Proud to be Different: Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools in America

Proud to be Different: Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools in America


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This is a book about ethnocentric niche charter schools. What are they? When did they first appear? From where did the term come? How do they differ from regular charter schools and from district-run traditional public schools? Each subject chapter was created by a team consisting of at least one educational researcher and at least one charter school practitioner. The goal is to make the book readable for everyone (policymakers, parents, teachers, older students) while providing a framework of rigor from which to view each charter school. Hence: the teams. We took special pains to create a book which exhibits the objectivity of the educational researcher while, at the same time, inviting the reader into each school by painting a human picture of its ethos. Each chapter contains a description of the school told by people who actually taught or learned or sent their children there.

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ISBN-13: 9781475806205
Publisher: R&L Education
Publication date: 01/11/2014
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Robert Fox, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Hawaii, has — in the last fifteen years — developed an international reputation as a school choice scholar. In 2004, along with co-Editor Nina Buchanan, he coined the term “ethnocentric charter schools.” In 2012, he was invited to lead a team which produced The Line Between Cultural Education and Religious Education: Do Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools Have a Prayer? for Reviews of Research in Education. Fox is Chair of the American Education Research Association’s School Choice Special Interest Group, a Consulting Editor of the Journal of School Choice and co-Chairs the International Research Conference on School Choice and Reform which takes place every January in Florida.

Nina Buchanan, an educational psychologist, is a Professor Emerita from the University of Hawaii. She has taught in grades kindergarten through graduate school students and is a founder of the West Hawaii Explorations Academy Public Charter School, a distinguished award-winning grades 6-12 school situated in the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii. She is a nationally recognized expert who has published articles on school choice, project-based learning and gifted and talented education.

Table of Contents

The Growth of Ethnocentric Charter Schools
Robert A. Fox and Nina K. Buchanan

Chapter One
Kua O Ka Lā: A Hawaiian Culturally-Focused Charter School
Nina K. Buchanan, Robert A. Fox,
Susan L. 'sborne and C. Puanani Wilhelm

Chapter Two
Restoring Native American Culture and Language through Public Education
Mark Blitz

Chapter Three
A Model for Educating African-American Students
Tanikiaa Orange and Sharroky Hollie

Chapter Four
A Case Study of Helenic Classical Charter School
Charisse Gulosino

Chapter Five
Immigrant Advantage: What Makes Does Science Academy Fly?
Robert Maranto, Kaan Camuz and John Franklin

Chapter Six
A Somali School in Minneapolis
Letitia E. Basford and Heather Megarry Traeger

Chapter Seven
A New Approach to Educating Latino English Language Learners
Brenda Martinez and Mark Blitz

Chapter Eight
Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools: A View Through Legal and Policy Lenses
Suzanne E. Eckes and Kari A. M. Carr

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