Prophets Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic People Today

Prophets Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic People Today


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Prophets Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic People Today by Bill Hamon

This book shows you how to recognize your hidden "root" problems, and detect and correct character flaws and "weed seed" attitudes. It also can teach you how to discern true prophets using Dr. Hamon's ten M's.

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ISBN-13: 9780939868056
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Publication date: 10/28/1991
Series: Prophets Series
Pages: 238
Sales rank: 1,225,562
Product dimensions: 5.22(w) x 8.01(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication and Appreciationv
1.God's Preparation Process for Pitfalls and Principles1
Foundations for Prophetic Ministry
Prophets-1, Prophets-2, Prophets-3
2.Pitfalls for Prophetic Ministers7
A Person's Calling is God's Sovereign Choice
God's Goodness in Calling-Severity in Training
Weed Seed Attitudes and Root Problems
God's Remedy for Removing Bad Roots
3.Prophet Elijah Pitfall13
Victory on Mt. Carmel to Death-Wish under Juniper Tree
The Pit of Rejection & Persecution by Leadership
"I'm the Only One Left" Syndrome
The Prophet "Cave" Mentality
Life Example of Adjusting an Elijah Type Prophet
4.Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel's Problem with Persecution21
Suffering is Standard for Prophetic Life
Being Rejected without Developing Spirit of Rejection
Persecuted without Developing Persecution Complex
5.Prophet Abraham and Family Problems25
Prophetic Commission vs. Family Responsibilities
The Spoiled Child Syndrome
Ministerial Mates and Spiritual Spouses
The Prophet's Pitfall of Sexual Immorality
The Wife's Rights and Responsibility in Such Matters
6.Prophet Moses and Overprotectiveness33
Pitfalls for Prophetic Pastors
Personal Prophecy Partially Fulfilled
7.Prophet Jonah's Pride and Judgment Pitfall37
Jonah's Root Problems and Character Flaws
Shooting Star Prophet or Orbiting Star
8.Achan and "My Ministry" Syndrome41
Why God Was So Severe in Old Testament
God of Old Testament Is Same God of New Testament
Achan's Character Flaw and Pitfall
A True Minister's Motivational Purpose
9.Judas' Character Flaws: "Desire to be Rewarded for Every Service"47
Attitudes That Make an Apostle Become an Apostate
Prophets' Rights vs. Prophets' Responsibilities
Steps That Led to Judas Hanging Himself
10.James and John Syndrome51
Young Ministers with More Zeal Than Wisdom
From Aspiring Disciples to Church Apostles
Bishop's Responsibility to Discern if a Judas or a James
11.Prophet Balaam Pitfalls55
Judging Prophecy vs. Judging Prophet
How Many "M's" Out of Order Make a False Prophet?
Animal Prophetic Voice vs. False Prophet
True Prophesier But a False Prophet
12.Joseph's Divine Optimism vs. Jacob's Human Pessimism61
Proper Attitudes for All Prophetic Ministers
Horrible Personal Experiences No Excuse for Pessimism
Jezebel Spirit, Absalom Syndrome, David's Sin
13.The 10 M's for Maturing and Maintaining Ministry67
Determining Prophetic Ministers True/False Status
14.Prophets and Personal Prophecy--A Synopsis103
Prophets Are Special to Heart of God
Logos and Rhema Prophetic Words
Five Ways to Minister Prophetically
God's Word, Will and Way and Prophetic Terminology
Proper Responses to Personal Prophecy
Hindrances to the Fulfillment of Personal Prophecy
15.Prophets and Prophetic Movement--A Synopsis117
Past, Present and Future Restorational Movements
Characteristics of a Restorational Movement
Directives for Balance, Structure and Order
The True Spirit of God's Appointed Prophets
The Prophetic Movement vs. New Age Movement
Five Characteristics of Five-fold Ministry
Prophets Prophesying--Greatest Sign of Our Century
16.Prophetic Principles to Practice Answers to the Most Often Asked Questions123
1.Are Old Testament Standards for Determining False Prophets Valid for New Testament Prophets and Prophetic Ministry?
2.What About Prophecies that Seem to Contradict One Another?
3.Does Prophecy Come to Pass According to Expectations?
4.Why Does God Allow False Prophets and Prophecies?
5.How Can We Weigh and Prove a Word to Be True Yet Have Faith in the Word of the Lord and Believe His Prophets?
6.Will the Person Receiving a True Prophetic Word Always Have a Witness That It Is Accurate and from God?
7.Is Prophetic Ministry Always the Pure Word of the Lord, or Contain Human Opinions, Applications or Interpretations?
8.Are Prophets Divinely Gifted by God to Minister Prophetically to Anyone Who Comes Before Them for Such Ministry?
9.Is It Possible to Prophesy a Person's Desire Even if the Desire Is in Conflict with God's Will for That Person's Life?
10.What Wrong Motives Must Prophets Avoid in Ministry?
11.What Are Proper Guidelines for Ministering Prophetic Words That Deal with Romance and Marriage?
12.What Are Proper Guidelines for Ministering Prophecies to the Sick or Dying Concerning Their Healing?
13.Is There a Normal Course of Time for Prophecy to Be Fulfilled?
14.Will Personal Prophecy Reveal All of God's Will for a Person?
15.What Should Be the Results of Prophetic Ministry?
16.How Are Prophets and Prophetic Ministry to Relate to the Rest of the Body of Christ?
17.What Is a Proper Protocol for Ministering Personal Prophecy in a Public Setting?
18.Should Prophetic Utterances Serve As the Sole Basis for Determining Doctrine and Practice?
19.What Are the Different Levels of Giftings in the Prophetic Realm, and Are All Who Prophesy Considered Prophets?
17.Prophetically Knowing the Times, Seasons and End-Time Events179
God's 2000 Year and 500 Year Times
Parallel between John D'Baptist and God's End-Time Company of Prophets
Heavenly Decrees That Came with the Prophetic Movement
What Has Happened in the Church Since the Prophetic Movement
God's Standard of Righteous Now Being Enforced
Prophets Are God's Refiners and Purifiers
The Coming End-Time Judgment Ministry
Greatest Move of God Ever Is Coming
God's Last Day Call
Explanation and Definitions of Present Truth Prophetic Terms193

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