Privatization A Systems Perspective

Privatization A Systems Perspective

by Walter Sobkiw




Privatization of the US Government began in 1987 when President Reagan signed Executive Order 12607. This resulted in the report, Privatization Toward More Effective Government. This set the tone and policy in the US that still exists today.

Previously the tone and policy of the US was set when President Roosevelt requested a report from the Office of Scientific Research and Development on what can be done after the war. This resulted in the report Science the Endless Frontier.

There is now evidence suggesting that privatization has led to systemic government shutdowns and other negative unintended consequences including serious damage to the industrial base, colleges, universities, and the citizens of the United States.

This book provides history, examines the industrial base, higher education, air transportation, the FAA, and other areas. It offers a systems perspective, compares pre and post privatization times, and makes recommendations for moving forward in this new century.

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