Prodigal Avenger: A Story of the Secret War in Afghanistan

Prodigal Avenger: A Story of the Secret War in Afghanistan

by Tim Moynihan


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A Covert Rescue Mission No One Expects to Succeed--Who will survive?

Special operator and "nice Jewish kid from Hawaii," Jake "Snake" Drecker, is intent on a mission across borders to eliminate a brutal terrorist cell. That they may or may not also be holding an American missionary hostage is unclear. The intelligence is sketchy, the objectives vague, and the chance of success slim. Jake's boss and old friend, Lieutenant Colonel Mike "Pancho" Sanchez, wonders at the mysterious motivation behind his best soldier's decisions--and about an equally mysterious rogue military unit that shows up at the worst moments to insert itself into their operations. That the CIA seems willing to sacrifice both Drecker's team and the hostage only adds to the mystery, forcing Pancho to dig deep to discover the truth behind the missionary's past. And time is running out as Drecker drags his team on a quixotic rescue operation into the very belly of the beast--a mission Drecker and Pancho both know they cannot survive unscathed.

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ISBN-13: 9781948888783
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 559,747
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Tim Moynihan enlisted in the Army reserve in 1983 and received an Army ROTC scholarship to Providence College where he was a 1987
Distinguished Military Graduate. For the next twenty years he served in a variety of military and civilian intelligence assignments. In 1991, while still on active military duty, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Tim Moynihan now pastors a church in Southern California, is married to Sue, and has two adult sons, TJ and Andrew.

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Prodigal Avenger: A Story of the Secret War in Afghanistan 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Literary_Titan 5 months ago
Jake Drecker, a special operator, pursues a mission across country borders to neutralize a terrorist cell, which may be holding an American missionary hostage. When Jake’s boss, Lt. Colonel Mike Sanchez, wonders at Drecker’s insistence and the CIA’s apparent carelessness for his and his team’s safety. The mystery of motivations and history of the missionary begins to settle in for both men. As the rescue operation becomes more and more dangerous, Drecker and Sanchez begin to believe that they may have bitten off more than they could chew. Military thrillers are always ripe with adventure and thrilling pacing, yet Tim Moynihan’s Prodigal Avenger, seems to subvert his trope. His style is crisp and light and sails over the narrative with ease. There are plenty of nitty-gritty details and numerous mentions of military jargon to please even the most extensive army aficionados. Set in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the setting is immediately visceral and relevant, given the extensive USA presence there in the last 18 years, although Moynihan avoids labeling or commenting on the political foibles that led to the conflict. The mentions and reflections of faith were unexpected, but felt surprisingly welcome, especially in the face of such dire circumstances. Drecker and Sanchez play off one another quite well and give an almost classic “brothers in combat” that is present in most military dramas, yet Moynihan plays his hand slightly closer to his chest by not allowing either man to be too intimate to the reader. This keeps us at a distance when observing the violence and chaos that occurs throughout the story. There is special attention to show how in war, black and white isn’t clear and that no one is purely at fault nor innocent in war. That kind of appreciation for warfare is rare in these sorts of patriotic, Americanized thrillers and Moynihan must be commended for his discerning prose. The only fault I found in this book would be the loose ends. Considering how complex and confusing the operation becomes over time, this is no surprise, but the careful narrative never becomes overtly twisted so as to confuse the reader further. The loose ends otherwise will have us begging for answers and one can hope that Prodigal Avenger does not leave Drecker and Sanchez behind. Any reader of military thrillers or military adventures stories surrounding the Middle East would be well served by reading these.
Carl Cooper 8 months ago
Just finished reading this book and found it very enlightening. Anyone who loves this country and appreciates our military, as I do, would enjoy this very well written novel. Against the backdrop of a real war, including the details that very few people know or even understand, Tim Moynihan used his vast military experience and credentials to bring this story to life for all of us. He has also drawn from his present office as a Christian pastor to interject human redemption and forgiveness into the main characters featured in this book. "Prodigal Avenger" has all of this and more, including a lot of twist and turns, along with some unexpected surprises at the end. A true high action novel that will grip your imagination.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mind-bending and unpredictable. I've read it a couple of times now. Lot's of endorsements for this novel that say it a better than me. Kirkus Reviews reviewer wrote this about the author: "Moynihan’s polished prose is fast-paced, and his gritty descriptions are sometimes starkly poetic." Recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a well written, fast paced book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The descriptions of the landscapes and people are beautiful and the character development makes this book enjoyable to military and civilian folks alike. While the story is both military and Christian based it is not heavy handed with either - the military terminology is not over used and is easily understood. The Christian message/under tones appear occasionally but are not preachy or in your face - just part of the fabulous character development. Men and woman alike would like this book. I highly recommend it.
Anne_Baxter_Campbell 3 months ago
This war story is well written, fast paced, and definitely from a man's perspective. Personally, I think this will be an excellent read for guys. It's full of action, action, and more action. Four stars. Take one special forces anonymous one-man strike force, dress him in a burqa, and send him after the worst of the violent Taliban and Al-Qaeda, etc, leaders. Scratch the terrorists. Repeat. Until an American-Jewish Christian Missionary gets kidnapped, and then the scene changes. I received a free copy of this book from the author, but my opinions are my own.