Power, Purity, Perfection

Power, Purity, Perfection

by Satan's Host


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Power, Purity, Perfection

This Colorado-based death/thrash band are apparently quite serious about their Satanism; they don't go in for the cartoonish theatrics of Mercyful Fate or Slayer, instead writing songs full of names and mystical numbers pulled straight from demonological texts. They're not bad, and the production is pretty solid, with a bass drum sound that actually resembles a drum and not a typewriter. Vocalist L.C.F. Eli Elixer enunciates quite clearly, his relatively high-pitched utterances reminiscent of Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, while his lyrics strike a tone somewhere between the ultra-committed evilness of early Darkthrone, and more philosophically rigorous black metal bands like Deathspell Omega or Antaeus. But their roots in power metal can still be heard quite clearly, as guitar solos ring out throughout songs like album opener "Sitra-Ahra (Power 9)," and the slow, meditative "333 (Purity 9)" is practically progressive metal, with its liquid bass intro, eight-minute running time, and gradual buildup to manic blastbeats. A pair of under-90-second acoustic tracks offer momentary respite between assaults. Satan's Host are very serious about what they're doing, and they deserve respect for their commitment to their art.

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Release Date: 10/27/2009
Label: Moribund Records
UPC: 0768586014223
catalogNumber: 142

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