Processing by Centrifugation

Processing by Centrifugation


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ISBN-13: 9781461351955
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 10/24/2012
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.03(d)

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Vibration during Centrifugation; L.L. Regel, et al. Application of the Spinning-Disc Technology for Process Intensification in the Chemical Process Industry; K.V.K. Boodhoo, R.J.J. Jachuk. Synthesis and Application of Nanoparticles by Multiphase Reactive Precipitation in a High-Gravity Reactor: I: Experimental; J. Chen, Y. Wang. Synthesis and Application of Nanoparticles by Multiphase Reactive Precipitation in a High-Gravity Reactor: II: Modeling; Y. Wang, J. Chen. Spreading of a Thin Liquid Drop under the Influence of Gravity, Rotation and Non-Uniform Surface Tension; E. Momoniat. Recovery of Diluted Components from Large Aqueous Streams by an Extremely Compact, Centrifugal Countercurrent Adsorption System; L.A.M. van der Wielen, et al. Gas-Phase Mass Transfer in a Centrifugal Gas-Liquid Contactor with a Stack of Flexible Disks as Packing; R. Mukherjee, et al. Analytical Ultracentrifugation: A Valuable Tool to Recognize Crystallization Conditions of Proteins; J. Behlke, O. Ristau. The Effect of Centrifugation on the Composition, Structure and Properties of Ionic Compound Crystals; S.P. Nikanorov, et al. Alteration of the Chemical Composition of Solid Solutions and Eutectics by Centrifugation; V.N. Gurin, et al. Dissolution Rate of GaP Crystal on a Centrifuge; Y. Inatomi, et al. Influence of Centrifugation on the Conductivity of Poly-N-Epoxypropylcarbazole - Copper Phthalocyanine Films Deposited from Solution; K. Karimov, et al. Physical Vapor Transport of CuPc Organic Thin Films in High Gravity; K. Karimov, et al. Diamond Synthesized by DC-Plasma CVD at High Gravity; M. Nakazato, et al. Influence of Centrifugation on Diamond Film Deposition by Chemical Vapor Transport; L.L. Regel, W.R. Wilcox. Polymer Synthesis in a Centrifugal Field; K.G. Kostarev, A.V. Shmyrov. Utilization of Microgravity and High Gravity to Prepare Materials with Controlled Properties; V.A. Briskman, et al. Influence of Centrifugation on Coagulation of Colloidal Dispersions of Teflon™; J. Simmons, et al. Boundary Conditions in Diffusional Growth and Sedimentation; V. Privman, J. Park. Simulation of Sedimentation of Atoms in a Binary Alloy in Strong Gravity; M. Ono, T. Mashimo. Mega-Gravity Experiment on in In-Pb Alloy; T. Mashimo, et al. Molecular Gradation in Glass by Using High Gravity: A Novel Method for Si-Ti Graded-Glass Preparation; M. Nishihara, et al. High-Velocity Sedimentation to Determine Conformational and Hydrodynamic Parameters of Nitrocellulose Macromolecules; V.A. Malchevsky. Mechanical Properties of Nitrocellulose Composite Materials; V.A. Malchevsky. Centrifugal Casting of Al-25%w Cu Alloy with Electromagnetic Stirring and Water Cooling; W. Zhang, et al. The Influence of High Artificial Gravity on SHS processes; V.I. Yukhvid, et al. Self-Propagating High-Temperature Centrifugal Processing of Cu2O-Cu-Al and Cu2O-Al Systems; A.S. Rogachev, et al. Centrifugal-Thermit Process for Production of Composite Pipes of Various Sizes; E. Miyazaki, O. Odawara. Ceramic-Lined Composite Pipes Produces by the Gs-T SHS Process with Mechanical Vibration; J. Wang, et al. Directional Solidification of Aluminum and Lead in a Centrifuge; Sh. Mavlonov, H. Shodiev. Physico-Chemical Analysis under Conditions of High Gravity; Sh. Mavlonov, H. Shodiev. Defect Formation in Tellurium at Different Gravitational Levels; L.L. Regel, et al. Influence of Centrifugation on Furnace Temperature Distribution and Freezing Rate of InSb using the Gradient Freeze Technique; I.L. Moskowitz, et al. Effects of Rotation on Transport Processes during Crystal Growth by Solidification; C.W. Lan. Numerical Modeling and Flow Visualization in the Gradient Freeze Configuration during Centrifugation; P.V. Skudarnov, et al. Pattern Formation in Natural Convection in a Rotating Container; M. Vargas, et al. Non-Axisymmetric Chimney Convection in a Mushy Layer under a High Gravity Environment; D.N. Riahi. Viscous Fingering on a Rotating Porous Medium; M.Z. Saghir, et al. Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in High Gravity Convection during Alloy Solidification; D.N. Riahi. Body-Force-Driven Multiplicity and Stability of Combined Free and Forced Convection in Rotating Curved Ducts: Centrifugal Force; L. Wang, T. Yang. Visualization of Flows in Channels with Curvature and Rotation; L. Wang, K.C. Cheng. Effect of High Gravity on the Solid-Liquid Interfacial Free Energy; C. Patuelli, R. Tognato. Mechanical Behavior of Energetic Materials at High Acceleration; Y. Lanzerotti, J. Sharma.

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