Pretty Little Killers

Pretty Little Killers

by Rita Herron


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The predators become prey in a breathless novel of revenge from a USA Today bestselling author.

Still haunted by his wife’s murder—and stained by the blood of avenging it—FBI special agent Hatcher McGee can’t believe he’s being teamed up with rookie agent Korine Davenport. She is his most guilty secret—the one-night stand who almost cost him everything.

Korine has her own demons. As a child, she witnessed her father’s murder, and she’s spent her life waiting for the killer’s return. She and Hatcher are both looking for closure, but the disturbing case that draws them together could be their last.

When the mutilated body of a corrupt Savannah judge surfaces, Hatcher and Korine find themselves on the trail of a vigilante who is showing no mercy. Not for the predators who’ve gone free. And not for anyone who gets in the way.

As the body count rises, and as Hatcher’s and Korine’s own pasts unfold, they must risk their lives tracking a killer they’ve come to understand all too well. After all, the ends justify the means.

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ISBN-13: 9781542049849
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 02/20/2018
Series: Keepers Series , #1
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe old age of eight, when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery. Twenty years ago, she traded her job as a kindergarten teacher for one as a writer, and she now has more than ninety romance novels to her credit. She loves penning dark romantic suspense tales, especially those set in small southern towns. Her awards include a Career Achievement Award from RT Book Reviews for her work in Series Romantic Suspense, the National Readers’ Choice Award, and a RITA nomination. She has received rave reviews for the Slaughter Creek novels (Dying to Tell and Her Dying Breath) and her Graveyard Falls novels (All the Dead Girls, All the Pretty Faces, and All the Beautiful Brides). Rita is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and a proud mother and grandmother.

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Pretty Little Killers 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
For fans of Lisa Renee Jones (Lilah Love Series) and Alexandra Ivy (The Agency Series), Pretty Little Killers presents a murder mystery where lines are crossed and the truth is blurred. Rita Herron tosses readers into a dark romantic suspense as a vicious vigilante targets predators. One might think that if they're getting the bad guys off the streets, why get in the way of that? But this killer is after something more than protecting citizens and Special Agents Hatcher McGee and Korine Davenport have to figure it out before more people are killed. After a tragic loss and downward spiral Hatcher is looking to redeem himself. It would be easier if he didn't have to work with a past fling, Korine Davenport. Korine is not without her own darkness, but she's determined to find the truth of her father's murder. When Korine is targeted the story takes an even darker turn and creates tension you could cut with a knife. The characters are complex and really bring the story to life. While the story increases in suspense, romance blossoms along with it. Korine and Hatcher are both passionate characters that set the steamy scenes on fire, even as they try to resist the attraction between them. Pretty Little Killers was so much more than I was expecting and it holds every element of romantic suspense that I love. This compelling introduction to The Keepers series is a page turner and I can't wait to see where it goes! *ARC provided in consideration for review*
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Pretty Little Killers is the first book in Rita Herron’s The Keepers Series. This was my first time reading this author and I was thoroughly impressed. The book kept me on the edge of my seat. The suspense was chilling. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I found out that I was wrong. I expected it to fit the mold of every other mystery suspense book that I have read but it didn’t. Pretty Little Killers is about new FBI Agent Korine Davenport and FBI Special Agent Hatcher McGee. Hatcher and Korine had a tryst 6 months ago, which happened to be the same night Hatcher’s wife was being murdered. After hunting down the killer, Hatcher has spent the rest of his time inside a bottle. In his first case back, Hatcher ends up partnering with Korine. Needless to say, tensions are very high; especially considering that they still have feelings for each other. Korine also has the added baggage of having witnessed the murder of her father 25 years ago when she was 5-years-old. At its core, Pretty Little Killers is about revenge. There is a serial killer who is killing people who basically didn’t get what they deserved. This person is seeking revenge for people who were wronged by the justice system. This is the type of book that makes you question the extent to which you would go to get justice for yourself or someone else. It’s about domestic violence, child abuse, and every other heinous crime that you could think of. There are also some rather gruesome deaths so be warned nothing is candy-coated. The brutality of it all intensifies once certain truths are revealed that shake one of the FBI agents to their core. I can’t go into more detail but I will say that I was beyond shocked. The author has set the bar rather high so I’m very interested to see what she does in the next book. I’m sure that it will be killer. **Received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a police procedural type mystery told in multiple POV. I thought the added POVs of some of the minor characters were unnecessary and I could have done without the excerpts of the blog and its comments. I was willing to overlook these things though and just enjoy this novel until the end. There was just enough action and mystery to keep my turning the pages. I couldn’t figure out for sure who the Keeper was and was excited for reveal. And then the author chose to have something happen that was so outside the realm of reality yet so pivotal to the plot that it ruined everything for me. [ So the unsub changes her name and is able to get into the FBI. She says she changed it because she wouldn’t have been able to get into the FBI otherwise (due to her past). But if you change your name the FBI could easily figure that out. After all, you go through a government agency to do that. And it doesn’t erase your past. (hide spoiler)] Unfortunately because of this the book as a whole bombed for me.
dmetcalf29 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. This is a crime fiction with a romance subplot. Pretty Little Killers is the first book in a series. It follows Korine Davenport and Hatcher McGee, two partners in the FBI investigating a string of murders that seem to be connected. This book opens with a punch of watching a 5 year old Korinne witness her father's murder in front of her. As part of the FBI, her father's murder is always in the back of her mind and she is intent on one day finding her father's killer. To further complicate the issue, Korinne and Hatcher had a one night stand on the night Hatcher's wife was killed and are now forced to partner with one another. Korinne and Hatcher begin investigating a string of murders and soon find themselves entangled in a web of connected crimes. This book basically provides two mysteries with one in the past and one in the present. This was excellent in that it had me guessing to the end. The only bad thing about this book was the love story which I thought was unnecessary and a bit unrealistic. However, other than that, everything else was amazing. There are twists and turns and it left me guessing till the end.
Pebbles92 More than 1 year ago
Pretty Little Killers is the first book in The Keepers series by Rita Herron. This is the first book I have read by this author and it certainly will not be the last. Even though this story was really quite light on the romance side of things until closer to the end, it was jam packed with murder, suspense and lots of drama. A very engaging story with some very unexpected twists and turns. The only draw back I found was that at first I felt like I had jumped in on Book Two. I kept getting this nagging feeling throughout that there was a prior story somewhere that would have shared more of the backstory involving the murder of Hatcher's wife along with his history with Korine. Overall though, I found this story intriguing and look forward to what the author has in store for us next. ARC provided by the author and the publisher via Netgalley.
CrazyCat_Alex More than 1 year ago
Rita Herron has become one of my favorite Romantic Suspense writers. She has the ability to draw the reader in from the start and there is not a chance to put the book down. Pretty Little Killers did just that. I was so invested in the story that I didn't notice how the day got by and I still sat glued to the book. I highly recommend this book, fast paced, steamy and so good. Read it, I promise, you'll love it! I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance!
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
PRETTY LITTLE KILLERS by Rita Herro. The Keepers book 1 A Christmas she wanted a procelian doll and music box, and lost her father, Obsessed with cold cases kept Korine up at night. Hatcher is back, after hitting the bottle when wife was killed, because of him. The new team at the F BI was Korine and Hatch could demons, and revenge work for them or against, in this new case A distinguish judge, left in plain view, he presided over a known trial. This plot will lead you with twist and turns to the end.the characters were good. Readers will definitely enjoy this new series by Rita.
TropicalDelusions More than 1 year ago
Pretty Little Killers – Rita Herron I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review. Korine Davenport was only a child when her father was shot and killed in front of her in their Savannah home. There was never an arrest made in his murder. Now, 25 years later Korine is an FBI Special Agent, who is determined to right that long ago wrong. Special Agent Hatcher McGee is also searching for a killer – that of his estranged wife. He carries tremendous guilt after ignoring her phone calls about a stalker, because he was in bed with then FBI Cadet Davenport. In the same case, his partner was also critically injured, and remains unable to work. Hatcher has just returned to active duty, after hitting rock bottom himself. His new partner? Agent Korine Davenport. Both have regrets about their one night together, for very different reasons. Now, thrown together, they attempt to ignore the burning attraction that still exists, as they investigate a series of murders – which all evidence indicates to be a vigilante serial killer, with a grudge. First, a judge, under derision for allowing a rapist to go free on a technicality. Next, a child molester, tied to a tree, emasculated, and left for alligators to consume, after a daring escape from a prison transport bus. Finally, a driving instructor, who liked to molest teenaged girls, but was never convicted of a crime. Found with a bullet wound to his groin, and his hands hacked from his body. All bodies are found with a symbol on them, representing justice. As the search for a killer continues, passions flare, and Korine & Hatcher discover long buried secrets of her past, leading to a stunning and unforgettable conclusion!! I LOVED this book! And the best part – it is the start of a series! I look forward to reading more of Special Agents McGee & Davenports adventures!