Practical Cactus and Succulent Book: The Definitive Guide to Choosing, Displaying, and Caring for more than 200 Cacti

Practical Cactus and Succulent Book: The Definitive Guide to Choosing, Displaying, and Caring for more than 200 Cacti

by Fran Bailey, Zia Allaway


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Choose the right plant from 200 varieties of cacti and succulents, and learn how to grow and show them off with help from this comprehensive guide.

How can you encourage your bunny ear cactus to flower and flourish? What is the best method for propagating an Echeveria or Kalanchoe? What exactly are living stones, and where do they grow in the wild?

Practical Cactus and Succulent Book is the ultimate reference book for cactus and succulent enthusiasts. An extensive illustrated plant directory profiles more than 200 succulent and cactus varieties, with instructions on how to grow each one, while information dashboards offer fascinating facts and quirky stats about different plant families, such as Euphorbia and Echinopsis.

Show off your plants with inspirational display ideas and step-by-step projects. Follow the simple propagation instructions to increase your cacti and succulent collection without spending money. Keep your plants healthy with advice and tips for care and cultivation.

Practical Cactus and Succulent Book is everything a cactus lover needs.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781465480354
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 160,037
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Fran Bailey grew up on a flower nursery near York, England, where her Dutch father encouraged her love of horticulture. After studying at the Welsh College of Horticulture, she moved to London to work as a freelance florist. In 2006, she opened her first flower shop, The Fresh Flower Company.

Zia Allaway is an author, journalist, and horticulturalist who has written and edited a variety of gardening books for the Royal Horticultural Society and DK, including Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers. Zia also writes a monthly column on garden design for Homes and Gardens magazine and is a contributor to the Garden Design Journal. She runs a consultancy service from her home and offers practical workshops for beginners.

Consultants: Christopher Young is the horticultural team leader of the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley, the Royal Horticultural Society's flagship garden in Surrey, England.

Cassidy Tuttle is a blogger and creator of the popular Succulents and Sunshine blog. She's also a professional photographer and the author of Idiot's Guide: Succulents, and several ebooks, including Propagating Succulents and Growing Succulents Indoors.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Designing with Plants 8

Designing with character 10

Designing with scale 12

Designing with color 14

Designing with texture 16

Choosing containers 18

Designing with containers 20

Bringing it all together 22

Plant Projects 24

Broken pot planter 26

Hanging basket 30

Sand terrarium 34

Succulent globe 38

Indoor window box 42

Hypertufa pot 46

Bark succulent planter 50

Indoor rockery 54

Potted plant wreath 58

Floating terrarium garden 62

Planted candle holder 66

Leaf propagation display 70

Plant Profiles 74


Acanthocereus 76

Ariocarpus 78

Astrophytum 78

Cephalocereus 80

Cereus 80

Cleistocactus 82

Copiapoa 84

Coryphantha 85

Disocactus 86

Echinocactus 86

Echinocereus 87

Echinopsis 89

Epiphyllum 90

Eriosyce 91

Espostoa 92

Ferocactus 93

Gymnocalycium 96

Hatiora 98

Leuchtenbergia 98

Lophophora 99

Mammillaria 100

Matucana 104

Melocactus 106

Opuntia 106

Oreocereus 108

Oroya 109

Parodia 110

Pilosocereus 112

Pygmaeocereus 112

Rebutia 113

Rhipsalis 116

Schlumbergera 120

Stenocactus 121

Stenocereus 122

Sulcorebutia 123

Thelocactus 124


Adromischus 126

Aeonium 128

Agave 132

Albuca 137

Aloe 138

Aptenia 141

Ceropegia 142

Cotyledon 143

Crassula 144

Curio 148

Dudleya 149

Echeveria 150

Euphorbia 155

Faucaria 158

Fenestraria 159

x Gasterhaworthia 160

Gasteria 161

Graptopetalum 162

Haworthia 163

Hoya 165

Kalanchoe 166

Kleinia 169

Lithops 170

Orbea 172

Pachyphytum 172

Portulacaria 174

Sansevieria 176

Sedum 177

Sempervivum 179

Senecio 180

Care And Cultivation 182

General Care

Plant care tools 184

Buying and handling new plants 186

Growth and dormancy 188

How to water your plants 190

Soil and containers 192

Repotting your plants 194

Keeping your plants in shape 196

Encouraging plants to flower 198

How To Propagate And Graft

Propagate from succulent leaves 200

Propagate from offsets 202

Propagate from succulent stems 203

Propagate from cactus stems 204

Propagate from seed 206

How to graft cacti 208

Problem Solving

What's wrong with my plant? 210

Dealing with care-based problems 212

Dealing with pests 214

Dealing with diseases 216

Index 218

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