Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen by Johann Guinter and Andreas Vesalius

Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen by Johann Guinter and Andreas Vesalius

by Vivian Nutton

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Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen is a translation of Johann Guinter’s textbook as revised and annotated by Guinter’s student, Andreas Vesalius, in 1538. Despite Vesalius’ fame as an anatomist, his 1538 revision has attracted almost no attention. However, this new translation shows the significant rewrites and additional information added to the original based on his own dissections. 250 newly discovered annotations by Vesalius himself, published here in full for the first time, also show his working methods and ideas.

Together they offer remarkable insights into Vesalius’ intellectual biography and the development of his most famous work: De humani corporis fabrica, 1543. An extensive introduction by Vivian Nutton also provides new information on Johann Guinter, and his substantial use of Vesalius’ work for his own revised version of the text in 1539. Their joint production, a student textbook, is set against a background of the development of Renaissance anatomy, and of attitudes to their ancient Greek predecessor, Galen of Pergamum.

This text will be of great interest to historians of science and medicine, as well as to Renaissance scholars.

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ISBN-13: 9781351981156
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/16/2017
Series: Routledge Early Modern Translations
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About the Author

Vivian Nutton is Professor of the History of Medicine, A.M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University, and Emeritus Professor of the History of Medicine, University College London. Among his recent books are a translation of Galen, On Distress (2013) and Ancient Medicine, 2ed (2013).

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Andreas Vesalius, from Brussels to Padua

Anatomy before Vesalius

Johann Guinter and the Institutiones anatomicae

Vesalius’ Revision of the Institutiones, 1538

Vesalius’ Annotations

Towards the De humani corporis fabrica

The Dog that did not bark

Part II: Translation: The Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen

Vesalius’ Preface

Guinter’s Preface

Book I

Book II

Book III

Book IV

Appendix: Vesalius’ Annotations transcribed


Index to the 1538 edition

Index to the Introduction and Notes

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