Peter and the Starcatchers (Starcatchers Series #1)

Peter and the Starcatchers (Starcatchers Series #1)


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Peter and the Starcatchers (Starcatchers Series #1) by Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Greg Call

Don'teven think of starting this bookunless you're sitting in a comfortable chair and have lots of time. Afast-paced, impossible-to-put-down adventure awaits as the young orphan Peterand his mates are dispatched to an island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. Theyset sail aboard the Never Land, a ship carrying a precious and mysterious trunk inits cargo hold, and the journey quickly becomes fraught with excitement anddanger.

Discoverrichly developed characters in the sweet but sophisticated Molly, the scary butfamiliar Black Stache, and the fearless Peter. Treacherous battles withpirates, foreboding thunderstorms at sea, and evocative writing immerses thereader in a story that slowly and finally reveals the secrets and mysteries ofthe beloved Peter Pan.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780786849079
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 05/28/2006
Series: Starcatchers Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 42,146
Product dimensions: 7.52(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.97(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Ridley Pearson is the best-selling co-author of Peter and the Starcatchers and Peter and the Shadow Thieves. He is also the author of fourteen novels, including Cut and Run,The Middle of Nowhere, The Pied Piper, Beyond Recognition, No Witnesses, The First Victim, Undercurrents, and Parallel Lies. He was the first American to be awarded the Raymond Chandler/Fulbright Fellowship in Detective Fiction at Oxford University. In addition, he secretly wrote The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, which was a companion book to the ABC-TV production of Stephen King's Rose Red.

Greg Call studied graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. After graduating in 1983, he worked as an Art Director at the Colorado Institute of Art until the desire to do more illustrative work found him in Pasadena, California, attending The Art Center College of Design. Upon graduation in 1988, he began working freelance for clients in music, entertainment, and publishing. Greg has been recognized for his work repeatedly, including awards from the Society of Illustrators and Addy awards among others.


Miami, Florida

Date of Birth:

July 3, 1947

Place of Birth:

Armonk, New York


B.A. in English, Haverford College, 1969

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Peter and the Starcatchers (Starcatchers Series #1) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 449 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
It's always interesting, at least to me, to read a book that is the retelling of a beloved childhood tale. Whether it be a retold fairy tale such as SNOW WHITE or SLEEPING BEAUTY, or a classic such as PETER PAN, these new spins on old stories usually fall into one of two categories--terribly bad remakes, or truly amazing, imaginative stories with new twists. Thankfully, authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have turned PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS into the latter.

In this rendering, Peter is an orphan about the ship Never Land. He's become the leader of sorts to the other young orphans who have been sold into slavery to King Zarboff the Third, evil ruler of Rundoon. Not long after Peter and his boys board the boat, he meets Molly Aster. The fourteen-year old daughter of the new Ambassador of Rundoon is unlike any other girl Peter has ever met. Actually, the only other girl he remembers seeing in a very long time was the daughter of the Headmaster of St. Norbert's Home for Wayward Boys.

Peter's increasing infatuation with Molly is challenged when she lets him in on a secret--she is an apprentice Starcatcher, one who guards the magical starstuff from the Others who would use it to do harm. Starstuff is magic that, when it falls to Earth, it brings about increased intelligence, happiness, and even the ability to fly. Although Peter is, at first, quite skeptical of Molly and her Starcatcher business, he soon learns that she's being nothing but truthful.

Add to the story the dreaded Pirate Black Stache and the evil pirate crew of the ship the Sea Devil, and you have an interesting story. Throw in the a shipwreck, a missing cargo of starstuff, mermaids, a flying crocodile, and island dwellers that just may be cannibals, and the story goes from interesting to amazing. This is a remarkable retelling, or possibly even a prequel, to the well known story of PETER PAN. Kudos to both Mr. Barry and Mr. Pearson for a highly entertaining and thoroughly engrossing read!
lspell960 More than 1 year ago
I'd seen this book many times at book stores and never given it a second glance. One day I decided to read the summary on the back and decided it looked slightly interesting. When I read it, I absolutely loved it. I've never really been into Peter Pan, but I thought these books were amazing. They had a perfect balance of fantasy and action. I'm only twelve, but I could see myself enjoying this if I was either much younger or much older. It's not violent when there's action and it's never to wordy or long. I would reccomend this book to anyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW! Best book EVER!!! It's my top favorite! I don't know what to say because I'm speachless! I love to read and this book was the best book that I've read since I was three! (I was three when I started reading.) That's why it deserves 5 of the brightest stars! Everything in it was good! It's good for anyone that can read! I'm eleven and I enjoyed it SO much! WARNING: there's some violence in this book and it says one swear word so be careful with what you read!
Booklover010 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent book. I reccomend this to readers in middle school and above. It is a little boing in the beginning but other than that its really good. It is confusing in the beginning because you dont know whats going on until one of the later chapters. Its also a page turner because it really keeps you guessing until the very end. Read this book!!!
Amajorbibliophile More than 1 year ago
"Peter and the Starcatchers," by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is the first novel in the best-selling "Starcatchers" series. The series centers around world-renowned hero Peter Pan and answers all mysterious questions surrounding him: How did Peter come to Never Land? Who is Peter Pan, truly? Where did he come from? Authors Barry and Pearson do a fantastic job of making the story exciting and impossible to put down, as they reveal the full story of Peter's past in a cool, never-before-imagined way! Filled to the brim with mystery, suspense, humor, and everything else that makes a book worth reading, this amazing adventure is sure to captivate your mind and steal your heart!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This seems like a very interesting book that I can't wait to read! It is adds a cool twist to the classical Peter Pan story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read all four of the books. U think u knew the famous peter pan wel u know very feq about peter if u have not read these books. It starts before peter ever meets tinker bell or captain Hook. It doesn't end with Hook either. There is more friends and enemys u ever knew about. If i got my twin sister to read this and love the book then u well love it too. I was all ways running to get the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written and fun! This is a book for any age reader. It begins the story of the Lost Boys with a look at their humble Dickens-like beginnings. Their adventure takes off and weaves the reader through a make- believe world filled with characters for the ages. I look forward to the rest of the series and will make sure to see the Broaway version in 2012.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A definate page turner I did not want to put the book down. There is a suprise on every page!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down
SteveTheDM More than 1 year ago
So I was in the mood for something light and just a bit brainless, and dove into my daughter’s shelves for the first book in Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s Peter Pan prequels, called “Peter and the Starcatchers.” And oh, what fun this was. The story is essentially the adventure that got Peter and the Lost Boys to Neverland, introduced his pirate nemesis (here called The Black Stache, as he’s pre-hook), and birthed Tinkerbell. Barry and Pearson did an awesome job of creating characters full of personality and a thirst for adventure, and villains worthy of the name. This book was a joy to read. It’s absolutely suitable for kids (for whom it was written) as well as adults craving light, fun adventure. 4 of 5 stars.
Reads_a_lot More than 1 year ago
I read this book a while back, and it has been one of my favorite books since then! I have always loved Peter Pan, so the prospect of a prequel was amazing! Peter and the Starcatchers, along with the other two books i the trilogy, were all fantastic. I love the adventure, the action, the humor, and the little bit of romance. The ending of Secret to Rundoon made me cry (in a good kid of way). If you love fantasy, adventure, Peter Pan, or just plain a really good big book trilogy, READ THIS BOOK. And if you don't, READ THIS BOOK! :) My point: It rocks!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Peter and the Starcatchers is a thrilling adventure that takes you through the many stages of how Peter Pan came to be. When Peter is sailing on ships he makes a new exciting friend named Molly. Peter and Molly have to go through many phases to protect a treasure that everyone wants. The only reason that Black Stache (Captin Hook) wants the treasure is because it has some magical quality about it. So start reading the books so you can get your magic to fly you through the exciting adventures.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Peter and The Starcatchers begins with Peter, an orphan raised at St. Norberts Home for Wayward Boys. Peter is an adventurous but nosy teen.  A leader at heart, Peter is the head of all the boys at St. Norberts. Peter and the other orphans are shipped off on a boat called the Neverland for five weeks with very little to eat. Peter meets Molly, the headmasters daughter, a starcatcher after the treasure. My favorite part in the book is when Slank and Little Richard try and talk to the "she-fish" but they swim away. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys more mature retellings of fables. Finally, Peter and The Starcatchers is a perfect retelling of Peter Pan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That is all i can say. Wow.!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great and entertaining read for those of all ages. WONDERFUL.
therebeccahare More than 1 year ago
This is a fun story for the kids but I do have to edit it a bit as it has some questionable pirate talk. I usually just skip over words like idiot, stupid, damn and hell. It is really engaging and the kids beg for more chapters! Not sure why authors put language in children's books?!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent adventure story for all ages. This is a wonderful series. Dave and Ridley have created wonderful characters. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is all about the story of how peter pan got his powers and where captain hook came from. Will not ever want to put this book down. Any lover of a ficion book with action, excitment, and funny punns, look no farther
Anonymous 25 days ago
Really fun read!
Carstairs38 11 months ago
The novel is a prequel that sets up the Peter Pan story we all know and love. As a Peter Pan fan, I enjoyed it, although the short chapters and multiple view points made it too choppy near the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was about a girl and Peter.They were going to Old England. People wanted to get a treasure on the boat and and steal Peter. So Peter save the girl and himself then kicked them off the boat. Then they arrived to Old England. I thought the book was good. I understand what the book is about and If I will rate It it will be ⅘.
Krystal1829 More than 1 year ago
Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. A book of fantasy and adventure. The story follows Peter and the other orphan boys from St. Norberts orphanage, on the ship Never Land, headed to Rundoon to become slaves of King Zarboff the third. The ship carries passage to an idiotic captain and a lazy crew but also Molly Aster the daughter of Leonard Aster, a senior Starcatcher. The ship also carries a very strange chest that when a person touches it they hear bells and are filled with an intense feeling of happiness and calm but also gives people the power to fly and changes creatures like fish into mermaids. When word of the chest reaches the ears of a terrifying pirate named, Black Stache he decides to steal the fastest and best ship ever made the Wasp and go after the Never Land. During an intense battle between the pirates and the crew of the Never Land a storm rolls in and the Never Land is left to the mercy of it. The boys, Peter and Molly wash up on a strange island separated and eventually Peter and the boys all get captured by the natives on the island. At the same time Black Stache and the first mate of the Never Land, Slank look for the magical chest. Battles between Slank and mermaids the chest created rages on till Peter finds the chest and uses it to trick Slank by emptying it and giveing Slank an empty chest in exchange for the lives of his friends. Slank is fooled and defeated by Peter and his befriended mermaids only to be met with the natives again wishing to take the power of the chest for themselves, once the natives are convinced the best way to avoid danger is to let Molly return to London with the chest and the other Starcatchers, leaving Peter, the boys, the pirates and natives on the island to live out lives of adventure and fun forever. Being a person who adores Peter Pan and all adaptations of the story I loved this one. The background of all the favorite characters but also a new telling of pixie dust and creatures like mermaids and fairies adds to the stories originality. The story does raise questions though as do all first books to a series. I think that people who enjoy Peter Pan or fantasy should read this book and will enjoy it, because the story is a classic example of an adventure story that only the fantasy of Peter Pan stories bring.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Peter and The Starcatchers What an adventurous page turner! I chose this book because a friend told me it was good, but I didn’t think it would be that good. If you like adventure, then I recommend this book. 14 year old Peter is an orphan that is on his way to serve an evil king Zarboff, the third. The story takes place mostly on a ship named The Never Land, and on an island. This book explains how Peter Pan became, Peter Pan, and everything else like, how he got a fairy. Why he flies, and why he will never grow up. Also it tells how the Neverland boys are kinda like his family, and how the indians became his friends. In my opinion this book had well built characters, and a good plot. Almost every page leaves a cliffhanger, making you want to keep reading. This book is probably one of the best I’ve read. I’ve already started the next book in the series. You absolutely have to read this book!!!!