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Placenta and Trophoblast: Methods and Protocols, Volume I

Placenta and Trophoblast: Methods and Protocols, Volume I

by Michael J. Soares, Joan S. HuntMichael J. Soares


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A collection of cutting-edge laboratory techniques for the study of trophoblast and placental biology. The techniques presented range from experimental animal models, to animal and human placental organ and cell culture systems, to morphological, biochemical, and molecular strategies for assessing trophoblast/placental growth, differentiation and function. Volume 1 provides readily reproducible prools for studying embryo-uterine implantation, trophoblast cell development, and the organization and molecular characterization of the placenta. Highlights include strategies for the isolation and culture of trophoblast cells from primates, ruminants, and rodents, and precise guidance to the molecular and cellular analysis of the placental phenotype. A companion second volume concentrates on methods for investigating placental function.

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ISBN-13: 9781627038133
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 11/20/2014
Series: Methods in Molecular Medicine , #121
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 470
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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction

Placenta and Trophoblast: Methods and Prools: Overview I
Michael J. Soares and Joan S. Hunt

Part II. Methods for Studying Embryo Implantation and Uterine Biology

Methodologies to Study Implantation in Mice
Kaushik Deb, Jeff Reese, and Bibhash C. Paria

Blasyst Culture
D. Randall Armant

Isolation of Hormone Responsive Uterine Stromal Cells: An In Vitro Model for Stromal Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
Virginia Rider

Rat Decidual Cell Cultures
Yan Gu and Geula Gibori

The Immortalization of Human Endometrial Cells
Graciela Krikun, Gil Mor, and Charles Lockwood

Sheep Uterine Gland Knockout (UGKO) Model
Thomas E. Spencer and C. Allison Gray

A Baboon Model for Inducing Endometriosis
Asgerally T. Fazleabas

A Baboon Model for Simulating Pregnancy
Asgerally T. Fazleabas

The Common Marmoset Monkey as a Model for Implantation and Early Pregnancy Research
Almuth Einspanier, Kai Lieder, Ralf Einspanier, and Bettina Husen

Part III. In Vitro Trophoblast and Placental Model Systems

Mouse Trophoblast Stem Cells
Jennifer Quinn, Tilo Kunath, and Janet Rossant

Connexins and Trophoblast Cell Lineage Development
Mark Kibschull and Elke Winterhager

Rcho-1 Trophoblast Stem Cells: A Model System for Studying Trophoblast Cell Differentiation
Namita Sahgal, Lindsey N. Canham, Brent Canham, and Michael J. Soares

Bovine Trophoblast Cell Culture Systems: A Technique to Culture Bovine Trophoblast Cells Without Feeder Cells
Kazuyoshi Hashizume, Arata Shimada, Haruo Nakano, and Toru Takahashi

In Vitro Induction of Trophoblast from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Ren-He Xu

Isolation and Culture of Term Human Trophoblast Cells
Margaret G. Petroff, Teresa A. Phillips, Hakhyun Ka, Judith L. Pace, andJoan S. Hunt

Production of Human Trophoblast Cell Lines
Guy St J. Whitley

Culture and Transfection of Human Choriocarcinoma Cells
Michael W. Wolfe

In Vitro Methods for Studying Vascularization of the Murine Allantois and Allantoic Union with the Chorion
Karen M. Downs

Part IV. Phenotypic Analysis of the Placenta

Phenotypic Analysis of the Mouse Placenta
David R. C. Natale, Maja Starovic, and James C. Cross

Phenotypic Analysis of the Rat Placenta
Rupasri Ain, Toshihiro Konno, Lindsey N. Canham, and Michael J. Soares

Analysis of the Structure of the Ruminant Placenta: Methods of Fixation, Embedding, and Antibody Localization at Light and Electron Microscope Levels
F. B. P. Wooding

Characterization of the Bovine Placenta by Cytoskeleton, Integrin Receptors, and Extracellular Matrix
Christiane D. Pfarrer

Molecular Markers for Human Placental Investigation
Berthold Huppertz

Correlative Microscopy of Ultrathin Cryosections in Placental Research
Toshihiro Takizawa and John M. Robinson

Vascular Corrosion Casting of the Uteroplacental and Fetoplacental Vasculature in Mice
Kathie J. Whiteley, Christiane D. Pfarrer, and S. Lee Adamson

Analysis of Fetal and Maternal Microvasculature in Ruminant Placentomes by Corrosion Casting
Rudolf Leiser and Christiane D. Pfarrer

Part V. Molecular Analysis and Gene Transfer Techniques

Microarray Analysis of Trophoblast Cells
Vikram Budhraja and Yoel Sadovsky

Gene Expression Microarray Data Analysis of Decidual and Placental Cell Differentiation
Sue Kong, Bruce J. Aronow, and Stuart Handwerger

Assays to Determine Allelic Usage of Gene Expression in the Placenta
Paul B. Vrana

Adenoviral-Mediated Gene Delivery to Trophoblast Cells
Bing Jiang and Carole R. Mendelson


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