about this series in the depth of the characters. The war had profound effects on everyone, but we get a personal look at Verity and Sidney as they try to deal with his return and the PTSD and guilt he is fighting while dealing with the Verity’s independence has gained while he was gone. The struggle is real and told in a very believable way. They are surrounded by a cast of characters all dealing with issues of their own and again Ms. Huber gives them depth and their circumstances real. I found both mysteries to be very interesting. I was more drawn to the Marquess of Rockham’s murder. It was a different time and marriages were made for stature and wealth instead of love. Ada really had trouble adjusting to the aristocratic ways and clearly isn’t happy. I didn’t condone her behavior but understood part of where she was coming from. Verity has to see something in this woman and I was trying to find some redeeming qualities. The other death drew Verity back to her Secret Service sources. The victim had a tough job during the war which opened the case which was first classified as a bungled home invasion to so much more. Verity was pulled in several directions and I enjoyed following alongside her as she did her best to find answers, even putting herself in the line of fire. Anna Lee Huber has a very detailed writing style. You know she has well researched this time in history and does a great job fictionalizing the time period and giving readers a story filled with imagery to bring the story alive. People and places were easy to see in my mind’s eye. Each book in this series can be read on its own but I recommend reading them in order to really get to know Verity Kent.
Mary_Russell 10 days ago
Anna Lee Huber delivers another fantastic historical mystery. The third book in the Verity Kent series sees Verity and her husband continue to work on their relationship while being pulled into several mysteries. I love the history, the mystery and that the books in this series have such depth to the characters and their experiences. A must read for fans of Maisie Dobbs and Kate Shackleton. I can't wait for the next book in this series!
Anonymous 10 days ago
Another stellar entry in the Verity Kent series. I do believe these must be read in order otherwise I think they would be quite difficult to follow. Verity Kent, who was in Intelligence in the Great War, is asked to help her acquaintance Ada when Ada's husband is murdered. The marriage had soured, and the circumstances point to Ada. But when Verity and her recently reappeared after being thought dead husband Sidney start to delve into the facts, all sorts of confusing information comes to light. The plot is intriguing but a bit confusing, but the relationship between Verity and her husband and the descriptions of the trials faced by everyone after World War I are the meat of the story. I recommend this series. Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
BonMaimeo 14 days ago
This is a new to me author, and this book is the third in this Verity Kent series. While this book can be read without having read the previous two books, I would recommend starting with the first book to understand the characters better. I plan on getting the other two books. I enjoyed reading this historical mystery and getting to know Verity Kent and her sleuthing to solve a murder. While this is a mystery, it also conveys the human nature of people and the effect war has on the survivors and their families. Thank you to the publisher for the ARC.
Inyogirl 17 days ago
Anna Lee Huber’s latest Verity and Sidney Kent’s outing, “Penny for your Secrets,” is as much a study in how to save a marriage as it is in how to solve a murder mystery. And this particular entry in the series involves a real historical mystery, as the Kents fight through a host of danger and their own fight to reclaim their lives, their marriage, and heal from a war that has cost both of them so much. Succinctly, for love, a young man and a young woman are dead. Others soon follow. All for an outlandish plot to “silence the cowardly upstarts.” “You’ll find out what that means when you read the book. Ms. Huber lets us know that there is real history here, and she’s used it in the book. Readers should take some time to read up on the fate of the cargo ship “Zebrina” - author has some intriguing ideas on what really happened to this ship. Part and parcel of why reading a historical mystery can be so much fun – to see how real history can be incorporated, and how in a good writer’s deft hands, is brought to life. Verity especially works to ferret out the truth, even after receiving subtle and not so subtle hints to let it all drop. The Secret Service is mixed up in all this -- there’s no love lost between anyone, and memories too harsh to be forgotten even if they are being forgiven keep rearing up. And “swells’ are involved - aren’t they always? The wounds of war figure prominently in these books. Sidney is especially troubled, physically and mentally, and knowing what to do about it is a main theme of the story. The mystery is soon secondary to feelings. And survival permeates the pages - who lives and lived and who died -- both during the war and after -- is a theme. Thus, the couple still have secrets from each other. Our author is adept at drawing this out piece by piece, making us want more, know more from these characters. Demons are fought throughout this book, as they have been throughout the series. Strides are being made, little by little. Ms. Huber pulls no punches when it comes to describing the devastating effects on those who survived. They have an enemy they will have to keep an eye on -- a formidable foe that will take all their combined strength to bring down. But now that Sidney is doing better, it should be easier for Verity to concentrate. Although wartime activities might lead to really bad trouble for Verity -- we’ll read more about that, I’m sure. I hope her friends in high places can help. Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for a copy of this book, in exchange for this review.
casey710 18 days ago
3rd in a series this one probably has the most depth. It takes place right after WW1 and tells a dark and sad story of life after the war and the consequences of PTSD. Well plotted with a great mystery, this was the best in the series so far. I am not sure I like Verity, the main character, but I think maybe she is growing on me. Overall, an enjoyable read. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
wjane 18 days ago
Penny for Your Secrets (A Verity Kent Mystery Book 3) by Anna Lee Huber is a Historical Mystery set in 1919 England. Verity was a Secret Service Agent in the Great War. This book continues with her adventures, mysteries and romance. I love a great series that builds on past experiences of exciting characters with each new book. Historical facts and small details including the colors of clothing add so much to this book. The murders, motives, plots, witnesses and suspects are elements that keep the reader involved. Verity and husband Sidney must search for information to find the killer or killers. Were the murders committed because of love affairs and marriages gone wrong or to hide criminal activity. It’s never who you think it is, it could be almost anyone. Ms. Hubers writing has a flow that makes her books a pleasing read. I have enjoyed each book and series Ms. Huber has written but I find the Verity Kent series especially thrilling. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I appreciate the opportunity and thank the author and publisher for allowing me to read, enjoy and review this book. 5 Stars
Anonymous 19 days ago
It's 1919, an Verity Kent and her husband Sidney are residing in London. Shortly after they attend a dinner party, the host is murdered. Is Verity's friend, Ada, the widow, somehow involved? When there are two other murders, Verity wonders if they could be related to some people in power trying to cover up a deadly secret. I have enjoyed all of Anna Lee Huber's historical mysteries, and this one is a real page-turner. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
Pompie1999 21 days ago
The period just after World War I is a frenetic time. Everybody seemed to be struggling with survivors guilt and deep, deep sorrow – they all probably knew more people who had died than who had lived. The times were stressful with the soldiers returning home and trying to resurrect some semblance of a normal life and the women who had flocked into the workforce to fill the gaps left by the men being forced out of jobs they had not only filled but excelled at. Is it any wonder that everybody turned to the clubs and dancing and drinking to fill the hours and avoid the pain. Verity and Sidney Kent are two of those frenetic people trying to get past the guilt of surviving. Sidney is particularly hard hit because he feels so very much guilt – I won’t tell you a lot about it, but you’ll learn when you read the story. As we know from the first two books in the series, Sidney was declared dead and was left in a ditch. Somehow, he managed to survive and went into hiding in order to uncover a nest of viperous traitors. In the meantime, Verity was mourning him deeply and burying her sorrows in drink. She’d worked for the Secret Service during the war and was about as shell-shocked as Sidney. In the first book, This Side of Murder, Verity was drawn into a case where she discovered Sidney was still alive. Now, Verity and Sidney are slowly trying to patch up their marriage and make things work between them. Verity and Sidney spent a very tense evening at the home of Verity’s friend Ada and her husband, the Marquess of Rockham. Everyone could tell that Ada and her husband had been at odds with each other and neither behaved very well. Verity and Sidney left early, only to be awoken by Ada requesting them to come right away because Rockham had been shot. Verity is sure that her friend can’t be the guilty party, but the police seem to be heading in that direction. Verity can’t do anything else, so she starts to investigate on her own – well – with Sidney. Not long after Ada comes to Verity, another friend, Irene Shaw, comes to Verity about the death of her half-sister. The police are treating her sister’s death as if it was the result of a robbery, but Irene doesn’t believe that because nothing was taken. As Verity and Sidney investigate the two cases, they soon come to suspect they might be related – but how and who or what is the common denominator. Their investigations take them back to France and on to the Isle of Wight – and introduces a master manipulator who will probably be a villain in a few future books at least. I hope not too many because I really don’t like him and I want him gone. The story is masterfully written and the research is impeccable. From the first page, the reader is drawn into that time and place and doesn’t leave until hours after the last page has been read. The story is so compelling that you feel those repressed emotions, the grief, the guilt that Sidney and the other survivors feel. You also feel Verity’s anxiety for Sidney when he constantly closes her out and won’t talk. I can definitely recommend this well-written, well-researched story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 21 days ago
The Great War may be over but not for everyone. For Verity Kent and husband, Sidney, it has been difficult to repair their marriage after Sidney allowed her to think that he had been killed in the war. His reason was noble, that of exposing a nest of traitors, but Verity is still struggling with the after-effects. Verity, of course, had her own secrets. She had worked with the Secret Service as an agent, sending her behind enemy lines. Verity's troubles make her sympathetic to those of a friend, Ada, who has recently married into the highest levels of society. An extremely unpleasant dinner party makes it clear that Ada's marriage is not going well. When Lord Rockham is murdered, Ada is the obvious suspect. Verity and Sidney set out to find the murderer but a colleague from Verity's past needs her help as well. The colleague's sister was murdered in what appeared to be an interrupted burglary. Verity thinks it had something to do with their shared wartime work. Penny For Your Secrets is a complex and involving mystery that sets up events to come in the series with a new shady enemy for Verity and Sidney, one who is both powerful and highly placed. What I found most interesting is the long-lasting effects of war on those who fought it. Not only was almost an entire generation wiped out, but those who returned came home with wounds both physical and spiritual. Sidney suffers from PTSD and survivor's guilt. It will be a long road back for them. Thanks to Kensington and NetGalley for an advance digital copy. The opinions are my own.
RWBrock 21 days ago
The latest edition (#3) in the Verity Kent mystery series set in 1919 England in which we find Verity investigating two seemingly non related murders, one of which a friend is implicated in. The plot turns out to be more complex than first thought (surprise!), and we are introduced to a fiendish villain who appears above the law and will no doubt make future appearances (looking forward to that!). Some familiar faces are back, and I especially enjoyed getting to know Sidney (Verity’s husband) much better and watch as they continue to strive to heal themselves while rebuilding their marriage. Another great addition to the series, as Huber provides in-depth research while continually developing flawed characters who we love (not always easy to do). Thanks to #KensingtonBooks and #NetGalley for providing the ARC. The opinions are strictly my own.
TLadageRandolph 22 days ago
This is the next book in the Verity Kent Series (#3). In this one, she and her husband are at a dinner party, and then decide to go home because the tension is a bit thick between the hosts. The next morning, they discover that the husband that was the host has been shot dead! The wife is a friend of Verity’s so they are asked to help solve the murder. They also have to help solve another murder of a friend, this time her friend’s sister. Verity and her husband go all over trying to solve both murders and discover some things that they just can’t put together. This is a great addition to this series, and as always I can’t wait for the next one.
PatD 22 days ago
Verity and Sidney Kent are celebrities now, their pictures showing up regularly in the newspapers. They are still working on their marriage and are becoming partners in the truest sense. Sidney is reconciled to the fact his wife performed dangerous and valuable espionage work during the war. When Verity finds herself drawn into two separate investigations Sidney pitches in to help with her enquiries. Verity continues to deal with issues related to her wartime work, as Sidney struggles with survivor's guilt and PTSD. You can see a shift in their relationship as each begins to confide in the other. I was drawn in to this story right away as the author has made her characters so human and appealing. Not to mention two murders to solve!
Anonymous 22 days ago
Penny for your Secrets is the third installment of the Verity Kent series, while not imperative, I do suggest reading them in order. The personal relationships of the main characters do build through the series, and there is a plot twist in the first one that is important. One of Verity's friends is accused of killing her husband after a dinner party. Verity begins searching for the truth of who killed Lord Rockham. In this pursuit of truth a known spy sets Verity on the trail of Rockham's shipping industry. Was Rockham into nefarious deeds during the war? Does this have to do with his murder? As if this isn't enough on her hands, Verity is then asked by a friend to look into the mysterious death of her sister. Are all these things seperate? Is there a tie between them? What does the missing crew of the Zabrina have to do with it all? The Zabrina was a real ship that was found abandoned on a beach in France. It was found with no damage other than some tangled sails, no crew, no indication of trouble on board as the table was set for dinner. Yet to this day, no one knows what happened to her crew. Anna Lee Huber used this real life mystery to enhance Penny for Your Secrets and Verity's story. I also appreciate that Ms. Huber addresses the post war issues that people faced; PTSD, injuries, changed relationships, and fatherless families. It all helps to bring the story to life and you realize that just because the Great War ended, life didn't just go back to the way it had been.
Anonymous 22 days ago
This Side of Murder and Treacherous is the Night. The back story of this series is World War I. Readers learn more about Sidney’s experiences during that time and empathize with his difficulty in coping. Readers will also enjoy spending more time with this couple as they get to know one another better. In this entry, Verity has two cases to solve. In one, a friend has been accused of murdering her husband. In the other, a friend from Verity’s WWI spy work, asks for her help in investigating the murder of her sister. The novel includes many settings including mansions and locations in France and England. Readers know that the cases will be solved but how? Are they related? Do they relate to the war? Find out as you read this latest adventure . Also, I want to comment on the cover. I think that it is really gorgeous. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 22 days ago
This Side of Murder and Treacherous is the Night. The back story of this series is World War I. Readers learn more about Sidney’s experiences during that time and empathize with his difficulty in coping. Readers will also enjoy spending more time with this couple as they get to know one another better. In this entry, Verity has two cases to solve. In one, a friend has been accused of murdering her husband. In the other, a friend from Verity’s WWI spy work, asks for her help in investigating the murder of her sister. The novel includes many settings including mansions and locations in France and England. Readers know that the cases will be solved but how? Are they related? Do they relate to the war? Find out as you read this latest adventure . Also, I want to comment on the cover. I think that it is really gorgeous. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.
Tangen 22 days ago
post-WW1, historical-fiction, historical-research, cosy-mystery, PTSD, survivor's guilt, war-is-hell, murder-investigation, England The first thing to know is that the author has done an excellent job of filling the reader in on the relevant past, so you never feel like you've missed something important (but it did make me hunt up the earlier books because I really liked the characters!). Sidney and Verity have been married for five years but spent most of the time apart because of the war, so those problems are a large part of the plot. Included in that aspect is, (1919, eleven months after the Armistice) that Verity spent much of that time working in the Intelligence Division. Enhanced her detective ability but made for some problems in home life considering the time as well as Sidney's expected post war issues. At a party, a rather dramatic friend is beyond tipsy and makes some peculiar statements about her husband while brandishing a pistol. But in the morning, said husband is found shot to death in his home office and Verity's friend is the chief suspect. Let the sleuthing begin! Plot twists, red herrings, and misdirection follow including negative involvement by someone in Naval Intelligence. Excellent read with good insights into PTSD and survivor's guilt as well as good research into social problems of the day. I requested and received a free ebook copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
Rachel_Denise01 22 days ago
Penny for Your Secrets by Anna Lee Huber is the third book in the Verity Kent Mystery series. I have to admit this is my first entry into this young series and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it. I am a huge fan of this genre (historical fiction/mystery), and of this time period (The Great War/post GW) as this book is a part of. The main female character ( Kent) is trying to find herself again as a private investigator and a “normal” citizen in England in 1919 (she was a secret service agent during the GW). I enjoyed the plot, the murder/mystery concept, and I love Verity. She is smart, resourceful, and a fighter. She is not perfect, but that is what makes her endearing. I cant wait to see where this series goes. One does not have to read the previous two books to follow along on this novel quite nicely. However, I am now so drawn to this series, I have already ordered the previous two books to read. I am so excited to find a new series that I truly enjoy. Hats off to Ms Huber for this awesome read. 5/5 stars enthusiastically
Anonymous 22 days ago
I found Penny For Your Secrets engaging and fun to read. I loved the look into what life is like after a war.  Not just for individuals but also society as all have changed and people must decide if things will go back to the way they were before or if the changes are good changes that should continue.  I continue to enjoy Verity and Sidney and their relationship. Because of the war they have both changed and were not together as those changes happened. I enjoy watching them as they navigate who they each have become while also adjusting to who their spouse has become.  The mysteries were engaging and had me guessing and I really loved the historical looks into 1919 and learning about a British cargo ship whose crew vanished during the war.
Vesper1931 22 days ago
1919 After an evening spent at the home of Ada, a friend of Verity, she and her husband Sidney are awoken by a telephone call saying that Ada's husband, the Marquess of Rockham had been killed. Not trusting DCI Thoreau not to arrest her as the obvious suspect, she asks Verity to investigate. But Verity has also been approached by old friend Irene Shaw, to determine who killed her half-sister Esther was not an opportune burglar. While coping with her husband's guilt over the war. This is the third in the series, though it can be read as a standalone, the story can be better understood after reading the first two. For me this is so far the best of the series. An interesting well-written mystery with the introduction of an intriguing character (being portrayed as a a villain) opposed to Verity.
Kwpat 22 days ago
I was excited to receive an ARC from NetGalley and Kensington Books of Penny for your Secrets in exchange for an honest review. This is my first book by Anna Lee Huber. The setting is London, after the Great War and Verity’s husband, Sydney, has just returned home recently after being presumed dead. Both had worked in the Secret Service during the war. The couple receive a telephone call in the middle of the night after having been at a dinner party at Verity’s friend Ada and Lord Marcham’s. home. Lord Marcham was murdered, and it appeared he was shot with a revolver that Ada took from under her seat at the dinner table. Thus begins the story. I found this mystery to move at a snail’s pace and I found myself having to reread as It did not maintain an interest for me. I also realized that it was the third book in a series. Maybe if I had read the first two books I would have been more engaged.
Pokeybooboo 22 days ago
Penny for your Secrets is the third book in Anna Lee Huber's Verity Kent Mystery series. If you haven't read the first two, which I haven't yet (I definitely plan to amend that!) you will not be lost, as it stand alone just fine. Ms. Huber is a new author to me. Once I finished this book, I immediately went through my library to see what other books I have of hers. I am a fairly new fan of historical mysteries, and I've had a wonderful introduction to truly talented authors whose work I wasn't familiar with. Ms. Huber is definitely a must-read author for me now! Verity Kent was formerly a Secret Service agent during the Great War, during a time she thought her husband Sidney was deceased. He wasn't. Apparently she had a gift for the work, as she is still doing some investigating on her own. The latest she is working on is for her friend Ada, whose husband was shot and killed after a contentious dinner party. Ada begs Verity to prove that she didn't murder her husband, though she seems the most likely suspect. While working on this mystery, Verity is contacted by a former Secret Service colleague, who requests Verity look into the murder of her sister. Could these two cases possibly be connected? The mystery in this book was a lot of fun, keeping me guessing throughout the entire book. However, it was the relationship between Verity and Sidney that kept me glued to the pages. Sidney let Verity believe he was dead for years, as he worked to take down some traitors. Verity is finding it hard to let go of her resentment of Sidney for allowing her to suffer over her loss of him for years. Sidney, on the other hand, is having a lot of trouble dealing with acute survivor's guilt over those lost during the war. It was heartbreaking watching them try to reconnect and Verity attempting to break through to him and his guilt. I think it was handled beautifully and honestly. I am eager to continue following the adventures of Verity and Sidney. Thank goodness I have the first two books in this series to tide me over until the next installment, plus the Lady Darby Mystery series to check out! I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.
PPriest 22 days ago
Anna Lee Huber does it again in her third of her amazing post-World War I mystery / suspense / intrigue / murder / historical fiction series. There are so many levels to this book, and the author really makes you think and realize, even though this is fiction, what it was like to try to live in the post-World War I world. And phew, I feel like I was on a roller-coaster for hours with the twists and turns. This makes me want to go back and reread the first two books again. Ms. Huber is a Master at her craft.
SusanKC 22 days ago
This is fast becoming one of my favorite mystery series ever! I have always loved mysteries and historical fiction, so when I first started reading historical mysteries about ten years ago, I eagerly read as much as time allowed. Huber's impeccable attention to detail, a gripping mystery of murder and espionage with a dose of romance that sizzles make for a very satisfying read. What I love most about Ms. Huber's books is her character arcs throughout a series. Verity and Sidney's inner turmoil mirror much of what was experienced by many following the end of the war. The invisible scars of war and the shifting roles of society have left an unstable foundation for the wedded bliss expected by many when the war was over. Huber handles this tumultuous journey deftly as our hero and heroine discover that one needs to realize that their best efforts are sometimes not enough. While Verity is struggling to break down the walls that separate her and Sidney, she displays great insight into how others are handling many similar emotional battles. This insight makes her an ideal heroine for the unofficial crime-solving tasks she undertakes. I look forward to reading more of Verity Kent in the future. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.