Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

by Perri Birney


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The Spear of Longinus is stolen... An ancient document is moved... A journey to find the Grail unfolds... NEW YORK TIMES reporter Maggie Seline has written an explosive book that offers a controversial solution to the Middle East crisis. During a live radio interview, a kidnapping attempt is made and Maggie vanishes. Her disappearance sets in motion a worldwide women's march toward Jerusalem that threatens the status quo and parallels a frantic race to possess ancient talismans. The Spear of Longinus and the Holy Grail are sought by men who will stop at nothing to increase their power-over religion, governments, and the planet's energy sources. An upcoming peace conference hides the true motivation of Giovanni Mabus, outgoing president of the European Commission, who intends to exploit an ancient mythological connection between the two legendary treasures. In league with the clandestine pseudo-Masonic group, Propaganda Due, he sets in motion events aimed at furthering political and military chaos in the Middle East in order to accomplish his aims. Meanwhile, Maggie and Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Michael Sonada race to thwart the sinister plot to undermine the conference-a race that takes them into the forbidden regions of Nepal to make an earth-shattering discovery. Pure Vision brings together ancient myths and contemporary challenges in a rich tale of past and present good and evil. Perri Birney seamlessly weaves myth, history, and contemporary events in an intriguing scenario that encourages a closer look at the spiritual forces that infuse the world's political battles. PERRI BIRNEY has traveled extensively throughout Libya, India, Nepal and Tibet and is the editor of several Tibetan Buddhist publications. The author lives in upstate New York.

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ISBN-13: 9780981748221
Publisher: Pure Vision Communications
Publication date: 09/23/2009
Pages: 586
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Perri Birney has traveled extensively throughout Libya, India, Nepal and Tibet and is the editor of several Tibetan Buddhist publications. The author lives in upstate New York.

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PURE VISION: The Magdalene Revelation 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
LAStotts More than 1 year ago
I am SOOOOOO excited about this book!!!! This was packed from beginning to end with absolutely enthralling mystery, intrigue, excitement, action, and adventure. It reminded me of all of the best aspects of the DaVinci Code novels. It was down right addicting. I sat down and started reading it, and I did not move until I got to the very last page. The author is incredibly talented, and brought the characters to life and enveloped them in an original and captivating storyline that I won't soon forget. This is a must read for all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Pure Vision by Perri Birney. I was truly captivated page by page and was kept engaged by the author’s god given ability to piece together an intelligent story line.  This book is a fantastic thriller and definitely one to pick up! I love my political thrillers and this was a perfect combination of politics alongside conspiracy theory and historical account, which I love.  I really do like how this book was written in such an intelligent manner. A lot of thrillers that I have read, are written in a sloppy manner and not very well thought out – But not this! There was clearly a lot of attention and imagination given to this plot line.    This is a really detailed book with a lot of great characters that the author gives justice to by developing extensively.  After reading this, I am certainly open to reading more by Perri Birney. Loved this book!  
drangelmedicinewoman More than 1 year ago
When reading a book that is dealing with the thriller genre and has strong religious elements to it, it is very easy to start by making comparisons to other books such as the Da Vinci Code.  This book is one that deserves to be recognised in its own right as a great read for thriller fans, not just another book that can be likened to the writings of Dan Brown. From the outset Birney manages to paint a vivid picture for the reader, which is almost cinematic in scope. The Temple of Vimala to the Riverside Church, the atmosphere of each location seeps off the pages as you read transporting you from your favourite reading corner to places half the world away (and slightly closer to home too). The characterisation in Pure Vision is wonderfully done. These are not just cookie cutter characters that you would lift out of any thriller book and place in dangerous circumstances; they develop very nicely throughout the story with my favourite being Jarret Williamson. One of the nicest touches in this book is the image of the fragment of the Jeremiah scroll that finds its way into the text, seeing it on the page brings the book to life even more than the descriptive talents of Birney do. The use of short phrases that are set apart from the rest of the text to describe action, such as Maggie searching on her computer “SEARCH: Propaganda Due” are also really effective devices that help to make the story more dynamic. Even in places where other authors would see the tension and action decline as they have to wade through problem areas of plot, or revert to clichés in order to keep the pace of the book going, Birney doesn’t have to and the ebb and flow of the narrative is enough to bring you to the edge of your seat, let you relax ever so slightly before you are plunged back into white-knuckle moments. The chapters are short too, making it easy to read on the train or during those times of the day when you only have a few minutes to spare in your busy day.  This book is a great read and will delight thriller fans whether they are Da Vinci Code fans or not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed the writing style and the intricacy of the plot. The points of view of the characters are very clear. All in all, this is quite a writing feat, between the parallel story lines and movement into different countries like Nepal and Libya. Also found that the descriptions are very visual and it's easy to see this novel turned into a movie. Definitely has all the elements since it's epic in scope, with plenty of intriguing twists. The conflict is set up in a unique way, bringing the spiritual elements into the political arena which I found really interesting. I enjoyed the tie-in to the Spear of Longinus which was an unusual and intiguing artifact to learn about, especially since many historical figures, including Hitler had once possessed it. The novel makes for a stimulating read while also being informative and keeping the reader questioning. It's definitely an idealistic vision given a chance to be voiced -- A worthy piece of inspiring fiction. -- Review by NorbuMorton
Rose-butterscotchbubbles More than 1 year ago
Reading the synopsis of this book, my initial thoughts were pretty straight forward. I expected an adventure, lots of mystery surrounding ancient artifacts, and couldn't help but wonder how much it would end up reminding me of other books. It did have everything I was expecting, but it also had depth, a sense of reality and a seriousness I wasn't expecting. As simple and cliche as the reference and comparison is, this book is very much like several of Dan Brown's works. The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol come to mind specifically. Not focused specifically on one person, but a group of people intertwined by Fate, this book follows the paths of many people, who all influence the unfolding events and circumstances. Running on adrenaline and caffeine, several people around the world work separately toward a common goal- world peace. In the shadows, a few work seemingly effortlessly at a common goal- world domination and chaos. With hidden artifacts, secret groups pulling the strings behind closed doors, and governments riddled with corrupt, greedy politicians, this book is a treasure trove of mystery, adventure and danger. Intertwining spiritual and political challenges, Perri Birney crafts a suspenseful scenario, pulling back a veil on today's world, and takes a “what if” look on the future. With adamant urges to end the fighting in the Middle East, and calling on feminism for peace, Birney creates a well written story that takes her readers on a personal and spiritual journey. It's a curious thing, mixing fiction with so many well known conspiracy-theory ideas, myths, and legends. By putting words in the mouths of people who actually existed, the author gives credibility to fiction, while at the same time, blurring lines of reality. Because of those elements, my feelings on this book are very mixed. On a personal level, I disagree with several of the fundamental ideas that propel this story, and some of the assumptions made of historical figures. However, it was a thrilling story, and if I don't put my personal feelings into it, it was a good fiction book. I applaud Mrs. Birney for putting so much effort and research into writing this book, and raising questions and ideas on issues people generally just want to ignore. Overall, this novel is definitely not a leisure read, and makes your brain work to keep up. It's apparent that a lot of time and research went into this book, but I think many of the references would be lost on most people. While I've studied the majority of the topics in this novel on my own, I don't personally know many people who would be able to keep up and understand everything. You certainly need to be familiar with world geography, world politics, world history, the major world religions and spirituality, diverse myths and legends, while still being open minded enough to appreciate the plot and story itself. All that being said, I think this is a good novel, and if it looks interesting to you, it's well worth the read. I would recommend this book to any fan of conspiracy-theories, feminism, or Dan Brown. *I was given an ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago