Proclaiming Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Opportunities and Challenges

Proclaiming Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Opportunities and Challenges

Proclaiming Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Opportunities and Challenges

Proclaiming Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Opportunities and Challenges


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How may the church claim that Christ is the only Savior in a world in which tolerance

and relativism are prized and societies are increasingly religiously plural? How does

the Spirit empower believers and communities in their daily life and work as they face

formidable cultural and ideological challenges?

Such questions these essays answer. Half originated at "Proclaiming Christ in the Face

of Challenges," the 2018 Scholarsʼ Consultation of Empowered21, a global network of

Spirit-empowered churches and communities. This Consultationʼs location in Johannesburg

accounts for eight essaysʼ focusing on distinctively African concerns; another four center

on Asia and the Global South and three on Europe. Others address Western concerns of

modernism, postmodernism, secularism, and pluralism, while several probe biblical and

historical-theological foundations of Christian faith and its Spirit-empowered proclamation.

Readers will benefit from exploring the universality of the Christian gospel from its fi rst

proclamation and its proven adaptability to the cultural pluralism that is todayʼs global

reality, a flexibility that is faithful to Godʼs revelation and effective in imparting divine life

where proclaimed and believed.

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ISBN-13: 9781950971039
Publisher: Oru Press
Publication date: 10/05/2020
Series: E21 Scholars' Consultation
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents



Part I. Establishing the Foundation


Wonsuk Ma and Emmanuel Anim

1. The Name of Jesus in Luke-Acts with Special

Reference to the Gentile Mission

James B. Shelton

2. Only Jesus Is Savior and Lord? How the New

Testament Responds to Religious and Political


Mark E. Roberts

3. A New Antinomianism: Universal Salvation and

All-Inclusive Grace in Contemporary

Charismatic Teaching

Michael McClymond

4. Pentecostalism, Primal Spirituality, and


Allan H. Anderson

5. "And These Signs Shall Follow. . .": Authenticity

and Authentication of the Gospel in the Early


Clayton Coombs

6. The New Pluralism: The Place of the Christian

Church in the 21st Century

Samuel Thorpe and J. Elias Stone

Part II. Proclaiming the Uniqueness of Christ

in the World

7. The Uniqueness of Jesus in African Culture: An

African Pentecostal Perspective

Emmanuel Anim


8. "God Has Made Him Both Lord and

Messiah. . .": An African Perspective on

Christology and the Pentecost Day Message

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

9. Power Encounter in the Proclamation of God's


Opoku Onyinah

10. Towards a Contextual and Effective Engagement

of the African Spirit World

Christian Tsekpoe

11. "No Other Name": Presenting Jesus Christ in

Multi-Cultural and Religious Environments

Sylvia Owusu-Ansah and Philip Adjei-Acquah

12. The Spirit-Empowered Church: God's Answer to

a Postmodern World: A Sermon

Sakkie Olivier

13. Integrating Christianity in the Traditional

Religious Milieu: The South African Experience

Dela Quampah

14. Redundancy in the African Cosmos: Witnessing

Jesus Christ as the Only Savior through the

Power of the Holy Spirit

Lord Elorm-Donkor

15. Witnessing to Jesus Christ as the Only Savior

through the Power of the Holy Spirit: An Asian


Julie C. Ma

16. Christian Marginality and the Holy Spirit: A

Pakistan Encounter

Zia Paul and Rebecca Paul

17. The Challenge of a "Displacing" Secularism: A

Tactical Response by Hindu and Christian

Traditions in India

Brainerd Prince and Jeffrey R. Thomas

18. Fresh Fire, Fresh Wind: Stories of Young African

Pentecostals Engaging Secularism in Europe

Harvey Kwiyani

19. Witnessing to Christ in Eastern Europe: An

Assessment of Context

Marcel V. Măcelaru

20. Refugee Ministry in the Contrasting Settings of

Greece and Germany

John Thompson

21. Witnessing to Christ Among Urban Youths: A

Bogota Experience

Richard Harding and Manuela Castellanos

22. Postmodernism, Pluralism, and Pneumiotics:

Three Major Influences on the Spirit-Empowered


Michael Rakes

The Gift of Christ's Uniqueness: Postscript

Rebekah Bled


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