Progress in VLSI Design and Test: 16th International Symposium on VSLI Design and Test, VDAT 2012, Shipur, India, July 1-4, 2012, Proceedings

Progress in VLSI Design and Test: 16th International Symposium on VSLI Design and Test, VDAT 2012, Shipur, India, July 1-4, 2012, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783642314933
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/02/2012
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #7373
Edition description: 2012
Pages: 408
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Lower Power 1.-An Efficient High Frequency and Low Power Analog Multiplier in Current Domain.-Design of Push-Pull Dynamic Leaker Circuit for a Low Power Embedded Voltage Regulator.-Power Modeling of Power Gated FSM and Its Low Power Realization by Simultaneous Partitioning and State Encoding Using Genetic Algorithm.-Analog VLSI Design I.-Design and Implementation of a Linear Feedback Shift Register Interleaver for Turbo Decoding.-Low Complexity Encoder for Crosstalk Reduction in RLC Modeled Interconnects .-Analog Performance Analysis of Dual-k Spacer Based Underlap FinFET.-Test and Verification I Implementation of Gating Technique with Modified Scan Flip-Flop for Low Power Testing of VLSI Chips.-Post-bond Stack Testing for 3D Stacked IC.-Translation Validation for PRES+ Models of Parallel Behaviours via an FSMD Equivalence Checker.-Design Techniques I.-Design of High Speed Vedic Multiplier for Decimal Number System.-An Efficient Test Design for CMPs Cache Coherence Realizing MESI Protocol .-An Efficient High Speed Implementation of Flexible Characteristic-2 Multipliers on FPGAs.-Algorithms and Applications I.-Arithmetic Algorithms for Ternary Number System.-SOI MEMS Based Over-Sampling Accelerometer Design with ΔΣ Output .-Design Optimization of a Wide Band MEMS Resonator for Efficient Energy Harvesting.-Lower Power II Ultra-Low Power Sub-threshold SRAM Cell Design to Improve Read Static Noise Margin.-Workload Driven Power Domain Partitioning.-Implementation of a New Offset Generator Block for the Low-Voltage, Low-Power Self Biased Threshold Voltage Extractor Circuit.-Analog VLSI Design II A High Speed, Low Jitter and Fast Acquisition CMOS Phase Frequency Detector for Charge Pump PLL.-ILP Based Approach for Input Vector Controlled (IVC) Toggle in Combinational Circuits.-Comparison of OpAmp Based and Comparator Based Switched Capacitor Filter.-Test and Verification II Effect of Malicious Hardware Logic on Circuit Reliability.-A Modified Scheme for Simultaneous Reduction of Test Data Volume and Testing Power .-Reusable and Scalable Verification Environment for Memory Controllers.-Design Techniques II Design of a Fault-Tolerant Conditional Sum Adder.-SEU Tolerant Robust Latch Design .-Design of Content Addressable Memory Architecture Using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors.-Algorithms and Applications II.-High-Speed Unified Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem on FPGAs Using Binary Huff Curves .-A 4 × 20 Gb/s 29-1 PRBS Generator for Testing a High-Speed DAC in 90nm CMOS Technology.-VLSI Architecture for Bit Parallel Systolic Multipliers for Special Class of GF (2m) Using Dual Bases .-Emerging Technologies.-A Synthesis Method for Quaternary Quantum Logic Circuits.-On the Compact Designs of Low Power Reversible Decoders and Sequential Circuits.-Delay Uncertainty in Single- and Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Interconnects.-Algorithms and Applications III.-A Fast FPGA Based Architecture for Sobel Edge Detection.-Speech Processor Design for Cochlear Implants.-An Efficient Technique for Longest Prefix Matching in Network Routers.-NoC and Physical Design A Faster Hierarchical Balanced Bipartitioner for VLSI Floorplans Using Monotone Staircase Cuts.-Test Data Compression for NoC Based SoCs Using Binary Arithmetic Operations .-Particle Swarm Optimization Based BIST Design for Memory Cores in Mesh Based Network-on-Chip.-Poster Presentation An Efficient Multiplexer in Quantum-dot Cellular Automata.-Integrated Placement and Optimization Flow for Structured and Regular Logic.-A Novel Symbol Estimation Algorithm for LTE Standard.-Impact of Dummy Poly on the Process-Induced Mechanical Stress Enhanced Circuit Performance.-A Novel Approach to Voltage-Drop Aware Placement in Large SoCs in Advanced Technology Nodes.-Design and Implementation of Efficient Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic .-Design of Combinational and Sequential Circuits Using Novel Feed through Logic.-Efficient FPGA Implementation of Montgomery Multiplier Using DSP Blocks.-Independent Gate SRAM Based on Asymmetric Gate to Source/Drain Overlap-Underlap Device FinFET.-VLSI Architecture for Spatial Domain Spread Spectrum Image.-Watermarking Using Gray-Scale Watermark .-A Photonic Network on Chip with CDMA Links.-Simulation Study of an Ultra Thin Body Silicon On Insulator Tunnel Field Effect Transistor.-Routing in NoC on Diametrical 2D Mesh Architecture.-Invited Talk Reversible Circuits: Recent Accomplishments and Future Challenges for an Emerging Technology (Invited Paper) .-Power Problems in VLSI Circuit Testing.-

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