Principles of Geology

Principles of Geology

by Charles Lyell


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ISBN-13: 9780344321795
Publisher: Franklin Classics Trade Press
Publication date: 10/27/2018
Pages: 478
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About the Author

Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was a British geologist most famous for his great geological opus: The Principles of Geology: Being an Attempt to Explain the Former Changes of the Earth's Surface, by Reference to Causes now in Operation (3 vols 1830-33).

Table of Contents

Edited with an Introduction by James A. Secord

Numbers in italics refer to chapters included only as summaries or in brief extracts

List of Illustrations
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A Note on This Edition

Volume I (1830)
1: Objects and Nature of Geology
2-4: Historical Sketch of the Progress of Geology
5: Theoretical Errors which have Retarded the Progress of Geology
6: Assumed Discordance of the Ancient and Existing Causes of Change Controverted - Climate
7: Climate, continued
8: Climate, continued
9. Theory of the Progressive Development of Organic Life
10-17: Aqueous Causes
18-22: Igneous Causes
23-24: Earthquakes and their Effects
25: Earthquakes, continued - Temple of Serapis
26. Causes of Earthquakes and Volcanos

Volume II (1832)
1: Changes of the Organic World - Reality of Species
2: Theory of the Transmutation of Species Untenable
3: Limits of the Variability of Species
4: Hybrids
5-7: Geographical Distribution of Species
8: Changes in the Animate World, which Tend to the Extinction of Species
9: Changes in the Animate World, which Tend to the Extinction of Species, continued
10: Changes in the Inorganic World, Tending to the Extinction of Species
11: Whether the Extinction and Creation of Species Can Now be in Progress
12: Modifications in Physical Geography Caused by Plants, the Inferior Animals, and Man
13-16, 17: How the Remains of Man and his Works are becoming Fossil beneath the Waters
18: Corals and Coral Reefs

Volume III (1833)
1: Methods of Theorizing in Geology
2: General Arrangement of the Materials Composing the Earth's Crust
3: Different Circumstances under which the Secondary and Tertiary Formations may have Originated
4: Determination of the Relative Ages of Rocks
5: Classification of Tertiary Formations in Chronological Order
6-7: Newer Pliocene Formations - Sicily
8: Rocks of the Same Age in Etna
9: Origin of the Newer Pliocene Strata of Sicily
10-26: Former Changes of the Earth's Surface
Concluding Remarks

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