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Primordial Leadership: Unleash the Results Animal in You...and in Others

Primordial Leadership: Unleash the Results Animal in You...and in Others

by Lawrence D Duckworth


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Unleash the results animal in yourself and your followers! In Primordial Leadership©, seasoned C-executive Larry Duckworth applies cutting-edge Neuroscience (""brain science"") to the business world to reveal why people behave the way they do—at the most basic ""Primordial"" level—and how to leverage these powerful behavior insights into extraordinary results.

Science has identified our most basic Primordial Drive™ as humans is to perpetuate the species' genes. Duckworth goes further and identifies how six enabling Primal Drives™—Safety, Self-Interest, Hope and Transcendence, Honesty and Trust, Energy and Time Optimization, and Sociability—are at work in specific leadership settings. Harnessing these deeper Primordial forces present in all human ""animals"" can clearly differentiate you as a more powerful, valuable leader to both your followers, and the peers with whom you’re competing.

Duckworth’s C-level practical, Primordially-based advice has been field-tested and proven in private and public businesses, non-profits, and government entities. Jam-packed with practical implementation insights, stories, methods, and tools proven to materially improve results, Duckworth also shows you how to ""take it to the street"" with the Judo Principle™, to leverage all the Primal Drives to work for you rather than against you.  He also addresses special leadership contexts such as business turnarounds, military leadership, engineer leaders, female leaders, and older leaders.

Primordial Leadership will help you ignite zeal; improve innovation; effectively manage strategic, annual, and operating planning; avoid change resistance; and know what to do when there is “no way out.”

True leadership excellence is within you.

It’s time to unleash the beast!

Primordial Leadership introduces new, deepest, Neuroscience-based powerful insights into what really drives human behavior at the ""animal"" level, for the first time.

• MBA training, 25+ years of C-experience and research, and college level teaching provide powerful Neuroscience insights that go beyond historical leadership views to present real life, actionable ideas that work uniquely well.

• Many usable tools, methods, and ""what not to do"" recommendations are provided.

• In addition to practical ideas for leading commercial companies, specific advice is provided for government leaders, military leaders, non-profit leaders, turn-around leaders, engineering and financial leaders, female leaders, and older leaders.

• Powerful new planning and change management ideas are provided, based on Neuroscience findings and direct use experiences; and presentations for the Process Excellence Network.

• Primordial techniques support Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Lean Six Sigma, and fostering a continually learning organization.

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ISBN-13: 9781614487630
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/21/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lawrence D. Duckworth is a serial C-executive with 25+ years of line leadership experience. He has an MBA, and has taught business courses at universities and for industry, and has served on non-profits boards. He is an inductee into the Beta Gamma Sigma National Business Honorary, and a U.S. Army veteran.

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As we will learn in this book, the Primordial Drive is enabled by consistent, powerful Primal Drives™, and all can be leveraged via the Judo Principle™ for results- generating leadership. Effectively “unleashing the animal” in you and in others will yield many results, benefits, and rewards by taking your leadership to the next, A-player level.

An old story is told about a cheetah and a gazelle both waking up each day with the imperative of running. It’s a good metaphor for today’s leader. Which one do you want to be: the eater, or the eatee? My advice: You are in the race no matter what, so why not be the hunting cheetah?

In the pages of this book you’ll learn how to be a different and better leader— faster, smarter, and still standing at the end. The results animal in you, and the others you lead, will be unleashed.

Table of Contents


Part One: The Principles Behind Primordial Leadership
Chapter 1: A Brief History of Western Leadership Thought in the Last One Hundred Years
Chapter 2: Summary of the Primordial Drive and the Enabling Primal Drives
Chapter 3: The Importance of Envisioning and Values for Leadership

Part Two: Practicing Primordial Leadership
Chapter 4: You Can’t Manage Others Until You First Manage Yourself
Chapter 5: Effective Primordial Leadership
Chapter 6: Some Primordial Leadership Methods and Tools
Chapter 7: Planning and Effective Change Management
Chapter 8: Leadership in Special Situations

Appendix A: More on the Primordial Drive and the Enabling Primal Drives
Appendix B: More on Leadership Assessment

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