Podcasting For Dummies

Podcasting For Dummies

by Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi


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ISBN-13: 9781119412199
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/02/2017
Pages: 408
Sales rank: 120,681
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Tee Morris was an early podcaster whose first podcasts helped build audiences for his writing. Today he is a social media and communications professional who podcasts on topics ranging from original fiction to Internet security to video game reviews. Chuck Tomasi is an IT professional who began with one podcast in 2004 and quickly grew to several more. He has taken his podcast passion to his day-job to drive community and sales.

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Table of Contents

About This Book1
How to Use This Book2
Conventions Used in This Book3
Bold Assumptions4
How This Book Is Organized5
About the Companion Podcast7
Icons Used in This Book7
Where to Go from Here8
Part IPodcasting on a Worldwide Frequency9
Chapter 1Getting the Scoop on Podcasting11
Deciding Whether Podcasting Is for You12
You want to deliver audio content on a regular basis12
You want to reach beyond the boundaries of radio12
You have something to say13
You want to hear from your listeners14
Creating a Podcast14
Looking for the bare necessities15
Recording your first podcast16
Compressing your audio files17
Transferring your audio to the Web18
Grabbing listeners19
Catching a Cast with Your Podcatching Client21
The catcher that started it all: iPodder22
Stepping up your game with iPodderX23
The 800-pound gorilla called iTunes25
Options, options, and more options26
Quest for Podcasts28
Podcast Alley28
Podcast Pickle29
Yahoo.com Audio search29
Chapter 2Getting the Gadgets That Make a Podcast Go31
Finding the Right Mic32
Mics on the cheap32
Investing in a high-end mic34
Expanding Your Studio37
Podcasts well with others: Mixing boards37
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!38
It's in the cards: Purchasing and installing an audio card40
The Audacity of That GarageBand and Its Audio Hijack Pro: Audio-Editing Software45
Audacity: Who says you can't get something for nothing?46
Cakewalk for the PC: This podcasting stuff is easy!47
GarageBand: Moby in your Mac!49
Audio Hijack Pro: Good software with a bad-boy attitude51
The Sky's the Limit: Big-Budget Software52
Gluing It Together with XML and RSS54
Simplify the process and get a blog!56
Fine, Do it without a blog.58
Doing it by hand58
Finding a Host for Your Podcast59
Size does matter60
Bandwidth demystified60
Part IIThe Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Podcasting63
Chapter 3Before You Hit the Record Button65
Choosing a Unique Topic for Your Podcast66
Finding Your Voice67
Deciding Whether You Need an Outline or Script69
Choosing a Method for Recording Interviews71
Taping phone calls72
Recording conversations with Skype72
Ensuring trouble-free recordings78
Prepping Your Green Room for Guests79
Welcoming in-studio guests79
Meeting guests on their own turf80
Preparing for Interviews81
Surefire routes to happy, conversational guests81
Surefire routes to outraged, uncooperative guests83
Determining a Length for Your Show84
The hidden value of the short podcast85
A little length won't kill you85
Finding that happy medium86
I Hear Music (And It Sounds like Police Sirens!)88
The powers that be89
I can name that tune...I wrote it!93
I'll take the First: Free speech versus slander94
Chapter 4So What Are You Waiting For? Record, Already!95
Did Your Sound Check Clear the Bank?95
Understanding dB levels96
Setting your levels98
Fire Sign Podcasting: Volume and Projection99
Noises Off: Capturing Ambient Noise101
Identifying ambient noise you want to edit out102
Minimizing ambient noise102
Now Take Your Time and Hurry Up: Pacing and Clock Management103
Take the potato out of your mouth and enunciate104
And now let's take a break for station identification105
Concerning Tangents, and Their Val - Oh, Look, a Butterfly!107
"Say, that reminds me of something..."107
"But getting back to what I was saying earlier..."108
Chapter 5Cleanup, Podcast Aisle 7!109
A Few Reasons to Consider Editing109
The Art of Editing111
Editing voice with GarageBand111
Editing voice with Audacity113
Making Your Musical Bed (And Lying in It): Background Music115
Finding the right balance116
Applying bed music the right way117
Setting volume levels for bed music118
Making an Entrance: Intros122
Theme music122
Intro greeting122
Exit, Stage Left123
Leave the audience wanting more124
Catch phrase sign off124
Credits roll125
Coming soon to an MP3 player near you125
Part IIISo You've Got This Great Recording of Your Voice. Now What?127
Chapter 6Shrink That Puppy and Slap a Label on It129
A Kilobit of Me, and a Whole Lot of You: Understanding Kbps129
Changing bit rates in Audacity131
Changing bit rates in iTunes132
Care for a Sample, Sir? (Audio Sample Rates)133
Changing sample rates in Audacity134
Changing sample rates in iTunes135
ID3 Tags: They're Not Just for Music Anymore137
Tell me about yourself: All about ID3 tags137
IDentity crisis: Making ID3 tags work for podcasting138
Creating and editing ID3 tags in Audacity140
Creating and editing ID3 tags in iTunes141
Chapter 7Move It on Up (To Your Web Server)143
Uploading Your Files with FTP144
Understanding the parts that make FTP work144
Making your connection145
A place on your Web server for your stuff148
Adopting an effective filenaming convention149
Uploading your files151
Uploading to a Podcast-Specific Host151
Using Your Blogging Software to Upload153
Uploading with Command-Line FTP (Speaking of Old School...)153
Setting up a folder for your podcast media file154
Accessing Terminal on a Mac154
Accessing the command prompt on a PC155
Uploading your files155
Advanced Hosting Options156
Archiving Aging Media Files160
Set up a rotating archive feed161
Use the Internet Archive161
Rent a new server and charge for access161
Chapter 8Posting Show Notes163
Show Note Etiquette164
Planning the Post165
It's all in the details165
A picture is worth a thousand words166
Posting Your Show Notes167
Posting in Movable Type168
Posting on Libsyn171
Boosting Search Engine Rankings with Good Show Notes173
Loading up your titles173
Soliciting backlinks175
A Word on OPML Show Notes175
Chapter 9Geeking Out on XML and RSS177
Elements That Make the RSS Go 'Round178
Do you have anything to declare?181
What's on this ?181
Loading up on s188
Wrapping things up193
Tweaking the Contents194
Making sure your episodes don't get skipped194
Adding descriptive keywords194
Making Newcomers Feel Welcome195
Creating an introductory podcast196
Understanding how it works197
Multiple-Show File Strategies197
Part IVStart Spreadin' the News about Your Podcast199
Chapter 10Of Pings and Directories201
Publicizing Your Podcast201
Directories and listing sites explained202
Pinging for publicity202
Sending Pings to Directories and Listing Sites203
Choosing which sites to ping203
Totally automatic pings204
Pinging manually (if you must)206
Drawing In Listeners from Directories208
Targeting your audience: Large or small?209
Finding the latest and greatest directories209
Listing your podcast with directories210
Keeping your listing relevant213
Chapter 11Speaking Directly to Your Peeps215
Gathering Listener Feedback216
Comments on Your Blog216
Online Discussion Groups218
Yahoo! Groups218
Google Groups220
Publicizing your group221
Focusing on Online Forums222
Finding free, hosted forums222
Purchasing software to take more control of your forum223
Seeking Out the Comments of Others224
Trying a general search225
Using specialty search engines225
Searching within a site or message board228
Checking your server logs228
Now that you've found the comments231
When the comments are less than good231
Chapter 12Fishing for Listeners233
Getting Your Podcast Ready for Advertising233
Polishing your presentation234
Checking on your bandwidth234
Figuring out your USP236
Exploring Various Advertising Options236
Google AdWords237
Writing press releases239
Advertising without Spending Money241
Optimizing your site for search engines241
Submitting promos to other podcasts241
Recording your promo242
Giving interviews243
Generating buzz244
Part VPod-sibilities to Consider for Your Show245
Chapter 13Show Me the Money247
How Much Money Can You Make?247
Convincing Advertisers to Give You Money249
Getting advertising money250
Developing a media kit250
Establishing a rate sheet253
Setting advertising limits253
Getting a sponsor253
Asking Your Listeners for Money254
Gathering listener donations with PayPal255
Selling stuff257
Fee-based subscriptions258
Chapter 14Podcasting for Publicity261
Podcasting and Politics262
Telling the World a Story, One Podcast at a Time264
Keeping Good Company: Community and Soundseeing-Tour Podcasts267
Putting together a soundseeing tour of your favorite destination267
Creating a podcast to bring together a community268
Chapter 15Podcasting for Passion271
The Philosophical Question for All Podcasters: Why Do We Do It?272
Gaining perspective on passion272
Podcasting passion with a purpose274
Practice makes perfect passion275
Passion comes in all shapes and sizes276
Universal love for the podcast277
Holding Interest: Keeping a Podcast's Passion Alive277
Podcasting on puree: Mixing it up278
Starting from scratch279
Reinventing yourself281
Truth and Honesty in Podcasting283
Part VIThe Part of Tens285
Chapter 16Top Ten Types of Podcasts to Check Out287
Tech Podcasts288
Independent Music Podcasts289
Science Podcasts290
Educational Podcasts291
Comedy Podcasts292
Husband and Wife Podcasts293
Soundseeing Tour Podcasts293
Serialized Novel/Short-Story Podcasts294
Passionate Podcasts296
Podcasts about...Podcasting297
Chapter 17Top Ten Most Influential People in Podcasting299
Dave Winer300
Adam Curry300
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates301

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