Pin Loom Weaving to Go: 30 Projects for Portable Weaving
Pin Loom Weaving to Go: 30 Projects for Portable Weaving

Pin Loom Weaving to Go: 30 Projects for Portable Weaving

by Margaret Stump


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Step-by-step instructions for 25 projects you’ll be amazed were made from pin loom weavings!

Pin looms are hot! These palm-sized weaving looms go anywhere and make just about anything you can imagine, from fashionable wrist cuffs to full-sized blankets. Just drop a pin loom in your project bag with a ball of yarn and you are on your way to fast, fun weaving.

Margaret Stump, author of the original Pin Loom Weaving, has outdone herself with the 25 designs in this new book. There are elegant wraps, a fun fox bag, an American flag blanket, pillows, pins, stylish scarves, and more—all in a modern style that says "hand crafted with pride."

With beginning weavers in mind, Margaret first walks you through how to weave on a 2" and 4" loom. Once you know how to make a basic square and connect your pieces, you are well on your way to making any of the projects in this book. The book divides projects into those that use a 2", 4", adjustable fine-gauge, and even a pot holder loom, and those that combine pieces from different looms, so it is easy to find a project and get started.

Pin looms are readily available in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose a favorite pattern and a suitable pin loom, and start weaving anywhere and everywhere today!

• All the basics of pin loom weaving and more than 30 beginning and medium level projects you can make on the go
• Simple weaving techniques for portable looms
• Instructions for making your own simple 2" loom
• Projects for standard 2" and 4" looms, as well as weaving on potholder looms and knitting looms

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780811716130
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 487,698
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Margaret Stump is the author of the successful Pin Loom Weaving. She has been creating wonderful fabrics and projects with pin looms for more than forty years. Her work is creative, original, fun, and appealing to young and old alike. A longtime advocate for this vintage art, she is delighted to see so many artists and craftspeople rediscovering the joys of pin loom weaving. She lives in Mankato, Minnesota, and can be found online at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Introduction 1

Part I Introduction to Loom Weaving

Supplies 4

Tools 4

Looms 4

Yarn 5

Other Techniques 5

Making a Simple 2" Pin Loom 8

Basic Weaving Instructions 10

2" Pin Loom 10

4" Pin Loom 13

Bias Weaving on the 4" Pin Loom 15

Adjustable Knitting Loom 21

Potholder Loom 25

Joining Techniques for Pin Loom Squares 30

Part 2 Projects

2" Pin Loom Projects 34

Amulet Bags 34

Holly Pin 37

Flowering Branch 38

Doll Blanket 40

Leaf and Flower Lariat 42

4" Pin Loom Projects 45

Amulet Bag or Gift Bag 46

Coasters and Place Mats 48

Infinity Scarf 51

Cat Pillow and Owl Pillow 52

Bluebird Purse 57

Fox Purse 59

Blooming Backpack 62

Long May It Wave Blanket 66

From Our House to Your House Wall Hanging 70

Night Covers the Earth Shawl 73

Bias Weaving on the 4" Pin Loom 76

Marilyn Wing Bag 77

Projects Using the 2" and 4" Pin Looms Together 79

Jewelry Caddy 80

Ear Warmer Headband 82

Adjustable Fine-Gauge Knitting Loom Projects 84

Red Amulet Bag 85

Fiber Cuffs 86

Log Cabin Pattern Pillow Tops 91

Projects Using the Adjustable Fine-Gauge Knitting Loom and 4" Pin Loom Together 93

Mug Hug and Mug Rug 93

Red Square Structured Purse 96

Log Cabin Purse 98

All Hands Blanket Throw 100

Potholder Loom Projects 103

Vermont Scarf 104

Soft Woven Scarf 105

Raspberry Beach Shawl 106

All-Season Shrug 108

Resources 110

Stitch Guide 110

Crochet Guide 111

Blocking and Felting 112

Suppliers 113

Online Resources 114

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