Power Infusion: Spiritual Warfare That Changes Everything and the Joys in Battle through the God of Victory

Power Infusion: Spiritual Warfare That Changes Everything and the Joys in Battle through the God of Victory

by Sanda Allyson
Power Infusion: Spiritual Warfare That Changes Everything and the Joys in Battle through the God of Victory

Power Infusion: Spiritual Warfare That Changes Everything and the Joys in Battle through the God of Victory

by Sanda Allyson


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POWER INFUSION is a guidebook that equips and empowers the Remnant to be effective in the last days!

We can't be effective for Kingdom work, nor can we experience the fullness of the relationship with Yeshua Jesus that is available to us, if we are bound by destructive patterns, trauma, and spiritual oppression.

This training is a road map to freedom from bondage. And the passage will move you into deeper relationship with the Savior of our souls, so we can boldly take back the territory the enemy has stolen!


- How spiritual warfare is intimately connected to your relationship with Jesus.
- How to walk in victory and joy through the battle, not just after it's over.
- How to defend against attack with skill and agility.
- How to walk in power, love and a sound mind...for life!

When we walk in new victory, when people are delivered and forever changed by a supernatural encounter with the Living God, the spiritually starving are drawn to The Light like moths to a flame.

Discover spiritual warfare strategy that CHANGES EVERYTHING and reveals the joys in battle through the God of victory.

"I literally devoured your book in about 2 or 3 days. In my opinion, it's one of the best books out there on the topic. I plan to re-read it again soon to hopefully do more in-depth learning from it."
- K, 10/2/19

"I ended up purchasing and started reading Power Infusion today. I'm on page 80 at the moment I'm writing this and I just wanted to say I think it's extremely well written and so spot on! I couldn't help but pause and reach out real quick to say keep doing what you're doing! You're an inspirational warrior for the Kingdom of Christ! I can't wait to finish your book (multiple times)."
- KB 10/2/19

"Halfway through your book. Very well compiled, lots of scripture backup and clarity. Well done."
- JC, 10/3/19

"I really like the book. From the very first words of the dedication I was touched. As I read I really feel the Holy Spirit, that God's hand was in and on the writing of this book. Thank you."
- DL, 10/4/19

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644381335
Publisher: Booklocker.com, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/06/2019
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Sanda Allyson is president of Myrtle Ministries where she works as a biblical counselor specializing in the area of trauma combined with spiritual warfare. She is a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio programs and teaches how spiritual warfare proficiency is connected to our very relationship with God.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Critical Foundations

The What & The Who

A Calling On Every Believer

What Am I Dealing With Here?

The Void In The Church

We Are Made Lower Than The Angels

What Are The Flaming Arrows?

Where Does Bondage Come From?

The Enemy Is Intentional

Where’s The Hope?

Roots Of Warfare

Understanding The Problem

How Did We Get Here?

Why Can’t I Make It Stop?

What Is Your Culture?


Scarlet Letter Syndrome

How Big Is The Problem?

Infiltration Into The Church

While You Are Sleeping... Or Not



Consciousness & Human Will

Protecting Your Sleep

The Law: How The Enemy Uses It

Roots & Theology



The How: A Battle Plan That Works

First: We Must Be Saved

Keep A Journal

Commitment Required

The Three Pillar Model

Create A Genogram, A Family Tree

The Captain Has A Plan

Stay Connected

Confidence In The Captain

Know The Enemy

The Weapons

Intent & Longing

Take Every Thought Captive

Column A & Column B

Rebuke & Reject

Response Time


Shut Opened Doors

Walk In Holiness

Pray Without Ceasing


Tearing Down Strongholds

Thin Walls: Real Estate & Property

Energy Fields & DNA

My Name Is...

Sin On A Curve

What Feeds Dark Forces?

Doubt Can Masquerade As Wisdom

Palms Up

Kryptonite To Dark Forces

Music & Authentic Worship

Guard Your Mind

Guard Your Speech

The Way God Made The Body to Function

Forgiveness With Inner Healing

Body & Spirit: Family Connections

Whole House Cleaning


Act On What You Know

Casting Down Arrogance

Staying Free

Prayer Weapons


Throughout The Day

Bubble Of Protection


Receiving Correction



House Cleaning

Real Estate & Property

Taking Back the Land

It Changes Everything

Check List


About the Ministry



End Notes

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