Politics, Values, and National Socialism

Politics, Values, and National Socialism

by Aurel Kolnai

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The essays in this collection, spanning 1925 to 1970, confirm Aurel Kolnai's place as one of the great conservative theorists of the twentieth century. Kolnai carefully analyzes the leading intellectual positions and thinkers of his day, the dominant social movements, and the prevailing moral influences—psychoanalysis, fascism, and National Socialism. He documents how they run counter to the architecture of civilization.Kolnai is relatively unknown outside philosophical circles, but Politics, Values, and National Socialism provides an overview of his moral philosophy. In most moral philosophy books one finds pages devoted to the major theories of ethics. This volume is different. It seeks to address the larger moral question of what kind of thought works against morality, and by implication, how one can defend morality.Eager to protect the surviving islands of Liberal Civilization, Kolnai's concern is really one of theory. He shows that much of what passes for moral theory is subversive of moral order. All who think that totalitarianism is a permanent threat, and who suspect that ideas can quickly be dangerously distorted in times of social unrest, will find plenty of clarifying ideas in this volume.

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About the Author

Aurel Kolnai (1900-1973) was visiting lecturer in ethics at Bedford College at the University of London from 1959 until his death. He was best known for his moral philosophy.
Graham McAleer is professor of philosophy at Loyola University in Maryland. He wrote introductions to the Transaction editions of Aurel Kolnai’s Ethics, Value and Reality and Max Scheler’s The Nature of Sympathy and On the Eternal in Man. He is the author of Ecstatic Morality and Sexual Politics.
Francis Dunlop is the translator of some of Aurel Kolnai’s other works, including Early Ethical Writings of Aurel Kolnai, and he is the author of The Life and Thought of Aurel Kolnai.

Table of Contents

Editorial Note vii

Introduction to Aurel Kolnai's Politics, Values, and National Socialism Graham McAleer ix

1 Max Scheler's Critique and Assessment of Freud's Theory of Libido (1925) 1

2 High-Mindedness (1931) 15

3 The Total State and Civilisation (1933) 45

4 What Is Politics About? (1933) 53

5 Heidegger and National Socialism (1934) 85

6 On Human Equality (1934) 91

7 Othmar Spann's Theory of Totality (1934) 107

8 The Abuse of the Vital (1934) 117

9 Democracy and Reality (1935) 125

10 An Essay on Hatred (1935) 139

11 The Humanitarian versus the Religious Attitude (1944) 175

12 Contemporary British Philosophy, and Its Political Aspects (1959) 197

13 Human Dignity Today (1960) 213

14 Dignity (1969) 227

15 The Ghost of the Naturalistic Fallacy (1962) 251

16 A Defence of Intrinsicalism against 'Situation Ethics' (1970) 265

17 The Moral Emphasis: Obligation, Practice, and Virtue 303

Bibliography 305

Index 307

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