Power Up Your Brain: My Mathematical Christmas Adventures

Power Up Your Brain: My Mathematical Christmas Adventures

by Anton J Kryka


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This story is told by a young girl named Annie.

Annie is homeschooled, but she gets a day off when her parents and grandparents throw her a surprise birthday party. Then her grandmother is put in jail for a very silly crime.

Annie comes to her grandmother's aid as an acting judge. Annie and Ike, the toad who is her best friend and guardian angel, try to get Grandmother out of jail. Grandfather arrives just in the nick of time to help.

After the rescue, they avoid further legal problems by escaping to the Moon. Annie's father had been working on a very special project for a long time. It turns out that this project was a colony on the Moon.

Annie meets some old friends in the Moon colony and makes some new ones. Her main companions are Ike, Tina and Tom Turkey, and Mister Archer, the lawyer who had Grandmother put in jail.

There are several pitfalls along the way. Then the day before Christmas, Annie ends up as a driver in the first NASCAR race on the Moon.

Annie has three days of adventures with a very special fourth day, Christmas. The adventure ends with a truly wonderful Christmas event.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781941696088
Publisher: Anton J. Kryka Sr.
Publication date: 09/27/2015
Series: Annie's Travel Adventures , #3
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

A. J. Kryka dreamt of being an author since high school, many years ago. After being laid off from his job of 37 years, it was time to take that step.

He was born in Wisconsin. He earned a BS degree in mathematics from the UW-Stevens Point. He moved to Michigan after college. For most of his career, he was a computer programmer.

His early interests were science, reading science fiction, and playing the guitar. Later in life, his world revolved around his wife, his four boys, and his job.

His books are youthful fantasy adventures filled with suspense and humor. They also emphasize the strength of the family and the power of education.

Everyone from grandparents to grandchildren can read and enjoy his books.

Table of Contents

1. History or Camping With Mother
2. Surprise Birthday Party or Friends
3. Taking Notice or Grandmother in Jail
4. Jailhouse News or Courthouse Blues
5. Silly Laws or Ike's Plan
6. Jailbreak or Emergency Exit

Day One:
Moon Walk or
Judgment Day

7. Moving Home or Ceiling of the Sky
8. Relocation Explanation or Daylight Blues
9. Into the Tunnel or Invisible Door
10. Old Friends or Less Gravity
11. Strawberry Patch or Solar Eclipse
12. Chemistry or Stern Words
13. Tree Farm or Air Words
14. A Familiar Place or Shopping
15. Talking Gravity or Courthouse News
16. Courthouse Hostage or Acting the Part
17. New Evidence or Moon Witness
18. Cross Examination or Jump
19. Crash Landing or Jump Again

Day Two:
The Dark Side of the Moon or
Lunatic Tock Time

20. Bumpy Flight or Hard Landing
21. New Colony or Old Liar
22. Turkey Rescue or Forgotten Code
23. Killing Time or Tenure Torture
24. Age Old Lecture or Questions
25. By The Numbers or Equation Remembered
26. First Request or Last Request
27. Under Attack or Self-Defense
28. Jail Break Again or Last Battle

Day Three:
The Bright Side of the Moon or
Hot Rod Racing

29. Surprise Packages or Special Delivery
30. Home in the Dome or Telephone Call
31. Waking Up or Disarming
32. The Shocking Truth or Baptism
33. Abducted or Freedom
34. A New Trial or Off to the Race
35. A Million Fans or Two Places At Once
36. Size Matters or Start Your Engines
37. Un-Stock Car or Road Equations
38. Just Getting Started or Shifting Gears
39. Mistakes and Learning or Surprise Arrivals
40. The Road Less Traveled or Santa's Helper

Day Four:
Christmas Day or
Special Delivery

41. Christmas Morning Blues or Birth Announcement
42. Full Circle or Very Special Delivery
43. Birthday Party or The Perfect Present

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