Protected By The Light: The Complete Book Of Psychic Self-Defense

Protected By The Light: The Complete Book Of Psychic Self-Defense

by Bruce Goldberg


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Protected By The Light is the most comprehensive guide to diagnosing, treating and preventing psychic attacks. Dr. Goldberg uses the latest research on energy fields, auric bodies, chakras, white magic, black magic, possession and demonology-as well as case histories from his hypnotherapy practice-to explore and explain the phenomenon of psychic attacks. This book includes more than 55 exercises to help the reader strengthen their aura and learn to protect themself and their loved ones against all forms of psychic attack. Psychic protection of this type brings with it a personal empowerment like no other.

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ISBN-13: 9781579680183
Publisher: Bruce Goldberg
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 619,589
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Dr. Goldberg received his hypnosis training in 1975 from The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, which trains only licensed dentists, physicians, and psychologists in the use of hypnosis. He is a former president of both the Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis and the Midatlantic Hypnotists Examining Council. Dr. Goldberg has been interviewed on Donahue, Oprah, Joan Rivers, CNN, CBS News and many other television and radio programs.

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Every one of us is exposed to psychic attacks throughout our daily lives. Our only protection is the energy shield surrounding our physical body that is known as the aura. This psychic assault may be comprised of political and religious appeals, threats of violence, noise pollution, news of crime, guilt, fear, advertisements, and many other factors.

It is imperative that you strengthen your aura and reduce your exposure to these precipitating factors as much as possible to prevent such an attack. By using the approaches presented here, you can eliminate the need to experience such discomfort as accidents, ill-health, and even violence. Moreover, you can extend this shielding effect to your family, workplace, and community.  

 A form of spiritual empowerment results from the application of the simple methods presented in this book. No longer will you be susceptible to the various forces in our universe that, if left unchecked, will create a psychic disturbance.

It is both exhilarating and frustrating to personally witness patients overcoming psychic attacks. The exhilarating component is the empowerment bestowed on my patients through the use of the simple techniques presented in this book.

The frustrating part of this work is the fact that so many unsuspecting people fall prey to psychic attacks without even realizing it. Symptoms such as depression, bad luck, weight loss, and so on (see Chapter 4) are so easily rationalized as some medical disorder or coincidence. The knowledge of how to recognize, prevent, and treat psychic attacks can improve dramatically so many lives, in such a short time, that it would make any physician and psychotherapist's head spin.

There is sparse literature on psychic attacks and how to present and treat them. Interestingly enough, much of the data is found in folklore, fiction, and in the transcripts of witch trials. Independent records of the latter, kept by those neither interested nor involved in psychic phenomena, serve to corroborate the statements made by victims of the psychic attacks.

My main purpose in writing this book is to present a thorough discussion of invisible forces that exist in our everyday lives. Some of these energies are beneficial to our health and well being, while others literally attack the core of our existence.

With the assistance of the exercises in this book, you will increase your awareness of the subtle energies surrounding your physical body, and those in the universe in general. You will strengthen your own aura and protect yourself against any form of psychic attack.

Lastly, you will acquire the knowledge and techniques to protect yourself and others from these psychic assaults.

People who fear being victimized by a psychic attack and who believe that black magic works are more likely to suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. Among the symptoms commonly noted are:


Loss of appetite.

Sexual impotence.

Fevers at night of unknown origin, even in cold weather.

Loss of strength and energy.

Loss of appetite and a wasting away of the body.


Rigidity of the arms and legs.

Depression and a desire to sleep more than previously required.

A generalized dullness of the mind and senses.

Unnatural yellowness of the skin.

Pains in the heart, neck, stomach, and kidneys.

Insomnia accompanied by severe nightmares.


The appearance of silhouettes that quickly disappear when the individual turns to look at them.

A vast array of unusual sounds.

Telepathic communication instructing the victim to harm themselves or others.

Short attention span and quick temper.

A string of bad luck for them and others in their life.

Any emotional imbalance may lower our resistance and allow for a psychic attack to occur. It is the energy imbalance of our soul that causes this emotional vulnerability in the first place. Anything that we can do to raise the quality of our soul's energy will build up our emotional and physical immune system. Our aura will be strengthened and no psychic attack will be possible.

An ability to cope with the emotions of others, the capacity to assist others without becoming enmeshed with their baggage, fears, and negativity, self-confidence and empowerment: These are some of the advantages of using the techniques of psychic protection, self-defense, and spiritual growth.

The new you will project a different kind of energy. No longer will you be approached by every beggar, street-vendor, and salesperson. These individuals are usually perceptive enough to sense your empowerment and realize that approaching you is simply a waste of their time. Also, those who do engage you in some confrontation will quickly observe that you are unaffected by this exchange and will cease and desist.

The supernatural is only the natural not yet understood. There is a need for a fuller knowledge of the role which the invisible world plays in human problems. We can protect ourselves against psychic attack. When thinking about the concepts presented in this book, read, not to condemn, but to consider.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Examples of Psychic Attacks1
Chapter 2Energy Vampires11
Chapter 3Psychic Attacks19
Chapter 4Diagnosis of a Psychic Attack29
Chapter 5Why Are Psychic Attacks Initiated?39
Chapter 6The Human Energy Field47
Chapter 7A Brief History of Psychic Attacks63
Chapter 8White Magic71
Chapter 9Black Magic and Evil Forces85
Chapter 10Possession121
Chapter 11The Demonologist: A Last Resort to Psychic Protection131
Chapter 12Basic Techniques for Psychic Protection143
Chapter 13Advanced Techniques for Psychic Protection157
Chapter 14A Six-Step Plan for Psychic Self-Defense181

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