Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-Century Architecture / Edition 1

Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-Century Architecture / Edition 1

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MIT Press
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Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-Century Architecture / Edition 1

The present volume offers eloquent testimony that many of the master builders of this century have held passionate convictions regarding the philosophic and social basis of their art. Nearly every important development in the modern architectural movement began with the proclamation of these convictions in the form of a program or manifesto. The most influential of these are collected here in chronological order from 1903 to 1963. Taken together, they constitute a subjective history of modern architecture; compared with one another, their great diversity of style reveals in many cases the basic differences of attitude and temperament that produced a corresponding divergence in architectural style. In point of view, the book covers the aesthetic spectrum from right to left; from programs that rigidly generate designs down to the smallest detail to revolutionary manifestoes that call for anarchy in building form and town plan. The documents, placed in context by the editor, are also international in their range: among them are the seminal and prophetic statements of Henry van de Velde, Adolf Loos, and Bruno Taut from the early years of the century; Frank Lloyd Wright's 1910 annunciation of Organic Architecture; Gropius's original program for the Bauhaus, founded in Weimar in 1919; "Towards a New Architecture, Guiding Principles" by Le Corbusier; the formulation by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner of the basic principles of Constructivism; and articles by R. Buckminster Fuller on universal architecture and the architect as world planner. Other pronouncements, some in flamboyant style, including those of Erich Mendelsohn, Hannes Meyer, Theo van Doesburg, Oskar Schlemmer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, El Lissitzky, and Louis I. Kahn. There are also a number of collective or group statements, issued in the name of movements such as CIAM, De Stijl, ABC, the Situationists, and GEAM.Since the dramatic effectiveness of the manifesto form is usually heightened by brevity and conciseness, it has been possible to reproduce most of the documents in their entirety; only a few have been excerpted.

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ISBN-13: 9780262530309
Publisher: MIT Press
Publication date: 11/15/1975
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 213,632
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

1903 Henry van de Velde: Programme
1906 Hans Poelzig: Fermentation in architecture
1907 Henry van de Velde: Credo
1908 Adolf Loos: Ornament and crime
1910 Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic architecture
1911 Hermann Muthesius: Aims of the Werkbund
1914 Muthesius/Van de Velde: Werkbund theses and
1914 Paul Scheerbart: Glass architecture
1914 Antonio Sant'Elia/Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: Futurist
1918 'De Stijl': Manifesto I
1918 Bruno Taut: A programme for architecture
1919 'Work Council for Art': Under the wing of a great
1919 Gropius/Taut/Behne: New ideas on architecture
1919 Walter Gropius: Programme of the Staatliches Bauhaus in
1919 Erich Mendelsohn: The problem of a new architecture
1920 Naum Gabo/Antoine Pevsner: Basic principles of
1920 Bruno Taut: Down with seriousism!
1920 Le Corbusier: Towards a new architecture: guiding
1921 Bruno Taut: Frühlicht (Daybreak)
1922 'De Stijl': Creative demands
1923 'De Stijl': Manifesto V
Van Doesburg and van Eesteren: Towards collective
building (Commentary on Manifesto V)
1923 Oskar Schlemmer: Manifesto for the first Bauhaus
1923 Werner Graeff: The new engineer is coming
1923 Erich Mendelsohn: Dynamics and function
1923 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Working theses
1923 Arthur Korn: Analytical and Utopian architecture
1924 Theo van Doesburg: Towards a plastic architecture
1924 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Industrialized building
1924 Hermann Finsterlin: Casa Nova
1924 Kasimir Malevich: Suprematist manifesto Unovis
1925 Le Corbusier: Guiding principles oftown planning
1926 Walter Gropius: Principles of Bauhaus production
1926 Frederick Kiesler: Space City architecture
1926 Le Corbusier/Pierre Jeanneret: Five points towards a
new architecture
1927 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: On form in architecture
1927 Hugo Häring: Formulations towards a reorientation
in the applied arts
1928 Erich Mendelsohn/Bernhard Hoetger: Synthesis World
1928 CIAM: La Sarraz Declaration
1928 ABC demands the dictatorship of the machine
1928 Hannes Meyer: Building
1929 El Lissitzky: Ideological superstructure
1930 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: The new era
1931 Frank Lloyd Wright: Young architecture
1932 Hugo Häring: The house as an organic structure
1932 R. Buckminster Fuller: Universal architecture
1933 CIAM: Charter of Athens: tenets
1943 Walter Gropius/Martin Wagner: A programme for city
1947 A postwar appeal: fundamental demands
1947 Frederick Kiesler: Magical Architecture
1949 Henry van de Velde: Forms
1950 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Technology and
1954 Jacques Fillon: New games!
1957 Konrad Wachsmann: Seven theses
1958 Hundertwasser: Mould Manifesto against rationalism in
1958 Constant/Debord: Situationist definitions
1960 William Katavolos: Organics
1960 Reinhard Gieselman/Oswald Mathias Ungers: Towards a new
1960 GEAM: Programme for a mobile architecture
1960 Louis I. Kahn: Order is
1960 Werner Ruhnau/Yves Klein: Project for an aerial
1960 'Situationists': International Manifesto
1960 Eckhard SchulzeFielitz: The Space City
1960 Constant: New Babylon
1961 R. Buckminster Fuller: The architect as world
1962 Walter Pichler/Hans Hollein: Absolute architecture
1962 Yona Friedman: The ten principles of space town
1963 We demand

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