Progress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on Systems Engineering

Progress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on Systems Engineering

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015)

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ISBN-13: 9783319354446
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing , #366
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015
Pages: 903
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Titan Science Return Quantification.- Robust Output Feedback Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Solar Radiation Pressure.- Online Near-Optimal Path Planning to Back-up Aircraft Mission Capabilities in Emergency Conditions.- Nonlinear Optimal Tracking With Incomplete State Information Using State Dependent Riccati Equation.- Nonlinear Position Control of DC Motor Using Finite-Horizon State Dependent Riccati Equation.- Generalization of the Observer Principle for Youla-parametrized Regulators.- The Compensation of N-th Order Bilinearity Applied with Model Based Controller.- Estimation For Target Tracking Using A Control Theoretic Approach: Part 2.- Identification of Fractional Order Models: Application to 1D Solid Diffusion System Model of Lithium Ion Battery Cell.- Robust Adaptive Control of the Dynamic Multilinked Object: Control of Robot Manipulator.- Modeling and Identification of a Fractional-order Discrete-time Laguerre-Hammerstein System.- A Comparative Study of Model-based and Data-based Model Order Reduction Techniques of Nonlinear Systems.- Optimised Job-Shop Scheduling via Genetic Algorithm for a Manufacturing Production System.- 3D CFD Simulation of the Thermal Performance of an Air Channel Solar Heater.- A Compact Heat Pump Concept Utilizing High Speed Rotation.- Experimental Investigation of Spray Evaporation on a Flat Flake Surface with Constant Heat Flux.- Life Cycle Assessment of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion with CO2 Post-combustion Capture.- Suggested Simulation of the First Copper-Chlorine Reactor Step for Solar Hydrogen Generation Process.- Voltage regulation in Resonant Coupled Systems for Near Field Power Transfer.- Security Breach Possibility with RSS-Based Localization of Smart Meters Incorporating Maximum Likelihood Estimator.- Active/Reactive Power Control of Three Phase Grid Connected Current Source Boost Inverter Using Particle Swarm Optimization.- Anti-islanding Test results for Multiple PV Inverter Operations.- Presentation of a Fuzzy Control Training and Test System.- Web Service Intrusion Detection Using a Probabilistic Framework.- Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Control for Ramp Metering.- Intelligent system concept for high-energy performance and adaptable user comfort.- Sparse hidden units activation in Restricted Boltzmann Machine.- Accelerated learning for Restricted Boltzmann Machine with momentum term.- Optimizing Interface Area of Percolated Domains in Two Dimensional Binary Compound: Artificial Neural Network Modeling on Monte Carlo Experiments.- Cognitive Science Based Scheduling in Grid Environment.- Vulnerability Evaluation of Multiplexing PUF for SVM Attacks.- Autonomous Visualization for Mitigating Lack of Peripheral Vision in Remote Safe Teleoperation.- Improving Multi-Panel Lamination Process Optimization using Response Surface Methodology and Neural Network.- Selecting Right Questions with Restricted Boltzmann Machines.- A Semantic Approach for Identifying Assurance Deficits in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Software.- A Load Optimization Considering Reverse Synergy that may Occur with Mixed Load.- Predictability of Firm Financial Sustainability Using Artificial Neural Networks: The Case of Qatar Exchange.- The Periodic Signal Filtration Using the Robust Digital Filter Order Calculation Optimized by Approximation.- A Reasoning System for Predicting Study Level based on Users Watching Behaviors.- Temporal Constraints and Sub-Dimensional Clustering for Fast Similarity Search over Time Series Data. Application to Information Retrieval Tasks.- Active Learning Based on Random Forest and Its Application to Terrain Classification.- Classification of multichannel EEG signal by linear discriminate analysis.- Virtual Enterprise Process Monitoring: An Approach Towards Predictive Industrial Maintenance.- Module-based Release Management for Technical Changes.- Trajectory Optimization by Particle Swarm Optimization in Motion Planning.- Cost Model for an Integrated Load Carrier Design Process in the Lithium-ion Battery Production.- Sensorless Force Estimation for a Two-Link Manipulator Based Upon Linear Dynamics.- A Joint-Space Parametric Formulation for the Vibrations of Symmetric Gough-Stewart Platforms.- Software Project Planning Using Agile.- A Modeling Approach to Support Safety Assurance in the Automotive Domain.- Dynamic OD Transit Matrix Estimation: Formulation and Model-building Environment.- Microstrip Spiral Resonator for the UWB Chipless RFID Tag.- An Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System on Jubatus.- A System for Conceptual Design Based on Energy-Informational Model.- An Algorithm for Multi-Source Geographic Data System.- Methodology and Platform for Business Process Optimization.- Review and Refined Architectures for Monitoring, Information Exchange, and Control of Interconnected Distributed Resources.- Lossless Compression of Climate Data.- Parameter Trade-off And Performance Analysis of Multi-core Architecture.- Approximation Algorithms for Utility-maximizing Network Design Problem.- Network Energy Reduction via an Adaptive Shutdown Algorithm.- Improving TCP Performance in Mix Networks.- An Epidemic Routing with Low Message Exchange Overhead for Delay Tolerant Networks.- EEIS-An Energy Efficient at Idle Slots MAC layer protocol.- Identification of Redundant Node-Clusters for Improved Face Routing.- Distributed processing applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Survey.- UAV Cooperative Data Processing Using Distributed Computing Platform.- Implementation of an Efficient Library for Asynchronous Circuit Design with Synopsys.- A Dynamic System Matching Technique-An Analytical Study.- On the Effect of High Power Amplifier Non-linearity on the Ergodic Capacity of Multihop MIMO-OFDM Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network.- Stability Analysis of Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulators.- Counting of water-in-oil droplets for targeted drug delivery systems using capacitive sensing technique.- Privacy Preserving Biometric Voice Authentication System -- SIPPA-based Approach.- Monitoring Urban and Land Use Changes in Al-Kharj Saudi Arabia using Remote Sensing.- Expert Systems Based Response Surface Models for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization.- A Survey of Approaches Used in Parallel Architectures and Multi- core Processors, For Performance Improvement.- Aligning Systems Engineering and Project Management Standards to Improve the Management of Processes.- Effect of the Groove Dimensions and Orientation on the Static and Dynamic Performance of Non-recessed Hybrid Journal Bearing.- Understanding Asynchronous Distributed Collaboration in an Enterprise Systems Engineering Context.- A Design Model for Rapid Transit Networks Considering Rolling Stock's Reliability and Redistribution of Services During Disruptions.- Management System Architecture for 3D Audio Evaluation Database.- A Generic Metamodel for Context-Aware Applications.- Cost Effectiveness of Coverage-Guided Test-Suite Reduction for Safety-Relevant Systems.- Towards a Holistic Definition of System Engineering: Paradigm and Modeling Requirements.- Migration from Legacy Systems to SOA Applications: A Survey and an Evaluation.- An Approach to Schedule Production using the Reservation Tables.- Applying System of Systems Engineering Approach to Build Complex Cyber Physical Systems.- Model Integration and Model Transformation Approach for Multi-Paradigm Cyber Physical System Development.- 2D Multi-Slice and 3D k-Space Simulations using a 3D Quadric Head Phantom with MRI Properties.- Classification of Lungs Nodule Using Hybrid Features from CT Scan Images.- A Smart Carpet Design for Monitoring People.- Rationalisation of the Maintenance Process of transport telematics system comprising two types of periodic inspections.- An Adaptive Controller of Traffic Lights using Genetic Algorithms.- Parameters Analysis of Satellite Support System in Air Navigation.- Selected Issues of the Reliability Analysis of GSM-R in Poland.- Speed-Volume Relationship Model for Speed Estimation on Urban Roads in Intelligent Transportation Systems.- Superpixel Based Semantic Segmentation for Assistance in Varying Terrain Driving Conditions.- Emotion Estimation using Geometric Features from Human Lower Mouth Portion.- Cognitive Based Sentence Level Emotion Estimation through Emotional Expressions.- 83 - Hybrid Multilingual Key Terms Extraction System for Hindi and Punjabi Text.- Sentiment and Emotion Prediction through Cognition: A Review.- A Short Review for Mobile Applications of Sentiment Analysis on various domains.- Human Cognition and Vision Based Earlier Path Determination System for Indoor Mobile Robot Path Planning.- Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) based Improved Iris Recognition System.- Acceleration based Particle Swarm Optimization (APSO) for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction.- Performance Analysis of Zone Based Features for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Script Recognition using Support Vector Machine.- Words Are Analogous To Lymphocytes: A Multi-Word-Agent Autonomous Learning Model.- Agile Rough Set Based Rule Induction to Sustainable Service and Energy Provision.- Intelligent Web Application Systems Testing through Value Based Test Case Prioritization.- Hybrid Identification of Bilinear Model in the Presence of Uncertainty and Absence of Sufficient Data.- A Fast Non-searching Algorithm for the High-Speed Target Detection.- A Comparative Study of Video Splitting Techniques.- Trajectory Based Unusual Human Movement Identification for Video Surveillance System.- Design And Implementation of Novel Algorithms For Frequent Pattern Trees.- Using Symbolic Functional Decomposition to Implement FSMs in Heterogenous FPGAs.- Efficient Functional Decomposition Algorithm Based on Indexed Partition Calculus.- Rule induction based on logic synthesis methods.- Simpler Functions for Decomposition.- Node Demand Reverse Deduction (DRD) Technology for Water Supply Networks.- Generalized Spring Tensor Model: A New Improved Load Balancing Method in Cloud Computing.- Middleware Solution for Cross-Site Data Transfer.- Architecture of Internet of Things for Smart Grids.- Specification and Design Method for Big Data Driven Cyber Physical Systems.- Simulating Active Interference Cancellation in Cognitive Radio.- A Development Study on Performance of a Real-Time Interface Device.- Task Allocation within Mesh Networks: Influence of Architecture and Algorithms.- Simulation of Manycore Computer System Architecture.- - A Survey on Design and Implementation of Floating Point Adder in FPGA.- Hybrid GPU/CPU Approach to Multiphysics Simulation.

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