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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2008 / Edition 1

Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2008 / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783642121098
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/04/2010
Series: Mathematics in Industry , #15
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 1083
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.08(d)

Table of Contents

Plenary Lectures.- Modelling Living Tissues: Mechanical and Mechanobiological Aspects.- New Mathematical Approaches for Image Reconstruction in the Oil and Medical Industries.- Continuum Models: Helping to Guide Industry.- Wax Segregation in Oils: A Multiscale Problem.- Chebfun: A New Kind of Numerical Computing.- Minisymposia.- Minisymposium Asymptotic Analysis.- Asymptotics of Orthogonal-Polynomial Functionals and Shannon Information Entropy of Rydberg Atoms.- Asymptotic Analysis of the Zeros of Hermite Polynomials.- The Error Function in the Study of Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Boundary Data.- Singular Perturbations of Parabolic Equations With or Without Boundary Layers.- The Asymptotic Inversion of Certain Cumulative Distribution Functions.- Minisymposium Asymptotic Properties of Complex Random Systems and Applications.- A Multi-Class Mean-Field Model with Graph Structure for TCP Flows.- Minisymposium Charge and Spin Transport in Nanostructures.- The Equilibrium Wigner Function in the Case of Nonparabolic Energy Bands.- Nonlinear Electron and Spin Transport in Semiconductor Superlattices.- Self-Sustained Spin-Polarized Current Oscillations in Multiquantum Well Structures.- Spin Dynamics in Quantum Dots.- Relocation Dynamics During Voltage Switching in Spin-Polarized Superlattices.- Minisymposium Dynamical Systems Methods in Aerospace Engineering.- A Combined Numerical/Experimental Continuation Approach Applied to Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics.- Operational Parameter Study of an Aircraft Turning on the Ground.- Geometric Nonlinearities of Aircraft Systems.- Application of Nonlinear Dynamics in Civil Aerospace.- Minisymposium Global System Dynamics and Policies.- Systems Approaches for Critical Decisions.- Application of System Dynamics to Climate Policy Assessment.- Minisymposium Multivariate and/or Multidimensional Image Processing in Biomedical Applications.- Regionalized Random Germs by a Classification for Probabilistic Watershed Application: Angiogenesis Imaging Segmentation.- Nucleus Modelling and Segmentation in Cell Clusters.- Spatio-Temporal Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning.- Tracking and Registration for Multidimensional Biomedical Image Analysis.- Patches of Finite Elements for Singularly-Perturbed Diffusion Reaction Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients.- Upgrading the UK Broadband Infrastructure by Monte Carlo Simulation.- Multi-Stepping and Anti-Icing / De-Icing Devices.- A Diffusion Model for Spatially Dependent Photopolymerization.- Minisymposium Interfacial Processes in Industrial and Environmental Turbulent Flows.- Wakes of Maneuvering Body in Stratified Fluids.- Eddy Dynamics Near Sharp Interfaces and in Straining Flows.- Evolution and Run-Up of Tsunamis.- Interfacial Mixing by Horizontal Vortices and Shear Turbulence.- Minisymposium Inverse Problems and Signal Processing in Industrial Applications.- Sparse Deconvolution for Peak Picking and Ion Charge Estimation in Mass Spectrometry.- Mathematical Imbalance Determination from Vibrational Measurements and Industrial Applications.- An Update of Hopkins’ Analysis of the Optical Disc Player Using Singular-System Theory.- The Application of Wavelet Analysis for the Detection of Planetary Wave Type Oscillations in the Ionospheric Total Electron Content.- Statistical Significance of Gabor Frames Expansions: Simple Filtering Principles for Radar Wind Profiler Data.- Minisymposium Multirate Time Integration for Multiscaled Systems.- Domain Decomposition Based Multirating and its Perspective in Circuit Simulation.- Multirate Numerical Integration for Stiff ODEs.- Terminal Current Interpolation for Multirate Time Integration of Hierarchical IC Models.- On Extrapolated Multirate Methods.- Is Geometry or Dynamics More Important in Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis?.- A Bidomain Numerical Validation for Assessing Times of Fast and Ending Repolarization from Monophasic Action Potentials.- Framework for Modular, Flexible and Efficient Solving the Cardiac Bidomain Equations Using PETSc.- On Efficiency and Accuracy in Cardioelectric Simulation.- Computational and Numerical Methods for the Efficient and Accurate Solution of the Bidomain Equations.- Minisymposium Operational Applications of Data Assimilation.- Data Fusion in the Navigation of Robots: Assessing Tools.- The Role of Balance in Data Assimilation.- Data Assimilation in Nuclear Power Plant Core.- An Iterative Method for Transport Equations in Radiotherapy.- Boundary Control of Radiative Transfer Equations for Application in Radiotherapy Planning.- Model Hierarchies and Optimal Control of Radiative Transfer.- Minisymposium Optimization and Model Order Reduction in Circuit Design.- A Netlist Reduction Algorithm to Symbolic Circuit Analysis.- of Symbolic Simplified Expressions in Circuit Optimization.- Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear IC Models.- Surrogate Modeling of RF Circuit Blocks.- Minisymposium Precipitation, Deposition and Sedimentation of Particles in Fluid Flow.- Structure of Granular Deposits Formed by Aerosol Particles Conveyed by Fluid Streams.- Creation of Clusters via a Thermal Quench.- Theory of Surface Deposition from Boundary Layers Containing Condensable Vapor and Particles.- Comparing League Formats with Respect to Match (Un)importance: A Case Study in Belgian Soccer.- Modelling Batting Strategy in Test Cricket.- Minisymposium Interactions between Structure and Process in Manufacturing Systems.- Modelling, Analysis and Stability of Milling Processes Including Workpiece Effects.- Adaptive Finite Element Discretisation of the Spindle Grinding Wheel System.- Optimal Control of Robot Guided Laser Material Treatment.- Minisymposium Mathematical Models for Supply Chains.- Design Network Problem and Heuristics.- Time-Dependent Order and Distribution Policies in Supply Networks.- Dynamics of Supply Chains Under Mixed Production Strategies.- Analogies Between Social Interaction Models and Supply Chains.- Computing the Value of Transshipment Flexibility in Distribution Networks.- Validated Methods: Applications to Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Systems in Medicine and Engineering.- Verification Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis and Design of Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Uncertainties.- Verified Solution of Nonlinear Dynamic Models in Epidemiology.- Physically Motivated Constraints for Efficient Interval Simulations Applied to the Analysis of Uncertain Models of Blood Cell Dynamics.- Application of MOBILE for Accurate Bone Motion Reconstruction UsingMotion-Measurements and MRI Measurements.- Toward Verified Modelling and Simulationof Closed Loop Systems in SMARTMOBILE.- Reliably Safe Path Planning Using Interval Analysis.- Minisymposium Models and Methods for Viscous Jets, Break-up and Drop Forming.- General String Theory for Dynamic Curved Viscida with Surface Tension.- Instability of Non-Newtonian Liquid Jets Curved by Gravity.- Simulation and Optimization of Film Casting Processes.- On the Effect of an Atmosphere of Nitrogen on the Evaporation of Sessile Droplets of Water.- Similarity Solutions for Unsteady Rivulets.- Depinning of 2d and 3d Droplets Blocked by a Hydrophobic Defect.- Minisymposium ECMIMIM: Concepts of Mathematical Modelling in the Curriculum of Mathematics in Industry.- Why Teach Mathematical Modelling?.- Differential Equations in the ECMIMIM Curriculum.- Minisymposium Topics in Learning Applied and Industrial Mathematics.- Modelling Reality: Motivate Your Students!.- The Impact of CAS Use in Introductory Engineering Mathematics.- Minisymposium Web Based Courses: Reaching a Distributed Audience.- Statlab: An Interactive Teaching Tool for DOE.- Statmaster and HEROS: Web-based Courses First and Second Generation.- University Network of Virtual Education in Serbia.- Introducing eLearning in Industrial Mathematics in Tanzania and Rwanda.- Contributed Papers.- Management of Several Purifying Plants in the Same Area: A Multi-Objective Optimal Control Problem.- Vector Space of Cooperative Games: Construction of Basis Related with Solutions Based on Marginal Contributions and Determination of Games with Predefined Allocations.- of Measurement Rules on the Nodes of Oriented Structures by Using Concepts of Game Theory.- Quasicontinuum Method at Finite Temperature Applied to the Study of Nanovoids Evolution in Fcc Crystals.- Second-Order Asymptotic Expansion for an Eigenvalue Set in Domain with Small Iris.- Mathematical Modelling of Fuel Cells.- Meshless Solution of Singular Potential Flows in Strong Formulation.- Estimation of a Piecewise Constant Function Using Reparameterized Level-Set Functions.- On the Trajectory of Rockets in the Atmosphere.- On Aircraft Response and Control During a Wake Encounter.- On Alternative Safety Metrics for the Probability of the Collision Between Aircraft.- Homogeneous Branched-Chain Explosions.- Wind Simulation Refinement: Some New Challenges for Particle Methods.- Parallel Numerical Algorithm for Simulation of Counter Propagation of Two Laser Beams.- Modelling Burglaries in Streets.- Approximate Numerical Solutions of Autonomous Second-Order Matrix Models Using Cubic Matrix Splines.- The Mathematical Model of the Pan-Tilt Unit Used in Noise Measurements in Urban Traffic.- Spread of Epidemics and Rumours with Mobile Agents.- A Two-Layer Algebraic Turbulence Model for Compressible Flow in Turbomachinery Cascade.- Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Analysis of a HAWT in Yaw.- Quasi-Positive Continuous Darcy-Flux Finite-Volume Methods.- Are Copying and Innovation Enough?.- Pricing Options Under Stochastic Volatility with Fourier-Cosine Series Expansions.- Topology and Motion Planning Algorithms in Robotics.- Some Hints on Finding the Most Important Components in a System.- An Advanced Aeroelastic Model for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines.- On One Nonlinear Mathematical Model for Intensive Steel Quenching and Its Analytical Solution in Closed Form.- Designing a Cover for a Tank.- An Advection-Dispersion Model for Spray Droplet Transport Including Interception by a Shelterbelt.- Numerical Modelling of a Pulse Combustion Burner: Limiting Conditions of Stable Operation.- Optimal Control of Buoyant Flows with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity.- Minimum Time Optimal Rendezvous on Circular and Elliptical Orbits.- Distributed Particle Swarm Intelligence for Optimization in the Water Industry.- Application of the Method of Auxiliary Sources in Optical Diffraction Microscopy.- Radial Basis Function (RBF) Solution of the Motz Problem.- Bilevel Optimization of Container Cranes.- Optimization of Satellite Constellations.- Moving Penalty Functions for Optimal Control with PDEs on Networks.- Numerical Analysis of Geometrical Characteristics of Machine Elements Obtained with CMM Scanning.- Plastic Yield of Particulate Materials Under the Effect of Temperature.- A Model for Spray Droplet Adhesion, Bounce or Shatter at a Crop Leaf Surface.- Optimisation through Control in Static and Dynamic Traffic Networks.- The Science of Desire: A Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modeling.- Modeling, Analysis and Simulations of Case Hardening of Steel.- Surface Recording of His-Purkinje Activity by One-Beat Wavelet Analysis in Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter.- Application of FEM in Analysis of Spigot Joint Contact Problems.- Fractional Cauchy Problem with Applications to Anomalous Diffusion.- Multi-scale Modeling of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field.- Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Thermoviscous Shocks and Their Interactions in Nonlinear Fluids Including Dissipation.- Study on Development of the Seated Human Body System Exposed to Vehicular Ride Vibration Environment.- Surrogate Modeling for Geometry Optimization.- Variational Optimization of Power Yield in Industrial Systems.- An Age-Dependent Metapopulation Model.- Two-Layer Shallow Water Equations with Complete Coriolis Force and Topography.- Optimising for Wind Power Contributions in an Electricity Grid.- A Novel Solution Method for Tokamak Plasma Force Balance.- A Differential-Geometric Approach to Model Isotropic Diffusion on Circular Conic Surfaces in Uniform Rotation.- A General Model of Lung Tumour Motion.- The Lipid Bilayer at the Mesoscale: A Physical Continuum Model.- Wavelet Transform in Speech Segmentation.

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