Personal Finance Doodle Notes: Brain Based Interactive Guided Notes

Personal Finance Doodle Notes: Brain Based Interactive Guided Notes

Personal Finance Doodle Notes: Brain Based Interactive Guided Notes

Personal Finance Doodle Notes: Brain Based Interactive Guided Notes


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The Personal Finance Doodle Note Book offers your middle or high school students the brain benefits of visual note taking all throughout their financial literacy coursework! The doodle notes include taxes, budgeting, credit, interest, stocks, banking, insurance, mortgage, investing, loans, net worth, and more!

This contains everything that teens need to know to transition into adulthood and become financially independent. (In fact, it will put them ahead of most young adults who are frustrated they've never learned these concepts!)

Each chapter progresses through the lesson topics with guided notes with visual memory triggers, interactive tasks, and graphic layouts that follow the brain-based doodle note method.

In addition to learning the concepts in a creative way that transfers well to long-term memory, students will develop their own budget, draft career paths, create a personal timeline for the financial phases of life, make plans, and set financial goals.

The 6 chapters are:

1: Banking, Budgeting, & Interest

2: Investing, Stocks, & Retirement

3: Taxes

4: Insurance

5: Mortgages, Loans, & Leases

6: Wealth, Worth, & Financial Planning

This course works well for a group of students in a classroom and also is perfect for a single teen at home.

*Guided audio lectures are now available to accompany each lesson, giving the option for this book to be completely self-guided. Teens can listen to the teacher voice recordings as they work through each page. This free supplement is available at

Doodle notes activate both hemispheres of the brain and lead to increased focus and retention! Because of dual coding theory, the student brain can process the new content more easily through the interactive tasks, visual memory triggers, and opportunities to sketch, color, and embellish!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733335447
Publisher: Math Giraffe, LLC
Publication date: 08/01/2020
Pages: 98
Sales rank: 370,188
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.27(d)

Table of Contents

Intro to Visual Notes

-Doodle Notes & Brain Hemispheres

-Dual Coding Theory & Processing

-Benefits of the Doodle Note Method

Chapter 1: Banking & Budgeting Basics

-Bank Accounts

-Simple Interest

-Understanding Paychecks & Withholdings

-Compound Interest

-Managing Spending: Credit, Debit, & Assets

-Real World: Interest Working For / Against You

-Real World: Balancing Income and Expenses


Chapter 2: Investing

-Growth & Risk: The Basics of Investing

-Types of Investments

-The Stock Market

-Retirement Accounts

-Real World: Planning for Retirement

-The Time Value of Money

Chapter 3: Taxes

-Taxation: The Big Picture

-Income Tax

-Real World: Filing Your Taxes

-Businesses & Profit

Chapter 4: Insurance

-Insurance as Risk Management


-Types of Insurance

-Homeowner's & Renter's Insurance

-Car Insurance

-Life Insurance

-Health Insurance

-Other Types of Insurance

-Insurability Factors & Fraud

Chapter 5: Mortgages, Loans & Leases

-Debt and Loans: Borrowing & Buying on Credit


-Renting vs. Buying a Home

-Leasing vs. Buying a Vehicle

-Appreciation & Depreciation

-Contracts, Student Loans, and College Costs

Chapter 6: Wealth & Worth

-Building Wealth

-Real World: Calculating Net Worth

-Life Phases & Transitions

-Real World: Cash Flow Analysis & Stats on Wealth

-Impact and Possibilities of Strong Financial Planning

-Real World: First Steps for Teens & Young Adults

-Setting Financial Goals

Bonus: Templates for Additional Notes

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