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Springer Netherlands
Potential Theory and Right Processes / Edition 1

Potential Theory and Right Processes / Edition 1

by Lucian Beznea, Nicu Boboc


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ISBN-13: 9789048166718
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 12/07/2010
Series: Mathematics and Its Applications , #572
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2004
Pages: 370
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1: Excessive Functions. 1.1. Sub-Markovian resolvent of kernels. 1.2. Basics on excessive functions. 1.3. Fine topology. 1.4. Excessive measures. 1.5. Ray topology and compactification. 1.6. The reduction operation and the associated capacities. 1.7. Polar and semipolar sets. Nearly measurable functions. 1.8. Probabilistic interpretations: Sub-Markovian resolvents and right processes.
2: Cones of Potentials and H Cones. 2.1. Basics on cones of potentials and H-cones. 2.2. sigma-Balayages on cones of potentials. 2.3. Balayages on H-cones. 2.4. Quasi bounded, subtractive and regular elements of a cone of potentials.
3: Fine Potential Theoretical Techniques. 3.1. Cones of potentials associated with a sub-Markovian resolvent. 3.2. Regular excessive functions, fine carrier and semipolarity. 3.3. Representation of balayages on excessive measures. 3.4. Quasi bounded, regular and subtractive excessive measures. 3.5. Tightness for sub-Markovian resolvents. 3.6. Localization in excessive functions and excessive measures. 3.7. Probabilistic interpretations: Continuous additive functionals and standardness.
4: Strongly Supermedian Functions and Kernels. 4.1. Supermedian functionals. 4.2. Supermedian lambda-quasi kernels. 4.3. Strongly supermedian functions. 4.4. Fine densities. 4.5. Probabilistic interpretations: Homogeneous random measures.
5: Subordinate Resolvents. 5.1. Weak subordination operators. 5.2. Inverse subordination. 5.3. Probabilistic interpretations: Multiplicative functionals.
6: Revuz Correspondence. 6.1. Revuz measures. 6.2. Hypothesis (i) of Hunt. 6.3. Smooth measures and sub-Markovian resolvents. 6.4. Measure perturbation of sub-Markovian resolvents. 6.5. Probabilistic interpretations: Positive left additive functionals.
7: Resolvents under Weak Duality Hypothesis. 7.1. Weak duality hypothesis. 7.2. Natural potential kernels and the Revuz correspondence. 7.3. Smooth and cosmooth measures. 7.4. Subordinate resolvents in weak duality. 7.5. Semi-Dirichlet forms. 7.6. Weak duality induced by a semi-Dirichlet form. 7.7. Probabilistic interpretations: Multiplicative functionals in weak duality.
A. Appendix: A.1. Complements on measure theory, kernels, Choquet boundary and capacity. A.2. Complements on right processes. A.3. Cones of potentials and H-cones. A.4. Basics on coercive closed bilinear forms.
Notes. Bibliography. Index.

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