Puck Me Baby

Puck Me Baby

by Lili Valente

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BN ID: 2940158793127
Publisher: Self Taught Ninja
Publication date: 10/13/2017
Series: Bad Motherpuckers , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 26,453
File size: 482 KB

About the Author

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic and optimist at heart, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win.

When she’s not writing, Lili enjoys adventuring with her two sons, climbing on rocks, swimming too far from shore, and asking “why” an incorrigible number of times per day. A former yoga teacher, actor, and dancer, she is also very bendy and good at pretending innocence when caught investigating off-limits places.

You can currently find Lili in the mid-South, valiantly trying to resist the lure of all the places left to explore.

Lili also writes super naughty books as L. Valente.
Visit her at www.lilivalente.com

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Puck Me Baby 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Alexi and Mandy were my favorite couple in the series!!! Absolutely perfect!
Theresa-Martin 11 months ago
Holy DILF! Alexi is so swoony--and Amanda was so sweet. These two were made for each other. I admit I was intrigued w/Alexi when he was mentioned earlier in this series. I'm so glad he got his story, and it was so worth the wait. His dirty mouth and protective nature are a HOT combination. Surprisingly, this story takes you on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but the story is so good. Alexi's grandmother is awesome, and I wouldn't mind having a drink or two w/her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Alexi and Mandy's relationship. Highly recommend reading this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Judy_Miracle More than 1 year ago
Puck Me Baby is the 4th in the Bad Motherpucker series Lilii Valente. Like the others in this series, I loved this one. Lili is an author that I can never pass up reading when she releases a new book. She knows how to make you swoon, get teary eyed and will also have you laughing. Puck Me Baby is a standalone like all the rest and gives you yet another player in the Portland Badgers hockey team. Alexi and Amanda had a one night stand but it was one of those nights that will never be forgotten. Alexi woke up to an empty bed the next day and Amanda got the shock of her life a few weeks later after taking a pregnancy test. Alexi is the man that you wish for. He's kind, protective, and he knows what he wants. Amanda. Can these two make it work for the babies sake or is there more between them than just having a child together? Find out today when you pick up this 5 star read.
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
I am so in love with Lili Valente's Bad Motherpuckers series. Alexi's sweet, sensitive, logical, a control-freak and protective caretaker. He hates Fate, and loves his babushka. Both Alexi and Alex's parents had terrible marriages and they each use them as examples of what-not-to-do. Amanda's extremely cautious about getting into a relationship with Alexi. She was in a relationship for years with a man who she didn't know was already married. Plus he had children by two different women. Amanda cannot abide liars. Alexi and Amanda's romance started as a one-night-stand. When Amanda moves to Portland she tries to find Alexi, but can't locate him. The attraction they had when they first met is still there and stronger than they remember. Although resist falling into a relationship they can't help themselves. Their romance is delicious. "Puck Me, Baby" is wonderfully sexy, adorably sweet, and a fabulous rom/com. Lili Valente is a goddess when it comes to Heroes. They are Goofy, Geeky, Softies, and/or Out-of-Their-Depths they're also dangerously Sexy and seriously Alpha. Each of these Heroes are unique, charming, and funny. Luckily almost all of them show up to offer Alexi advice in "Puck Me, Baby". Of course Justin Cruise is determined to get more of his team mates knitting. Tanner Nowicki is mostly on his honeymoon. But Brendan Daniels does have words of wisdom. We also get to meet the (hopefully) upcoming Hero Will Saunders. Lili Valente is a genius with her Heroines as well as they're typically smart, hard-working, and just-plain-good. Luckily they also usually enjoy some super-steamy-sexy-times which makes for fun reading. "Puck Me, Baby" will not only make you laugh but you'll definitely shed a tear. Alexi and Amanda's romance is sweet, poignant, and fun. To read the entire review please visit: http://wp.me/p4XqxF-2bU This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.
disneytothemax More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh! I can't relay how much I loved this book in this review!! The story and the characters were spot on!! Margaritas, dancing and a hot guy are never a good idea. So, when Amanda drinks, dances and meets a hot as all get out man..she does the only thing she can do! Have a one-night stand!! She sneaks out when he's asleep. Never (in her mind) to see the hot stranger again. Until she attends a wedding..... Alexi is a hockey player. He hooks up with a gorgeous creature for one night and she disappears. He tries to forget about her knowing he'll never see her again. Until he attends a wedding...... Great story!! Love these two characters together!!!
ap2514 More than 1 year ago
After a crazy night of margaritas and dancing Amanda makes the risky decision to go home with the sexy, mysterious man who caught her eye. They spend an incredible night together but before things have a chance to get awkward Amanda sneaks off, without ever getting his name. Fast forward to a few months later at her best friend's wedding, where her sexy one night stand just happens to be friends and teammates with the groom. Now Amanda has no choice but to face him and let him know the exciting news...she's pregnant and he's the father. Alexi Petrov is known for being the most terrifying defender in the NHL but when he finds out about Amanda and the baby he becomes the world's biggest softie. All of his protective instincts kick in and he insists she move into his guest house where he can help her out and keep her safe. And maybe with enough time, convince her to give him a real chance at a relationship. I loved everything about these two and how their relationship develops. Watching Alexi faces his fears and take care of Amanda is so sweet and heartfelt. They are a perfect couple and fit in wonderfully with the Bad Motherpuckers series. 1 like
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
Second chances. We all need them. And sometimes they come when we least expect them, and bring things that we never anticipated. A second chance for Alexi Petrov and Amanda Esposito doesn't look anything like they expected, and offers so much more than they could have imagined, and comes at the time when they need it the most. I am a longtime fan of author Lili Valente, and have absolutely fallen in love with her Bad Motherpucker series of romantic comedies featuring the sexy hockey players that make up the Portland Badgers and the women that they love. Quirky, hot, and always fun, these books both tug at my heartstrings and ratchet up the heat to 5-alarm status, making them the perfect feel-good reads. Certainly as hot as the previous books in the series, PUCK ME BABY brought a whole new level of feels for me, incorporating issues into the storyline that I was not expecting, and that had me wiping away tears on more than one occasion. Alexi immediately became one of my favorite Motherpuckers, showing amazing depth of character and emotion behind that heavy hockey defender scowl. And Mandy is what every leading lady should be, and which I've come to expect in Lili's books. She's strong, brave, and not afraid to do things on her terms, speaking her mind and demanding an answer, even when it's not comfortable. These two were perfect for each other from the get-go, and I enjoyed every single moment with them. This whole series of books are 5-star reads for me, and I happily recommend the lot of them. Although interconnected, they can be read as standalones, but why wouldn't you read them all? PUCK ME BABY will steal your heart, have you crying happy (and sad) tears, and have you fanning yourself, sometimes all at once, and should most definitely be right at the top of your TBR.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book.
SofiaAlmiroudis More than 1 year ago
Puck Me Baby is the fourth book in the Motherpuckers Series by Lili Valente. It stars Alexi, a defensemen for the Portland Badgers and Amanda, Diana's BFF and text buddy from Puck Aholic. Alexi has been burned and hurt by his last serious relationship. He is the broody, scary team mate that has sworn off love. That is until his one night stand, the hot and irresistible Amanda rocked his world. Leaving him without a trace, Alexi wonders about the beauty that shared his bed. That's until they bump into each other three months later at their mutual friends wedding. Both shocked at how close they are connected through friends, Amanda once again disappears. Disappointed that he once again lost her, Alexi is lost for words but soon discovers Amanda passed out outside. Their ride to the hospital reveals that Amanda is pregnant and indeed the child is Alexi's. Alexi has been given a second chance at fatherhood and is thrilled. Stepping up, he provides a safe home and security for Amanda who also has had her share of bad luck in the love department. As time passes, and although Amanda has requested they remain as friends, neither Alexi or Amanda can deny their connection from the start. Both want more, but their fears and past experiences keeps their hearts guarded. Alexi lets Amanda see the sweeter, tender and loving side that not many get to see. Soon Amanda finds the wall around her heart falling and she is more than ready to take a leap of faith. As things between Amanda and Alexi strengthen, a baby scare rocks their sweet little bubble. Alexi feels the guilt of a secret he has been carrying. When it is revealed, Amanda's is floored, her one rule was no lies. Distancing herself, Alexi is lost, hurting and missing the sweet, kind, big browned eyed beauty that found a place in his heart. Can Alexi win back Amanda? Will the baby survive? I just adored Alexi and Amanda. The letters and texts had me laughing, crying and hoping. Lili Valente once again has written another beautiful story with a strong, kind, selfless heroin and a alpha male with just the right amount of tenderness, sweetness and protectiveness. I love my Motherpucker men and women, can't wait to see what Lili has in store for us next.
janice1231 More than 1 year ago
A Review of Puck Me Baby by Lili Valente Petrov and Mandy - 5+++++ stars Well, Ms. Valente has definitely done it again! She gave us another wonderful story about our beloved Seattle Badgers. We actually met Petrov in previous books in this series and we met Amanda in Nowicki and Diana's book. It was great to get to learn more about the phone talking phobic and what has made her the way she is and then we also got to meet Petrov's Baba. I thoroughly enjoyed the telling of the Russian Proverb and how he used that as a guideline for his life. We also got to learn more about him and the things that have influenced his life and beliefs. I especially loved the scene with the spider and the crow. Definitely worth taking the time to read. **Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Puck Me Baby by Lili Valente is the fourth book in her Bad Motherpuckers series. This sports romance is yet another heartwarming, steamy, romantic addition to Lili's collection of novels. Alexi and Amanda's story is a result of a single night of passion that resulted in a connection that couldn't be denied. Despite having no idea who her fabulous night of passion was with, Amanda keeps scouring the streets looking for the strange Russian nesting doll mailbox to no avail. It seems to her that fate wants her to raise her child as a single mother and she is okay with that. Her disastrous relationship prior to that blazing night was enough to keep her happily out of the dating pool. Until she faints in the parking lot at her best friends wedding where her sex-god was the best man. Alexi had given up hope of ever seeing his beautiful stranger again. When she is at his best friends wedding they make eye contact and while he is trying to communicate a conversation is needed, she takes off shortly after the reception begins. Giving it up to go home he finds her passed out in the parking lot. The ambulance ride where he insists on going along is an even bigger shock when she reveals to the EMT that she is pregnant and the conception date is a perfect fit for their night together. From awkward meet-again-cute to over-protective hockey-god maleness this book runs the gamut from hilarious to emotional with ease, never losing sight of the romance this book spans Amanda's pregnancy and her budding relationship with Alexi. A must-read author for me with another fabulous book to solidify her status.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic 5 Star book in this series! Lili just writes the heck out of a romantic comedy. But while this story does have the funny components, it also has some pretty serious moments some of which just made my heart break for Alexi and so many incredibly sweet ones too. I love the storyline and Alexi & Mandy! Considering he is the enforcer on the Badgers he is the sweetest most caring, gentle protective man when it comes to Mandy. I love how he remembers so much of what they talked about that first night. Mandy is sassy and sweet and a really good person. She may have set out to just let loose by having a one night stand to help try and get over her awful break-up, but that night gave her the greatest unexpected gift. Because she was drunk she wasn’t really sure how to find her mystery hookup. As luck would have it he is at her best friend’s wedding because he is his teammate. Something happens and she didn’t intend for him to find out the way he does but that was kind of out of her control. When she confirms to him that it is his baby, he totally steps up and is 100% all in. They decide to just be friends though because they don’t want to mess that up but we all know the best laid plans and all that........ Alexi & Mandy have some serious chemistry and naturally hot and steamy times ensue. And they are so hot together! Loved everything about the scene when they went out for tacos especially the pepper plate and the sexy yogurt kiss! Literally Hot!! Also Loved the text messages and letters. A couple of my fave quotes/ lines form the book are: “You have this way of making totally benign things sound ....absolutely filthy.” “Is that in purpose Alexi?” “Or are you accidentally naughty?” “I’m not sure. But I’m happy to keep having hard, deep, all-night-long conversations with you until we figure it out.” I’m a man that now knows love isn’t a trap or a box; it’s a pair of wings and a wide-open sky and absolutely no limits to how high you can fly.
SingingSecretary More than 1 year ago
Puck Me Baby is Lili Valente's newest addition to her fantastically sexy and romantic hockey series, Bad Motherpuckers. Yeah, with a series of that name you'd never believe how truly lovable and sweet her heroes are, but there is no denying that they most definitely are. Adding to it strong and courageous women who melt the heroes' hearts and you have an outstanding series which I just cannot get enough of. From book one I was completely hooked, and Ms. Valente continues to keep my attention time and again, page after page, chapter after chapter. And Alexi and Mandy's story fits perfectly into this series. They are destined to be together and from the moment they meet their hearts are truly entangled together forever. As their story is revealed and they endeavor to find their way including their exchange of letters and texts, this book left me with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I experienced the unwavering love they share. Love love love Alexi and Mandy's story and am definitely hoping for lots more from Lili Valente of this series as I'm not sure I'll ever want to say goodbye to these Bad Motherpuckers.
KaraHildebrand More than 1 year ago
Puck Me Baby is the fourth book in the Bad Motherpuckers series. I love this series. So hard. Lili Valente is one of my go-to-authors. I know she's always going to entertain me with her fantastic words, her lovable characters, her humor and in this case, hockey! This series has everything you'd ever want in a sports romance. Humor, lust, friendship, love and hockey. We've known Petrov for a while now and he's big, sexy and scary. But I knew there was something absolutely fabulous going on inside him. He's not scary, he's sweet, sensitive, loving and funny. He's a bruiser on the ice but a lover outside the rink. When a mind blowing one night stand disappears only to show up at a friend's wedding as the maid of honor. It turns out to be less than six degrees of separation! He's so happy to see Amanda again. They had a connection and he wasn't happy she just vanished. But now that she's here again, he thinks a repeat is necessary. Mandy has some news for Alexi. She isn't sure how he's going to react, but he changes all the rules when he's sweet, attentive and wants to be a part of hers and the baby's life. He's cooking for her, loving on her and he's there for her when she needs him. They laugh together and they complement each other. Mandy is so funny! I loved her texts with Diana. Can the stoic, sexy hockey player and the sweet, funny nurse make it work? Or will there be too many obstacles in the way? I loved this story. Alexi is so swoonworthy! He's big and yummy and I loved his accent. Amanda is bada! She's smart, funny and loves to eat! I hope there's many books still to come for these Bad Motherpuckers! I return each elbow jab and sweaty glove in my face, shouting obscenities in every language I know—I’m fluent in three, but profanity-fluent in five. “Since the moment you crawled out of my bed, all I’ve wanted to do was to get you back in it. I dream about your body.” I nip her earlobe before murmuring into the shell of her ear, “About you hot and wet and riding me.” “You have this way of making totally benign things sound…absolutely filthy.” “Is that on purpose, Alexi?” she asks, looking up at me through her long, dark lashes. “Or are you accidentally naughty?” I hold her gaze as I shrug. “I’m not sure. But I’m happy to keep having hard, deep, all-night-long conversations with you until we figure it out.”